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You Cannot Send Your Children to School This Year

Updated on August 6, 2020
Herding Children for Political Reasons
Herding Children for Political Reasons

This is a Common Sense Issue

America, have you become so misled as to think it is safe to send your children back to school with a pandemic still growing? Fortunately for me, all of my children and grandchildren are beyond the schooling age, so I am appealing to your common sense. First of all, what school system have you ever known that would allow your child to attend classes without ever being vaccinated?

Now we have a new disease that is killing people and damaging the bodies of survivors and Donald Trump of all people is demanding your children go back to school. You can't send children back to school without them being tested and with no cure in sight. Would your child even be allowed to go to school if they had the diseases that we already have vaccines for, such as measles or the mumps? That is unheard of.

You don't want your children going to school if there is an outbreak of the flu or the common cold. Are you now willing to send your children back to school with a known deadly virus spreading out of control because Trump wants you to? Are you ready for your child to be exposed to another child that is asymptomatic and have them bring home this disease to your family?

Are Teachers Willing to Risk Their Lives to Educate your Children?

We have seen the disregard young people have for the disease by gathering in large groups without social distancing. Each teacher will be risking their lives to educate your children, not knowing who has contracted the virus and who hasn't because there is no testing. If one teacher gets infected, then there is now the possibility that they can infect the rest of the staff. Now you have to separate yourselves from your own families.

It has been determined that it is much easier to spread the virus in an enclosed area. How do you serve lunches without having the children social distance? This is when children get to mingle with children from other classes. It is also when children get the loudest. Do you now also eliminate all physical education classes?

Guidance counselors have to interact with each student personally putting them at risk. What happens every hour when the children have to go to a different classroom and pass through a sea of children? The halls now become a danger to everyone as it has been proven that the virus can linger while airborne.

What Do You Do When the Virus is Detected?

What do you do when a child or teacher is found to have the virus? Now you have to test every child and teacher to find out the extent of the contamination. Do you continue to keep the school open. The maintenance staff now has to risk infection while cleaning the whole school because you don't know how many areas have been infected. What if the lunchroom is the infected area? How do you now feed the children? If it isn't safe for adults to sit in a restaurant, how can it be safe for children to sit in a lunchroom?

A lot of children have to ride the bus to and from school. If one is found to be infected, you have to test every child that rides the bus with them and all of their family members as well as the bus drivers. The bus has to be disinfected. Have you been adding up the costs associated with all of this?

These are just some of the risks that I can think of and I'm sure there are more. You as adults have to decide if this is worth sending your child back to school. Everyday you will be thinking "Is my child bringing home the disease?" If it isn't safe enough for you to go to work, if it isn't safe enough for most businesses to be open because adults can't keep safe distances or wear a mask, do you really expect your children to be safe in this environment?

Finally, think of the trauma it will cause your children when their first classmate or a teacher dies from contracting the virus. Use common sense.


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