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Zip Code County Lookup

Updated on January 6, 2012

You may want to look up the zip code you are after by a county that it is part of. This will be helpful because many states have different zip codes for various areas. You may live on one end of town and have a different zip code than your friends that live on the other end of it. In many instances you will find the various websites allow you to search for zip codes by many different means. The county is just one of them you can choose to use.

Of course you do need to be careful doing this. That is because there will be names of counties that are found in more than one state. They can be found in even more than one country. You will likely get a full list of possible matches though. You will then have to choose which one is correct for your mailings. If possible add some additional search criteria along with your county. This way you can get fewer results to have to narrow down your selection from.

There are various maps you can even print out for your state or a particular location that will have zip codes on them by county. Many types of businesses have offices set up by county. For example the Department of Human Services offers benefits to people that live in a particular location. Should their zip code not fall into that county they will have to refer them to another office for processing.

You can also get these types of maps online for you to use on a regular basis. Just book mark them and you are set to go. If you want to market to a particular geographical location, you can use the zip code county lookup to assist you as well. This is a great way to get your promotional items into the right hands.

The process of looking up zip codes by county though is much easier than you could imagine. Don’t just toss your materials into the post office bin and expect them to figure it out for you. This is going to result in your mail taking longer to get to its destination. Some postal services really frown upon mail being placed into their bins without a zip code on it. While they do have to process it, they can take their sweet time doing so.


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