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You Are the Principal of Your Homeschool

Updated on August 28, 2018

8 Things for Which You Are Responsible

As principals of their homeschools, parents are completely responsible for the education of their homeschoolers. Added to their responsibility of being parents, is that of being their children’s teachers. They make sure that the children receive the knowledge and experience necessary to become well-rounded, functional adults. Here are eight things that a homeschooling parent should know.

1. Signing-up for Homeschool

A parent who intends to homeschool a child must sign that child up for homeschool. The parent must notify their school district superintendent of their intent within 30 days of the beginning the home education program. This can be done by emailing the intent to the appropriate department. For more information, visit the blog on What Parents Need to Know Before They Start Homeschooling

2. Curriculum

What do you plan to teach your homeschoolers?

It might be a good idea for the homeschooling parents to familiarize themselves with the school curriculum in use by your school district. They might want their homeschooler to be at or above the educational level of their peers. This, however, is not required by the Florida State system. The evaluator needs to see progress or improvement, that the child has been stepping up the learning ladder over the year. In other words, a child must produce work that illustrates that he or she has mastered some skills that were previously challenging for him or her.

The homeschooling parents, as principals of their homeschools, decide what textbooks, workbooks, and other materials to use at each grade level and the method to employ in imparting instruction to their students There are various programs available that make it easier for homeschooling parents to organize their curriculum. Your school district is able to provide some assistance. The Internet is also a great tool for researching information. Talk to other homeschooling parents in your community. Acquaint yourself with core curriculum Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies and providers of texts and materials for these subjects. You might want to include electives such as Spanish and Music to enrich your homeschooling.

3. Schedule

Homeschooling parents decide whether they want to start school in the morning or in the afternoon. They decide the numbers of hours in their school day, and even what days to have school! However, caution is required as homeschoolers need to invest enough time in learning in order to show improvement.

4. Record Keeping

Homeschooling parents are responsible for maintaining a log of educational activities of their homeschoolers. That is when you are done teaching the lesson, write down a topic for each lesson and a sentence or two about what you did. You might want to write this in a notebook you purchased just for this purpose. Homeschooling parents must also make sure that samples of writing, worksheets, workbooks and other material are archived. Samples could even include pictures taken of the homeschoolers art projects or field trips. Samples or portfolios should be ready at all times should the district superintendent want to inspect such within 15 days of his notice

5. Yearly Evaluation of the Child’s Work

Homeschooling parents must seek out and choose a qualified homeschool evaluator to do the required annual evaluation of the homeschoolers’ educational progress. In the State of Florida, this evaluation must be done once every twelve months.

6. Extra Curricula Activities

Children usually desire to do extracurricular activities such as swimming, music lessons or instrumental instruction, and ballet or dance class. The homeschooling parent also manages the schedule to accommodate for these activities.

7. College Ready

Homeschooling parents must prepare their children for college if they choose that path. There are required exams such as the SAT for which to get them ready. Learn about the PSAT 8/9 and you can prepare your homeschoolers to take this exam.

8. Excited to Learn

Make your homeschoolers eager to learn and grow in knowledge. Achieve this by making learning pleasant and desirable. You are the principal of your homeschool.

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