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A Few Torn Pages From My Journal of American Civil War__South North & Surrender with Robert E Lee

Updated on March 12, 2013

Memory and Emotions of Civil War USA

The purpose of these torn pages from my American Civil War journal Is not so much to educate but to share some emotions with you dear audience.

Yes, there is always the flip side of war as much as the force of millitary history of that war that has defined America today to tomorrow far more so than other defining moments, other wars as there are many to choose from in the mere 300 years of American history.

It's one generation before the Civil War, and four generations after that takes us to the second decade of the 21st Century, now.

The Civil War at the fighting soldier level has more than its share of valor, courage, sacrifice and glory in one side of the coin. And on the flip side, suffering, anguish, destruction and death.

Begin Journal With Private Levy

__A Confederate Soldier Survived to Surrender

My journal of the American Civil War started with Bob McAllister, a World War II Vet , a friend and fellow community tv producer . I cam to know Bob through his long genealogical research where he quite accidentally discovered that his great grandfather had been a Confederate soldier who fought in major battles in Virginia region.

Private Levi was wounded several times, but then lived to surrender with Robert E. Lee at Appomatox Courthouse, VA when the CiviL War came to an end on April 9, 1865.

So that's the background information to the memories that I share through drama, poetry and music of some great minds I admire and who inspires me to higher achievements for quality life both through arts and science.

Johnny Cash__I am America - What is America Past, Present and Future ?


Photo From Torn Pages - of My Civil War Journal

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Link List 02__Memories of Ambrose Bierce - A Great Litarary Mind & His Front Line Memory of Civil War_Not Forgotten

Ambrose Bierce was a 20 year Union Soldier at Shiloe in South toward the beginning of Civil War

Bull Run__1st Major Battle of Civil War


July 21, 1861 Remembered. A quick end to Civil War that never came.

Cultivate Mind__Arts and Science - At Your Local Community Public Library


The Virginia Room is a wonderful resource at the Fairfax City Public Library located not far from the Fairfax Court House where the first rebel soldier of the Civil War was killed in 1861. I have been there many times.

Link List 0BA__ The End of the Civil War at SW Virginia - Lee & Grant Meet

Levi, the Confederate "High Private" surrendered with Robert E. Lee with 14 others remaining in his N.C. Confederate Regiment

of some 2000+ that fought at Gettysburg, PA.

Could Lee's surrender be described with humor from a "great mind" humorist of America ?

Yea, Johnny Cash, "I am the nation" !

County Fair Townfest - Historic Legacy of America


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    • awesome1010 profile image


      5 years ago

      @happymonkeyz: insightful!

    • happymonkeyz profile image


      5 years ago

      thanks for sharing your journal.


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