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Updated on April 26, 2015

A muse is a source of inspiration. Musings can come from a specific person that brings out your creative energy, inspiring you to move forward and create more out of your life. Musings can come from nature. I find my inspiration daily when I greet the morning looking out my kitchen window to find all sorts of birds and wildlife. Or even this past winter I found my muse with new fallen snow and my macro lens.

When I initially started expanding my art studio, my mother inspired me to keep painting. She admired my small paintings and requested some for her house. Family and friends then began collecting my art. This encouragement kept me painting and creating!

A long time muse of mine is Claude Monet. For so many years I've come to love his use of color in his paintings. I've learned techniques by reproducing his work into my own replicas in honor of the old master.

"I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers." - Claude Monet

Do you have a friend that is your muse? Someone that is full of positive energy. Or do you like to push others to do what they are passionate about?

On the topic of new business ideas, I have found a muse in Pat Flynn. He has an amazing blog (see link below) with so many business tips. You can use musings and create a business. If you created your own business from your passions then you are bound to be successful. Do what you love ! Find that niche, a need to fulfill, a problem to solve for many and you will be successful.

What is your muse ?

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