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Change Your Thinking and Asking For The Wrong Things

Updated on May 29, 2011

DFW Teen Voice & Prosperous Youth "Think and Act Positive"

By Founder Patricia Ross Teen Voice

Do You stop and think about your daily thinking process?

The reason you should stop and think about your daily activities because what you think about you can accomplish. Start with a daily task list and accomplish for the day. Ask yourself what do I want for today and know you are going to get your task done. Re-train your thinking on the wrong things to new positive things. Ask yourself what is it that I don't want and make a conscious decision to think the opposite (Positive thoughts).

Think on what you do want for you and don't ask for the wrong things.

What I have in my life in the moment has made me happy and making me happy because of my thought process. I hear that thinking positive is not in and you have to do a lot more. Their is another science to getting what you want but have you decided what you want and desire? I can tell you this is the first step and then you can have building blocks to your thinking.

Example: Just like the Process of the educational system and you build from kindergarden the steps to graduate from high schooland college. So, positive thinking, think about your day in the morning before you start your day and get moving in the right direction for your day. Then stop in the middle of your day 12:00 noon and re-analyze your day. Ask yourself am I still on track for accomplishing my daily task? If not you still have the rest of your day to get completed what you started for the day.

Once you have done this for 21 days you would have started the process of changing your thinking habit. Change your habit of thinking and you will re-place old thought with the new thoughts. Do you want new things to happen to you in a positive manner than first stop and chase wrong thinking out of your mind. Then you can bring in the right thinking and asking for the right things in thoughtout your day!(allow your positive thought to chase out negative thoughts) or your religious belief of your choice.

Do you want to move forward and conquer your road blocks then precieve yourself in a positive light rather than a negative light. Let everyday become the first day to the rest of your life. Yes, give yourself a chance to get your wants and desires. Let go of any negative thoughts that may nagg at you and re-place it with I am worthy and have value in my life. Give yourself a chance rather than looking at someone else giving you a chance. How can someone else give you a positive chance when you can't give yourself a chance at something new. Yes, new and positive situation and circumstances will come to your life when you release yourself to become open fully to the freedom of drawing upon the change in life. Know that new change has come to the environment and in your life we are not where we were 50, 20, nor 10 years ago.

Enjoy the freedom of the change and your current life style will open for you to receive love, joy, peace and happiness.

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