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A Guide to SMSTS Training Courses

Updated on September 16, 2014

Helping you acheive your SMSTS certificate

This lens is intended to help guide people thinking of applying for their SMSTS certificate by providing a brief list of what they should expect. We want to help you understand why you need to apply for this certificate and also help you understand what to expect. This lens was created by Courtley SMSTS Training Courses.

The safety and health of your workers is of paramount importance to you and your business as a site manager. With the different variables at a construction site as well as the changing laws and regulations, you need to have some form of formal training in order to anticipate any challenges and mitigate them in a timely manner. SMSTS, also known as Site Management Safety Training is a 5 day course mandated by the industry to help site managers keep abreast with new developments when it comes to health and safety standards required by the industry.

hard hats
hard hats

What's the Course Content?

The course also ensures that legal compliance is achieved and that workers, the environment and other people are protected from any potential hazards.

The course content covers a wide range of subjects as they relate to The Health and Safety at Work Act.

Some of these include:

* Site Set-up

* CDM Regulations

* Risk Assessments

* Method Statements

* Scaffolding

* Electricity

* Excavations

* Demolition

* Confined Spaces

Can I Miss A Class?

You will need to complete a couple of exercises with each subject to ensure that you’ve fully understood them and that you can apply them to daily situations. Missing a class will result in the certificate not being awarded to you. You will also be required to take the course from scratch by enrolling in a new course.

I Have A Busy Schedule. What Are My Class Options?

The SMSTS course is delivered continuously for a period of five days to ensure maximum retention. However, it’s also possible for you to take it on a day release basis; this means that you can attend the course for one or two days per week for a maximum of five weeks. The second option is more flexible and suitable for site managers who have busy schedules but would still like to take the course in a manner that is more convenient to them.

What are The Core Competencies?

SMSTS courses have core case study exercises to see whether training managers fully understood the content of the course.

They include:

  1. Implementation of health and safety legislation
  2. Responsibilities of managers and supervisors
  3. Site briefing

Your training provider will choose the most appropriate case study for your course. Here are some of the case studies you can expect in a typical course:

  • Factory and Ancillary Buildings
  • House Building
  • Civil Engineering
  • Demolition
  • Refurbishment
  • New Roads and Street Works

What Is A Typical Day Like?

A typical coursework timetable will require you to put in 4 hours every morning and 3 and a half hours every afternoon. In the first day, you’ll get the following information to help you get started:

  • Welcome/Introduction to the course: This typically gives you information regarding what you can expect from the course. At the same time, you’ll get a feel of the course content, structure and available exercises.
  • What Do You Know? Questionnaire: This is usually given out at the breakout session on the first day. It’s used to establish your knowledge on certain areas related to health and safety as well as set expectations for the coursework going forward.
  • Health and Safety Facts and Figures in the UK: This session covers the statistics regarding accidents within construction places as well as the legal system in the UK as it relates to the industry.
  • Management of Health and Safety Work Regulations Act of 1974: This session provides a framework of the legal system as well as the responsibilities that site managers and workers have in ensuring that health and safety regulations are followed to the letter.

What Other Training Courses Can I Expect?

This is a typical first day for the course. Going forward, you’ll expect to get more detailed information and in-depth training on the following subjects:

  • Working at Height
  • Management of contractors
  • The responsibilities of managers and supervisors
  • Site briefing
  • Health and safety communication training
  • Health and safety management for equipment, plant and work systems

Will We Have Group Activities?

SMSTS courses are arranged in such a way that there’s maximum interaction. Trainees will be put into small groups of 6 to 7 individuals and asked to assume different roles. This will help them visualize different scenarios in order to find concrete and real world solutions. These scenarios are carried out under what we call briefings. Lastly, one group must represent contractors to ensure that these briefings are as realistic as possible.

How Are Marks Awarded?

Here’s a general guide illustrating how marks are awarded for health and safety legislation exercises:

  1. Information: 10%
  2. Comprehension: 50%
  3. Application: 40%

How Long Is The Certificate Valid For?

An SMSTS certificate is valid 5 years after completion. At the same time, it’s generally a good idea to have this kind of certification as it looks good on one’s CV and may open up other positions and opportunities within the construction industry among others.

How Much Does The Course Cost?

A typical SMSTS usually costs about 600 pounds. If you take the course from the numerous training centres found across the country, you might be eligible for a substantial discount.

When Does Training Start?

Please note that training courses usually start in February and go all the way through to July to cater for the different schedules of site managers across the country. At the end of training, you’re awarded a CITB certificate. After a period of 5 years, you may not have to redo the whole course to revalidate your certificate; all you’ll have to do is sign up for a two-day refresher course. However, you’ll be needed to provide proof that you attended the initial SMSTS course in its entirety.

Where Can I Get More Information Regarding Registration?

SMSTS is a highly interactive and engaging training course. Please inquire from your local training centre about the availability of this course.

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