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Things You WILL Find At Your Local Car Boot Sale

Updated on April 5, 2010

Being a huge car boot sale fan I have realized over the years of car booting that there are some die hard items that are always present at the car boot sale. It’s as if there is this whole lot of old junk that just circulates around the various boot sales, bought by one person only to be resold at another car boot sale on another Sunday when the buyer realizes that they just bought a bit of junk for a quid.

So I have compiled a list of the top 10 items that you are most likely to find when visiting any car boot sale.

1. Kids Toys – Lots of old, smelly, dirty kids toys that its owners would rather try and sell to you for 50p than bother to give a clean. And, you know, there is always that kid who really really really wanted that toy for soooooooo long that their parents just have to buy it and you hear the parents saying “Well, we could always give a good scrub, it’ll come up nice with a good clean!”

2. Kids Clothes – Same as above.

3. Books – I am a big book lover and whenever I visit a car boot sale I have to go rummaging through all the old books at every stall. But I rarely find a good book and in fact I have come across some of the weirdest books at car boot sales, ones that no one has ever seen or heard of before. And the #1 book at any car boot sale has got to be the recipe book, Chinese, Indian and Italian cook books are ALWAYS there no matter what!

4. Videos, CD’s and DVD’s – Those chunky old videos that no one is even able to play anymore due to promptly chucking out their video players as soon as DVD’s were introduced. And the DVD’s are normally knock off’s that won’t play – “DVD 5 pound? For yoooouuuu........Four Nine Nine!”

Errrrr No Thanks!

5. Pictures/picture frames – I never know if the sellers are selling them for their frames or for the pictures inside. At the last car boot sale I went to I noticed a very nice picture that I have seen before but I thought, the frames not that nice and I can easily print the picture off the internet.

6. Crockery Sets – Four flowery cups, one with a chip and one with a missing handle, All 6 saucers without any chips because no one ever uses them and a little milk jug that has a spider nesting in it (no charge).

7. Egg Cups and Paperweights – I’m not sure why, but there are always egg cups and paperweights.

8. Grandmas Cardigans – You know the types, all pastel coloured and floral being sold after poor old granny past away and you know there’s always a dusty old tissue in one of the sleeves. Eewww!

9. Lawnmowers – Rusty blades, no plug, mowed wire, still covered in grass from last summer.

10. Brassy bits of metal – There are always old bits of brassy buckle type things; I have never been able to work out what they are or why anyone would ever want to buy any of them.

MY advice, enjoy the rummaging, but when it comes to buying anything it’s best to stick to the burger bar. But then again.....


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