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A New Field In Botany Life Science__Biopharmaceuticals from genetically modified plants

Updated on September 30, 2013

Plant Engineering for New Manufacuring of Life Saving Medicine

An American Scientist named Barbara McClintock (1902-1992) won the Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology in 1984 for her discovery of how genes could move from one position in one chromosome of a plant to another easily creating new variation of inheritance that was unknown before her research on this topic in the mid-40s.

This phenomenon called "transposom" was unknown previously as a cause of genetic variation in plants and possibly also other life forms. McClintock's studies were based on "Maize" (Corn a most valuable food crop in USA and elsewhere is a sub-set of Maize).

This pioneering scientific research along with other discovery of the "double helix" in the 50's by Watson and Creek, and others, have pioneered in the development of this plant life science has lead to the birth of new field of plant biotechnology that promises to be growing mechanism for manufacture of life saving biopharmaceuticals in the decades to come.

This process of using transgenic plants such as tobacco leaves, edibles like potato and banana or others are now in accelerated phase of development as efficient source of proteins and other biopharmaceuticals. The Age of "Genes to Future Medicine" is now accelerating and can open opportunities for satisfying careers of the future for those interested in this botany anchored field of study and research.

Some issues remains of course to be solved with risks closely monitored so as not to cause unexpected harm by accidental genetic release to normal plants. But this issue of risk now more than a decade old is being addressed as well as necessary for the advancement of this technology in future.


Botany to Plant Engineering For Live Saving Medicine & Vaccines

Since the mid-80’s transgenic plants have been successfully grown that produces medicinal proteins that can be separated as a new manufacturing process for biopharmaceuticals, competing with older existing manufacturing processes.

There are over 500 new biopharmaceuticals now in development, some of which will use this new manufacturing technology once approved for use.

There are three broad categories of such proteins as follows

(01) Antibodies. A protein, Y-shaped used by the immune system to identify and neutralize pathogen that may have entered the blood stream.

(02) Vaccines: Edible vaccines are being developed as new opportunities are identified by plant biotech companies around the world to protect the body and help the immune system against a specific infection causing microbe.

(03) Other Therapeutic Proteins: For example, interferon (IFN) and human serum albumin (HSA).

The age of “Genes to Future Medicine” accelerates as opportunities for biopharmaceuticals expands with modified plants to produce such but while strengthening the protection against risks that are needed to protect genetic modification of natural plants by accident.



Genetically Engineered Plants for producing life saving medicine or vaccines


Plant Life Science Photo Gallary

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Know how Interferons and other therapeutic proteins can save lives !


Antibodiees as guards against invading pathogen antigens


Food Crops that are already identified as good candidates for genetic engineering for this topic


Photo Gallery Cafe Twin Bridge

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Text with BIG Picture


Know someone enjoy botany and looking for a new future career as a scientist or a potential entrepreneur ?

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