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You Can Make it Even If You Are Living in a World of Unequal Opportunities

Updated on April 8, 2009

Money you can make using your brain

We are all living in a society, where all humans were created with the same abilities and body parts, the right question for any one who is wise is that, why is it that some people are rich and some are poor? Were not created by the same God? If yes is your answer, then is God partial? No is the answer, it all depend on how you wish to use your God given brain to make ends meet, read on to see how you could make it even if we are live in a world of unequal opportunities.

 Since the creation of man, God made man in a way that man had to live with equal opportunities not suffering by some, and enjoyment by other, we were created with the ability to excel in our own different ways, you are been born with a treasure that no being on Earth can take away from you. So never see yourself as been cheated by God. Mankind in this imperfect state were born to face disappointment and pleasant times, so never see Disappointment as a misfortune or failure that you were bound to face, see all opportunities as an opportunity to excel to a greater height.
 Take into your mind the story of young man named Solomon , he was a talented young man, who never taught he was going to make it, until when he became determine to go ahead with his goals, Solomon was a young man who after struggles of daily bread was never happy, he had to pass through tough times to make ends meet so all he had to do since no supporter was there, by his side was to make sure he took up a job, so that he will be able to pay his fees and take care of other expenses, so what he had in mind was to go to work during the week days and go to school during week ends , to Solomon life wasn't a joke . But after some years of battling from hand to mouth, Solomon successfully graduated from the university and began to work in a big firm where he was paid according to his degree, so Solomon began to ask himself some questions any time he felt his Boss was trying to boss him around he asked himself: "Did I go to school to come and be bossed around by anybody?" So he taught about these within himself and said:" Never was I created by God to come and be bossed around".
 So with that kind of taught in mind his manner of reasoning changed he began to reason in so many ways, suddenly when he raised his eye up on his internet connected system with an advert "BE YOUR BOSS ONLINE TODAY" . He was so happy and prayed to God, he used majority of his time to make research on how to earn money online, he got 5 confirm ways of making money online, wish he started working on after knowing much about them, one month after, and he started making half of his salaries daily just during the few minutes he was on break.
 Unfortunately for Solomon he was retired without just reaching the due age retirement, so what did you aspect Solomon to do? the moment he collected his retirement dues he bought a nice and fast computer with an internet connection which cost him a little he had made from the internet, so he learned how to make money online


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