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Cell Phone - Most Dangerous.

Updated on March 4, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

Take Care of your Cell Phone.

Your Passport should not have a Terrorist Country VISA STAMP

In Bangalore on the outskirts of a road in an unmanned railway crossing a Lady driving her car with ear speakers clinging tight to her ears attached to her cell phone did not hear a train coming as it was shunting a carriage and was at the other end the train dashed right to her car and was killed instantaneously on the spot.




If You get a SMS asking you to press # 90 or # 09 END CALL or Else they use your SIM card and empty your purse.

It matters a lot if you are in USA.

1 ) In case it lands in a pranksters hand he may call your friends for help and rob them as your cell phone has stored your friends phone or your parents cell phone or land line number.

2) Your Cell Phone is also a Mobile Phone Cellulars and Cellular Phone.

3) You are not supposed to use your Cell Phone in such places as,Elevators(very high Radiation due to metal wall reflection),Queues,Restaurants,Meetings,Conferences,Lectures,Cinemas,Theaters,Music Shows and all kinds of Vehicles you travel.

4)" Research Carried out by Scientists in Japan suggest that using a Mobile Phone inside a train carriage could have serious health risks for other passengers".

5) Children should not use Cell Phone as their SKULL is thinner than audults and therefore has higher rick to their brain.

6) Cell Phone Etiquette that you must remember are, a) When you are speaking to someone and you get a call don't start talking right away,take excuse go few meters away finish talking as soon as possible and return to the person with whom you were talking and apologize saying you had to take that call.b) Turn off your cell phone when you are with a group.c) Do not wear Blue tooth or Earphone when taking to someone.d) When you have to speak in public place or Office speak with a low voice.

7) The risk due to radiation by a survey on using cell phone on Brain Tumor or Cancer has shown several lapses in the survey and the Cell Phone Industry has done very little to warn the users on Radiation.

All you need to know on what sort of TROUBLE you are going to face by over use of this global invention is explained in detail at the web site given below.

T A K E C A R E.

Do not get your Passport Stamped with PAKISTAN VISA & ENTRY YOU MAY BE CALLED A TERRORIST Transporter of some sort any time and you may be blackmailed in to some unlawful activity in INDIA,any one visiting Pakistan is trouble to his family and friends including BEAURAUCRATS as in the case of MADHURI GUPTA.


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      kumar ar 6 years ago

      useful indeed