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Falsely Accused of Child Abuse

Updated on February 11, 2013

Child Abuse

Have You Been Falsely Accused of Child Abuse?

It is illegal for anyone to file a false report of child abuse, but unfortunately, it happens everyday. Even though 60% percent of reported abuse cases are false, this offense has the highest conviction rate of all felony crimes. The law is written to protect the children first, so even though you may be completely innocent, you could face long, expensive legal battles or even worse, you may possibly lose your children forever.

Don’t Sink into Denial

If you get caught in this nightmare, even though you are completely innocent, the first thing you must do is acknowledge the seriousness of the charges. If you feel you do not need to worry because they could not possibly have a case against you, you are placing yourself in danger. It is amazing how quickly these situations can get out of control. The consequences for a conviction of this crime can be horrific, so protect yourself and your children immediately. You should obtain a lawyer experienced with these types of charges. Don't speak to any officials except your attorney about the case. Even if you have not been officially charged, you need to be prepared in case you are eventually arrested.

Do Not Confront your Accuser

At first, you may not even know who has made this terrifying accusation. The accuser does not have to be revealed unless there is a court order to do so. If you suspect or find out who it is, however, you should keep your distance. Do not go to see them, do not call them, do not have any contact with them whatsoever $6.

Be You Own Advocate

Learn everything you can about being falsely accused. Read books, internet articles or anything you can find on the subject. Discuss your findings with your attorney. Get involved with other people who have been falsely accused of similar crimes and learn from their experience. You will be amazed by how many people have been in your position. Build a support group of trusted family and friends around you. Ask them if they will be character witnesses for you if you need them.

Don’t Console Yourself with Alcohol or Drugs

Though this may well be the most stressful and depressing time of your life, do not give in to the temptation to blur the pain with alcohol or drugs. It could have the reverse effect and actually enhance the depression. It is also very important that you stay strictly within the confines of the law at this time. You could be asked to submit to a drug test or the court could call witnesses to testify that they had seen you impaired. It simply isn't worth the risk.

This is a very scary time in your life, but do not panic. You need to keep your mind focused on contributing to your defense and finding the best way to protect yourself and your family from more damage. Most importantly, do not go through this allow. Retain a good lawyer and let your attorney help you. Take his advice and be prepared to wage the fight of your life. Your future is at stake.


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    • profile image

      Roses 7 weeks ago

      you can look under Case laws & State laws ask ? in what your looking for it will show you laws under that. But if some that show be calling in and the say it you and it the other parent make sure you know the laws maybe even better then your lawyer if you live in Sacramento, CA.

    • profile image

      Jim Doaber 4 months ago

      My daughter made a comment 6.5/7 years ago about something orally referring to a salty popsicle when my wife was changing my son's diaper. Since there has been a history of molestation from my father, my wife has placed this comment she made toward me. I believe she is mentally ill and bi-polar among all other issues including herself and smoking marijuana is separated from me and taking my children.

      I told her I am innocent when she asks but she doesn't believe me. I can't stand her double standard what should I do?

    • profile image

      steven 22 months ago


      Plz. Forgive me for saying this

      But the person that said dss won't strip search you child is a lie or don't know what he or she is talking about. They will and have done it more then once

    • profile image

      Aleisha 2 years ago

      I have been dealing with Social Services since november of 2015 because my daughter decided to lie to her teachers about my boyfriend scratching her instead of telling them the truth about them being cat scratches instead of my boyfriend scratching her.

      She has now been telling them we are beating her and making up excuses and even more lies which has now made it where DCYF is not trying to open a endangered child case on us because my child is trying to seek attention. My daughter bruises easly, so she herself can put all of the bruises she gets on herself and she will constantly go "Mommy and daddy hurt me"

      I have looked through my states laws and found out they ahve done a lot of illegal stuff and violated my parental rights especially going to my daughter's school without my knowledge and then taking pictures of her bruises without any type of medical examiner there.

      I don't know what to do right now, I don't sleep, I can't find a pro bono lawyer in my area who could possibly take my case and I was already told if she cried wolf one more time she would be taking away. I need help, a lot of help.

    • profile image

      mw 2 years ago

      A month ago I layed down to take a nap with my 2 year old daughter we took a nap the same time everyday I had been sick also so I had my brother come over to help me out he decided to nap also I locked all doors even chain locks before I layed down . I woke up to my brother yelling the cops are at the door at that time I noticed my back door was open chain was broke off also. when I opened my front door cops were there and many more people in my yard the chef in my town is also my sisters brother in law who was there also who was treating me like a criminal they said my daughter was outside in front yard by road with are dog the chef notices my brother who has a past history of drug use and makes a allegation to CP's who they said they has to call that there were possible meth use in my house which was false they asked me and my husband to do a drug test I felt like a criminal I told them I wanted my attorney we took drug test both of us past a week later I was arrested and charged with endangered to child felony 2 which is false clasification after a month cps dropped my case they said they seen no need for them to be called the chef police made a false allegation

    • profile image

      Annamous 2 years ago

      I feel so sorry for all the parents who have been falsely accused. I myself have been falsely accused several times by my children`s father and his family. All my cases have been closed. I think we should all write letters to the legislature about provided us with some protection from false allegations. Also, there should be some kind of repercussions for the people who make these false claims. Never under estimate the power of the pen. Together we can make a difference.

      How would you feel if it were the police that made the alegations up on you. Your child wondered off like 3 year olds will do if you turn your head for a minute and you call 911 for help and they arrest you for child neglect.

    • profile image

      cat 3 years ago

      ive been going thru a dss case for almost three years. we were falsely accused but they took them anyway. for a year we fought to get my children back. took parenting classes, mental evaluations, counseling, homeservices. what did i do i forgot a doctors appointment thats all they could dig up. no drugs no alcohol no anything. ive always kept a job had food made sure my kids had everything they needed. out of all these people that actually abuse their kids i get called on by someone who got jealous because my kids father wouldnt go out with them. after we finally got them back they made every excuse to keep the case open to monitor us. the moment they found out im pregnant come in and take my kids again saying i was hiding a pregnancy from them like the moment i found out i should have called them and told them all about it. now im fighting with them again the judges so far have told them they dont have a case but since they never provided me with a service they wanted me to complete they get to keep them til i finish it. they havent been providing the service still i had to petition them in court to make them do it so i can get my kids back . i think the courts should step in and say if they dont provide the service in a certain time and youve done everything u were suppose to then the case should be closed. so now that i have made them do the services all of a sudden new allegations come up now the childrens father apparantly sexually abused my daughter. how i dont know since he hasnt had unsupervised visits with his children in over two years. oh yeah that right they made it up because they have never wanted my children to come home because their to busy trying to make money off of kids. this is taking place in cherokee county gaffney sc i wont say her full name but the intials r dw the whole case she has done nothing but change her story or flat out lie about everything.

    • profile image

      Johnd506 3 years ago

      I am so grateful for your blog article.Really thank you! Fantastic. fkkfbecdcgda

    • Sundaymoments profile image

      Matthew Dawson 6 years ago from United States

      Great Advice and yes false allegations of child abuse are horrific for the parent who loves there child. However investigators are highly trained to get to the bottom of all cases. You offered sound advice great Job Voted up!!!

    • profile image

      Rita 6 years ago

      I feel so sorry for all the parents who have been falsely accused. I myself have been falsely accused several times by my children`s father and his family. All my cases have been closed. I think we should all write letters to the legislature about provided us with some protection from false allegations. Also, there should be some kind of repercussions for the people who make these false claims. Never under estimate the power of the pen. Together we can make a difference.

    • profile image

      Mike 6 years ago

      I had my son over the summer. Everything was great, so I thought. Currently, he's being evaluated for autism and has already been diagnosed as having ADD. He gets very out of control at times and can be a handful. Over the summer, he would tell me about things that allegedly happened at home, things that his mom was doing. Well today, 5 months after he went back home, I was being interviewed at home for allegations made against me by my son. He told his therapist that I lock him in a closet, I threatened to cut his head off, and I put Icy-Hot on his face as punishment. Only truth is the Icy-Hot, but he asked what it was and if you ever use it on your face. I said no, he said why, I explained and he insisted on asking why. Sort of when you intentionally give your child something extremely sour, just to see their reaction. Never knew he would say I did it to punish him. The problem is, I can't say he's a liar given his mental medical history. I'm worried for various reasons. I told the CPS rep today that I'll do whatever it takes to see that he gets help. I've never been to one of his therapy sessions, but if I need to go, I will. There's no proof or evidence against me, even the CPS rep told me that(which is kind of reassuring), however I've heard stories about this and conviction is involved. I have a 2 year old with my fiance', and we're happy. My son is also a big part of this family. My entire life can be ruined due to these accusations. Not only could I lose my son, but I could also be considered a danger to my daughter as well. I know he has mental problems, but his mother isn't helping matters by letting him listen to Insane Clown Posse and taking him to their concerts(he's only 8.) He's now branding knives at her and talks about cutting heads off! It's apparent that he tells us what he thinks we want to hear. Daddy doesn't love mommy so I'll say bad things about her to him, and vice versa. I was going to use what he told me to pursue full custody, however with these allegations, how can I ever know if what he's told me is true? What can I expect? Supervised visits(in which I agreed to if it was required,) restraining order, or even jail time?

    • profile image

      LAUREN 6 years ago

      Currently, my ex-husband and I share custody of our 4 year old daughter. She spends 2 weeks with him each month, and the rest of the time with me. My ex husband and I signed a custody agreement, saying that our daughter would live with me and my new husband when she starts school, because he wanted to move to Atlanta, and he knew her living with us would be better for her. Well, his plan to move to ATL fell through, so he bought a house where we live instead. After that, he called and said that "WE WILL be renegotiating the custody agreement because the schools in my area are better than the schools in your area." I told him that was pure conjecture on his part, and there was nothing to renegotiate. A few days later, I got a call from him saying that our daughter "flinched" every time her grandmother moved around her, and that my daughter said that "mommy hits her in the forehead". He said he is contacting CPS to get an investigation going. This is absolutely not true, and if anything, he has had the past two weeks with her to coach her. After reading these stories, I am seriously about to have a nervous breakdown. Haven't heard from CPS yet, as it has only been one day since he said he was going to file a complaint. I am seriously afraid that I will end up serving jail time based on her coached interview. It is apparent to me that because my ex can't afford to fight for custody in a court room, he is trying to paint me as an unfit mother so he can win custody without having to pay a dime.

    • profile image

      Razz 6 years ago

      I'm a 35yo female and was accused of touching a 4yo girl by the mother!, the girls mum was my mate....Her BF (was also a mate) tried to kick my door in injuring my husband , then said he was going to kill me and burn my house down! I didnt know what to do so i went and got a polygraph...I passed with flying colors...The mother (ex mate) is still going on with it and I now want to sue! Apparently there is no help or justice for me!!!! No Sorry, No Closure! to sue and maybe go to the news is all i have now but dont know how to go about it! :(

      It sucks!

    • profile image

      Distraught Mom 6 years ago

      I won custody of my children after an 8 year abusive marriage. About two years later I let a relative in my ex's state babysit them and when I returned they were gone. 

      They were able to put a restraining order on me (without anything on me.  No police involvement, nothing) and a little over a year later he was granted custody... two months after he was investigated for child sexual assault. (I got supervised visitation). 

      I was forced out of the kids lives for a good 8 years (courts allowed him to come to my home and harass me. Calling me a child molester in front of my neighbors) while he is repeatedly investigated at least 3 more times for molestation and a dozen more for neglect etc. He always puts the blame on someone else (me, a neighbor, another relative etc).I have yet to be investigated for anything. 

      When I do see my two youngest (the oldest moved in with me at 15 has since moved out) at there dads, he calls them f***** b******. He pulled my one daughter out of school at 15 to babysit his children from other marriages (I have no other children. My tubes were tied while I was with him... At 24). 

      My children are almost all grown. There is not a whole lot I can do besides try to be there for them which is almost impossible because of all the lies he told them about me.  The damage has been done. My reputation has been horribly marred and lives have been turned upside down. And even though I can prove that they slandered me, hurt me and my children, no one will do anything. It's like " it's ok. We destroyed there lives. Who's next?!?"

      Oh, and I believe this was orchestrated by my mother who left my dad for my ex one after our divorce was final and who used to  work for the county that allowed this to happen. She is currently involved with CPS herself. My nephew was taken from my sis (2years ago) who has lived with our mother for the last 10+ years and put into foster care for being abused. She (my sis) has actually been investigated and charged. 

      I recently sent all my docs to the exploited children division in the US asking for help.  I have already tried the FBI civil rights squad, judicial review board and CPS authorities (who ofcourse has done nothing) so we will see how this goes!

    • profile image

      Distraught Mom 6 years ago

      I won custody of my children after an 8 year abusive marriage. About two years later I let a relative in my ex's state babysit them and when I returned they were gone. 

      They were able to put a restraining order on me (without anything on me.  No police involvement, nothing) and a little over a year later he was granted custody... two months after he was investigated for child sexual assault. (I got supervised visitation). 

      I was forced out of the kids lives for a good 8 years (courts allowed him to come to my home and harass me. Calling me a child molester in front of my neighbors) while he is repeatedly investigated at least 3 more times for molestation and a dozen more for neglect etc. He always puts the blame on someone else (me, a neighbor, another relative etc).I have yet to be investigated for anything. 

      When I do see my two youngest (the oldest moved in with me at 15 has since moved out) at there dads, he calls them f***** b******. He pulled my one daughter out of school at 15 to babysit his children from other marriages (I have no other children. My tubes were tied while I was with him... At 24). 

      My children are almost all grown. There is not a whole lot I can do besides try to be there for them which is almost impossible because of all the lies he told them about me.  The damage has been done. My reputation has been horribly marred and lives have been turned upside down. And even though I can prove that they slandered me, hurt me and my children, no one will do anything. It's like " it's ok. We destroyed there lives. Who's next?!?"

      Oh, and I believe this was orchestrated by my mother who left my dad for my ex one after our divorce was final and who used to  work for the county that allowed this to happen. She is currently involved with CPS herself. My nephew was taken from my sis (2years ago) who has lived with our mother for the last 10+ years and put into foster care for being abused. She (my sis) has actually been investigated and charged. 

      I recently sent all my docs to the exploited children division in the US asking for help.  I have already tried the FBI civil rights squad, judicial review board and CPS authorities (who ofcourse has done nothing) so we will see how this goes!

    • profile image

      getting-hosed 6 years ago

      I"m a father of a 4yr old girl. I just got full custody of her. She was living with her grandma, (the mother's mom) for the last year.

      I've been with my daughter every single weekend for the last year and about a month after the custody battle, I took her in during the week and set her up in a preschool. Within two weeks of taking her full time, the grandma says my daughter is telling them that daddy hits her. I now have a temporary protection order on me and can't see my kid, and after reading all this, I fear going to jail. My child has not been injured by me and I hope this gets resolved. But I'm sure by now my daughter is being taught how to lie and I don't know if I can take it.

    • profile image

      tara proffitt 6 years ago

      I fell out with a neighbour because she used me and my kids to get out of her house because she wasnt happy about it and lied and made accusations that i was loud and drilled at stupid o clock in the morning? I heard from my neighnours she was twisted and would do any thing but never knew she would go to the child services when i confronted her she screamed and yelled at me infront of her 2 yr old daughter and promised me should would get me back for calling her a bad mum... She made accusations saying i smaked my son round the face and swore and manhandled them.This angered me because i know im a great mum and to hear this totally puts u down.The child services have got on to was has happened but still doesnt make me feel better i want justice for being wrongly accused aand sickens me that they waste their tym with inocent people while kids are being abused....

    • profile image

      Steven Law 6 years ago

      Burden Of Proof

    • profile image

      ObK 6 years ago

      My daughter made a disclosure that I touched her privates while I was touching mine. She is now 8yrs old and has been in my care since birth till CPS took her away march 2011... I haven't seen my daughter since then and courts want to place her in her mother's care. I cannot afford a lawyer and have been battling with this with 3 different public defenders so far... I need help. Email:

    • profile image

      jay 6 years ago

      My girl friend mother of are kids had dcf called on her.on are youngest girl age 5. She burned her hand on a heat lamp. So dcf went to school and talked with both kids. Then came to are house went threw it top To bottom. and we told them she had a doctor appt. they said yes looks good everything is fine. Now they called saying the burn looks like it was held there r u f in kidding me. So they want a copy of doctors appt and want us to sigh a release form. Should we just say no and pull her from pre school. She doesn.'t have to go and they won't leave her alone in school stripping them to look at them when we r not around and It's a man that did it. Where r my rights

    • profile image

      Old Fashioned mom 6 years ago

      I despise CPS and feel that it should be abolished and started from scratch. I have been falsely accused several times by my husband's ex wife, and people in the neighborhood who did not like me. My kids told the CPS worker that I am a great mom, but they still had to have their pics taken, interviews done, etc.

      I think there should be some serious stipulations put in place for someone to become a social worker in the first place.

      1. Have their own children.

      2. Take a common sense test.

      3. Know how to hook an older kid up to a lie detector! lol

      4. Be married (maybe even with a crazy ex to deal with, too!)

      Most of htese people are overworked, underpaid, and under appreciated, but that creates an attitude of "I could care less what is right, just get it done". Other CPS workers feel superior to the parents they deal with. I think these people should ALL be required to have real world experience wtih their own kids and husbands. Period.

      I no longer fear being falsely accused, but for those going through it - I send my prayers to God and please be emboldened by the fact that He only allows you to go through what He knows you can handle! I pray for those kids who are lying and being threatened into lying, that they would understand the hurt and pain and that those threatening them would stop trying to control people in this way because they are literally ripping families apart!

      I hope things change really soon!

    • profile image

      Rachel 6 years ago

      Thank you for replying.I Told my husband we should talk to an attorney but he said we shouldn't have to, since I didn't harm our daughter.

      Yes I agree but when you receive letters stating your the "perpetrator" then I beg the differ!

      My husband thinks that if we get lawyers involved it's like like admitting you have something to hide.

      My daughter had nothing whatsoever on her arm nor did the report from what the principal read to me state there was anything on her arm.

      They went on an upset child who woke up on the wrong side of them bed, who didn't want to go to school that day.

      The principal said the c&y worker was there for a matter of 5 minutes.

      If they thought the child was in immediate danger wouldn't they remove her from the home that day? This happened 5 days ago .

      one again thank u for all ur help

    • profile image

      Oh Good Grief! 6 years ago

      Do not let CPS workers enter your home without a warrant. Don't listen to their threats and lies. CPS cannot kidnap your child without a court order or evidence the child is in immediate danger.

      Do not meet with social service workers in your home or at their office. As soon as you know allegations have been made, immediately take your children to your pediatrician for a physical. This is to document your children's actual physical condition. Meet social workers at your lawyers' office. If they insist they must tour your home, require that they make an appointment. When they arrive, have someone follow each worker with a video camera. Restrict their access to places and things that do not relate to your children. (They have no business wandering through your bedroom, your home office, your closet or anywhere that is private and does not relate to the children's well-being.)

      The reason why CPS acts out so badly is because naive, decent parents let them get away with things that are totally illegal. Come on! You know full well that these people are not legally entitled to wander through your home and interrogate your children on a whim.

      Just say no, and mean it! If you won't stand up for your children and insist that their rights be respected, then you are not a fit parent. Never forget that children have Constitutional rights too. Your duty as a parent to to defend their rights. CPS workers consistantly trample children's rights, creating horrible trauma and broken lives. Read the 4th Amendment and think about how CPS treats children's bodies, belongings and homes. You know what CPS does to children is wrong. You are your kids only protection from these scum - so be strong!

      Protection from unreasonable search and seizure:

      "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

      When you allow CPS workers to BS their way into your home, you permit them to violate the 4th amendment rights of every single person who lives there, plus anyone who may have stored their belongings with you. If you want to discard your own 4th amendment rights, go right ahead. Just don't discard anyone elses rights. Your spouse's 4th amendment rights are not yours to discard, nor are your children's. It is also wrong of you to discard the 4th amendment rights of elderly parents or friends who may be visiting or sharing your home. Say no! It's the right thing to do. If more people said no, CPS would stop pretending they were entitled to abuse people with impunity.

    • profile image

      rachel 6 years ago

      This week my 7 year old was have a temper tantrum and didn't want to go to school and wouldn't get dressed. I grabbed her arm and said she had to get dressed because she would be late for school.

      after school I picked her up and she said mom I was upset and told my teacher her hurt my arm when u grabbed me. I talk to the principal who reads me the report(mind you no one called me from the school)

      they said the had to call children and youth and when they came to school they took pictures of my daughters arm but the report said she had nothing on her arm. I'm in hysterics literally. i have been charged with nothing so far we received letters from c&y stating they wanted to speak with my husband and kids not me. I'm a wreak!

    • profile image

      dyfs 2 6 years ago

      about 10 mths ago my kids were taken from me by dfys becasuethe kids aid my ex was hittin them and i drank to much at the time we were in a shelter now i have gotten things together and a new bf and because of his past n his familys past with dyfs they say he couldnt be around my kids alone so i got a day job then his crazy ex calls dyfs on me still with a dyfs case open n only one child in my custody still fightin for the other two.well my middle child the one i have likes to lie n he tells his school my bf hit em and now they took my child back in custody again i dont know what to do sumone help me please

    • profile image

      Jen 6 years ago

      my sister is a drug addict. Shes using in front of her 2 year old son and taking him for drug rides at 3:30am. She has been stealing from everyone to get money for drugs so now alot of people are after her. She has a few felony charges pending as well. I called DCF hoping maybe they will forse her to go to a rehab treatment center. DCF went to her house and found that it was all now they will start random drug test. Now......she made a false report on me! I'm a teacher so this wont look good when a school runs a cori/sori check. DCF did come to my house but didnt believe a word she said. He knew immeditly is was bogus. Does anyone know if i can sue her for this? This is going to follow me around with every teaching job i apply for. I live in MA

    • profile image

      Richard 6 years ago

      I am now going through the agonising process to wait to see if I am going to be charged with the sexual abuse of my sons. I'm on bail for it and so is my lodger !!

      My ex has accused me of this before (though I did not find out until 2 years after), just to keep my son out of the country. She then, within 48 hours of telling the court she suspected abuse - gave me unsupervised contact with him !! And THEN, had another child with me.

      Now she says my son is showing overly sexualised behaviour by rubbing himself on her furniture - he's 4 now. Added to this she says she had seen him do this on three occasions. However, I think this is a lie, as she went to see her solicitor after this supposedly happened 3 times to give me more time with my sons ! Makes no sense. Also the claim came 34 minutes after her friend verbally accused me at the garage, and she later sent a threat of injunction by e-mail for something else(still have it) prior to Police putting one in !

      According to the Police, my son claims he does not like my lodger and runs around the house and to get away from me and the lodger, he hides himself in a lockable cupboard. Police searched house - took away my pc and memory sticks (wont find anything that a single man wouldn't look at) - then the Police confirmed there is no lockable cupboard in my house. They asked had I watched porn with my kids !

      The evidence against me is that my son also thrusts his hips into the air. Police asked me why, and I said dont know. Was only when I got home I realised I did ask him to do this - when I changed nappy I say 'bum up' to get the nappy underneath. Have tried to get back into see the Police, but they have sent file to CPS (crown prosecution service). I tried to talk to them for 7 weeks after the accusation first came to light.

      The whole thing is a joke- not seen kids now for 6 months.

      I have evidence of this lady lying, committing perjury, fabricating evidence and falsifying evidence, committing fraud by not declaring her previous names - I even divorced her ! I have evidence of her claiming I was trying to pass a sexual disease by not wearing a condom, she is on benefit - but spends £2,000 a year on flights whilst claiming council tax from local government office.

      In a way I hope it does go to court to show what an true liar and devious person she really is.

    • profile image

      aadams 6 years ago

      I have been investigated 12x by DCF in Florida. One accusation was made by an ex fiance' because I ended our engagement. The rest have all been made "anonymously" by my own mother and ex husband. Each case I have been found not guilty. What do I do? I use to be a teachers assistant and because of all of these false accusations, I will not be allowed to work with children anymore I have been told. Can I sue the state of Florida? I know my mother and ex husband are behind all of the accusations, but I have no proof. My ex husband has NEVER paid me a penny in child support and is doing this to try to get custody of our son. Child support enforcement is of no help. Apparently because my ex husband lives out of state when they send a letter to the address I have for him (that I know is correct) he and his gf send it back to child support enforcement saying that he doesn't live there-and they believe it! I am in need of real help. I am tired of these charges and get no help from child support enforcement. If my ex was locked up, he wouldn't be able to make these accusations!HELP!

    • profile image

      CJohnson 6 years ago

      To Darryl: Tell the "mother-in-law" that you intend to press charges against her if she wrongly accuses you again and causes any more legal trouble for you without evidence or cause. If she calls your bluff, do it.

    • profile image

      darryl 6 years ago

      i got locked up for child endangerment for no reason, my gf said i wasa a great father to my son, so i sat i jail for 3 days, the judge dropped my charges for no evidence, now my gf wants to move back with me in my house, and her mom is just threatning to call cps for her moving home, can i get my son taking away from us over that? the cps lady even told my girl there really is no case against me, but will we be ok and be able to keep our son. id really appreciate feed back , and also there was no violent crimes,

    • profile image

      stressed out mom 6 years ago

      I HAVE HAD 5 unanouisted visits concerning first my 17 year old daugter 2 times false crazy stories. She was out on the street homeless and selling drugs. that social worker saw our house and new it was false, closed it out. She is a troubled teen who got in trouble 2 summers ago. she went for a intake where they felt she needed counsling which is paid by the state. We do have insurance but i felt it wasn't a big deal. Since that they wanted to clos her case out, however she didn't go there enough. So i started taking her. I have fibromyalgis and dics degented disease, for 9 years i have been seeeing a rhumatoligist who prescribes meds. I can't take most pain meds because i through up from them. The alligations is i abuse my meds . He has never seen me under the influence and said so. However they asked for my medication and counted them to see if i was abusing them it was taking as prescibed he had nothing . Something recently happened when my daughter was in her session with her drug counsler who by the way knows me from 10 years ago. She called dyfs and said a bold out lie about how i souned slurry on the phone, and that my daughter had some kind of memeory of me not walking right 8 years ago. They have never seen me incapacitated on every visit. I refused to come in for a drug eval because i how the system works they will say u need to go through all there bullshit. they want to speek to my doctor and get my records from the pharmacy i refused, because they will try to make a case against me for child abuse. 10 years ago i had a car accident with my daughter in the car. they told me i couldn't drive with them. I had a court date however nobody could stay with the children there twins, called my lawyer he said he would take care of it,the judge ordered them to be removed. At that time i was engaged to my now husband who they said could stay in the house if he goes for a intake, he did then they were to be transfered to my sister who is a therapist, they lied it took weeks ,the girls were traumitized. my husband was told just come for some evaluations. Which he passed with flying colors that turned into 9 months . They made me jump through hoops ,everytime they would put upon something else i had to do i became pregnant developed many illness because of the stress. finally after my son was born had a new judge and granted me the children back home, but the scumbag lawyer had the balls to want to take my newborn thank god this judged got pissed at her and said no! It's all about the mighty dollar from the sate no one polices them. Now i'm walking on egg shells because who knows they said ther starting to make a case against me! Ihave a lawer i told the case worker from here on in speak to my attorney! the system is broken and needes to be changed.

    • profile image

      Parent 6 years ago

      Unfortunately its nice to see others with the same problem, I now know Im not alone on this. So, Im being accused by my own child of sexual abuse. I didnt realize the seriousness of the situation at first, my child is just young, then it all took a spin. CPS and the local authorities investigated the situation and some how deemed me unsafe, all of a sudden I felt like I was in a bad dream. I was light headed and it was almost like tunnel vision or a cloud. The last thing a parent wants to think is their own child has been hurt in any way but, to be the parent who has supposedly brought harm to your own child makes you want to die inside. This has caused a terrible break up of our great committed marriage and tore our family apart. It is by far one of the hardest things to prove on both sides therefore the solution has to be CPS's judgement. There are no criminal charges against anyone after their investigation but so much more lost because of it, now it is one parent deciding to not allow the other parent any involvment in their lives, they have now moved on and become a new family. Even after all the time that has gone by it still hurts me inside and makes me depressed when I think of what I have lost and for what reason? I have not moved on like they have, its not that easy for a parent to just forget about and stop loving their child. I, to this day still, continue to have faith they will learn the truth and come back to me but I am so scared its too late. I have slowly given up on the fight and considered living out the rest of my life as a sucker, the worst part is I dont know who Im supposed to be mad at. There are some of the most amazing parents among us who deserve nothing less than to spend the rest of their life with the ones they love but, sometimes its those amazing parents who dont get to live that experience. Its sad all the innocent people out here can feel guilty about the same thing, I respect the parents who NEVER give up on their child. If 60 percent of reported abuse cases are false, what do we need to do as parents to prevent this from happening to our children when they have kids of their own? I wish you all good luck on your problem and only God can judge.

    • profile image

      GM 6 years ago

      Why should illegals get better treatment than we legals do at the hands of CPS? Why would being in the US illegally make them exempt from any unpleasantness but able to partake of the benefits? I feel for them, but being illegal doesn't give them more rights, as Randy is suggesting it should.

      I've fought off accusations of child abuse, and my advice is that you should be willing to give up everything you have to do so. The "authorities" do corrupt interviews that traumatized the kids, and they don't expose the brainwashing. An excellent (not the cheapest) lawyer can get the head of CPS to do a real interview that exposes the brainwashing. If you have any resources, be willing to spend them on your defense. If you don't have any money or retirement set aside you can tap, then you are at the mercy at the public defender. Start pulling together a network of people who are willing to make statements in your defense. You want quantity and quality. I had a doctor, specialist who was very confident that my son's condition could not be caused

      by abuse, nor did he show any emotional or physical signs. He'd had regular appointments with full trunk exams. His receptionist told me that abusers don't seek medical treatment but avoid it, and I was very actively seeking, looking for answers. Know that even though your ex may try to alienate you from the kids by cutting off all contact that this is illegal. Just because your ex says you can't discuss the case with the kids does not mean that is the case, either. Record all phone calls between you and the kids and you and the accuser. Keep a log. Check the laws about recording calls for your state(s) online. I paid $300/HR for my lead council 8 yrs ago, and that firm, who normally dealt with professional athletes, gave us emergency status and dropped everything as soon as I called. They pulled files and got to work even before calling me back, before money was promised, much less collected. They already had advice and action planned. My ex paid $13k for a 2 person firm (1 was on probation for ethics violations), who practically gave the case to my lawyers. Even poor representation is expensive. If the person falsely accusing you has or may get an attorney, you need to get out there and meet with every decent lawyer in your area. Once they've talked to you, they can't represent the side opposing you - conflict of interest. That was one thing they had us do, and we had to pay for a couple of consults, but most are free. If you don't have money to defend yourself, you really don't want to be up against a great attorney. The system for alleged child abuse really is guilty until proven innocent, and those who make the false accusations will get their reward come the final judgement day. My heart goes out to all of you. I've been there!

    • profile image

      Randy 6 years ago

      American Dream is not for illegal immigrants.

      Victoria’s story is one of heartbreak, she thought the American Dream was to come here and work hard, make money to help her family and have a family of her own. Yes, both her and Jennifer are illegal; however, this does not mean that they are not human beings. Instead of the “American Dream” they have gotten the “American Nightmare”. Victoria has been bullied, DCF stole her sister and her nieces, she wants her family but they say because she is illegal she can not have them, she can not even see them. This is not true and we have asked for this law and it has not been produced. She wants her family. And Ms. Jensen, lawyer for DCF, has taken both of these children and her sister and removed them not only from their family but their culture to give them to the “American” family she feels is more appropriate, the legal, white family. These children are wanted by family. Because she is illegal and Hispanic her civil liberties are worth nothing. I guess this is one way to stop illegal immigration, steal their children.

      I have proof of lies and lots of corruption within DCF.


    • profile image

      sibemom 6 years ago

      We have a situation that is very confusing. My husbands grandaughter which I will refer to as OUR grandaughter, was taken away from her mother, this is our son's daughter, on alleged child abuse charges. We were not informed of this until over 1 month after the fact by my husbands ex wife. We were never allowed to go to any of the custody hearings because we were never informed that they were going on. My step son is in prison and he was never married to this young woman, but we have always had liberal visitation with our GD. My husbands ex wife called last weekend to inform us of what had happened and that she will have our GD for an undertermined period of time. I called the courts CPS etc... and they had advised me to go talk to the mother of our GD. She was in jail because of a failure to appear warrent.I went to see her and asked her what was going on. She said someone called CPS and said she was abusing her girls, so they came and took them away. But what confuses me is if she is the alleged abuser then how can she have visitation even supervised twice a week before this goes to trial? She insists that she did not do this, and that she feels like she is being set up by my husbands ex. I don't know but I found it rediculous that my husband and I were not informed and were going crazy not being able to get in touch with her! This is the state of Michigan and we live in Wisconsin but on the border so we are only a few miles away from where she lived with our GD. I thought each biological grandparent had to be informed and given the chance to have the child in their temporary custody? I am not sure that these charges are founded, there was no physical evedence that she had ever abused either one of her kids. So I am very confused. There is a jury trial set fo Aug 23 and I suppose we will find out more then but if anyone has any insight on this please comment.

    • profile image

      vjimenez 6 years ago

      I had my 4 yr old son taken from his father about almost 4 months ago in Texas. He accused me and boy friend at time of abbusing my son. He called CPS and they investigated us and we cleared. But then he found out that he would have to give me my son back he left with him to California. He told me I will never see my son. I had US Marshals on his ass with out him knowing after 4 months gone they caught my ex with my son. But because my son had been brain wash by his father when they turned him into DCPS in California they said that Im being charged with neglect. So now I cant see my son I had to drived from Texas to California and go to court cause my son had been brain washed. In the mean while my son is with a foster parent. Any body know what can I do.

    • profile image

      sara 6 years ago

      my brother has been falsey accused of child abuse of a minor the police put my family through hell they were abusive and rascist! my brother has been charged on 3 accounts of rape and is sitting in prison awaiting his trial, now the girl has admited to making the whole thing up please give me some advice x

    • profile image

      Loving Parents 6 years ago

      Our nightmare began when one morning our precious 2 month old woke up and would not eat. Then I noticed her head felt soft and swollen. Immediately we took her to the doctors. They did some testing on her and concluded everything was okay that day. They wanted to recheck her the next day and reccommended x-rays. They saw a possible fracture and she was sent for a catscan. She had a small linear skull fracture and from a bone scan 1 healing rib and 2 chips on the corner of her longbones. We were in total shock. How could this have happened to her? They removed both of our children from our home for the investigation. We truly believe she has a bone disorder like brittle bones disease. Last week she had labwork done to test for deficiencies and it came back normal. It required a lot of blood. We tried to take her for the bone testing, and 2 labs said it is just too much blood for an infant and could be harmful. So we are not pursuing to do the test at this time. She also had previously had her 2 month vaccinations, which i've researched a lot about that causing bone fragility due to the mixing of toxins causing a decrease of vitamin c and tylenol can decrease it also. I am very scared to vaccinate her again because of all the horror stories i've been reading about these poor infants even dying after vaccines. They call it a "well-visit" but here we are injecting them with multiple toxins claimed to protect them could actually be harmful to them. The worst part is we have no idea how this could've happened. If she has the disease it can be from normal everyday handling. We are great, hard-working, loving parents torn apart by something we cannot explain. I feel sorry for everyone innocent in our situation. We have since hired 2 attorneys to work for us, but it is such a financial burden. Unfortunitely it's all about the money, the more children they remove from homes the more money they are funded by the government. This society is all wrong and innocent families are being torn apart. We know we did no wrong, and will fight this to the end no matter what the cost, our children are worth it all. You know we took her to the doctors and now are being punished for it. Our children have been to every checkup and appointment needed. We will definitely be looking into ways of sueing after this is all done. It is not right the emotional distress they put the whole family through. Our advice to everyone: get a great lawyer or two( if you can't afford one rack up a credit card or take out a home equity line of credit) and fight until the end!

    • profile image

      rabid 6 years ago

      My boyfriend and I have been falsely accused of child abuse by the mother of his daughter. It's very upsetting to have these bogus accusations against us and we are being investigated by CPS. Even their daughter has been coached and brainwashed into believing and saying that I have pushed her and called her ugly names. I love her and would never do such a thing nor would her father. The real tragedy here is that her mother is the one that is psychologically and emotionally harming her child by putting her through this and making her believe that her father doesn't love her. Naturally my boyfriend has less rights as the non-custodial parent and we're having to deal with all the obstacles this woman puts in our way. We need to protect ourselves from these false accusations because we along with their daughter are the real victims here! What can we do to protect ourselves from this???

    • profile image

      A father 6 years ago

      I have been divorced for nearly a year now and have recently met a wonderful woman who is fantastic with my daughter. My ex being jealous as she is has tried her upmost to cause problems and now has said that my behaviour with HER daughter during the marriage was wrong - i never touched her daughter i didn't even discipline her daughter she did - all i did was go to work and support her 3 children from her previous relationship as their father didn't pay anything for the maintenance of his kids. 10 years i supported them for when the eldest was in trouble with the police it was me who went to the police station and dealt with it all. i feel sick with the thought that her lies could cost me my daughter - amazingly she has only said this to my mother and not the police - i'm sorry but if my daughter was abused in ANY way at all i'd immediately call in the police without any hesitation! In Britain the punishment is too lenient for false accusations - most never get any sentence whilst destroying someone elses life - justice???? i think not :(

    • profile image

      Meredith 6 years ago

      My husband and I were also falsely accused of shaking our son. During the ALJ trial it came out that the state did not know if he was even abused, how, whom or when. This was three years ago and we are still paying off the lawyer bill. It is now to the point where we would like to fight back. Is it to late? Do we have a chance? How do we even go about starting?

    • profile image

      monty j jordan 6 years ago

      my wife got a d.u.i. with my daughter in the car, my daughter has been sick with throwing up all her life. the state blames it on her home life and also they said she has an eating disorder and she does not . which they found out after they took her from my home and made her go to a clinic of their choosing and they said she does not have an eating disorder, they still have my child and now they are trying to say that she has mental problems and she does not. the latest diagnosis was she had and adjustment disorder, never told us why they took her and still has not in the state of nebraska lincoln, involved is kvc whom is training to get nationally accredited and in the state of nebraska, i am a 100% disable veteran and just really at my end of understanding how you can take someone child for no good reason at all even after finding out what they wanted to know. i need any help as to how to fight lancaster county court, lincoln,ne please any advice... the doctor that initially diagnosed her even they proved she malpractice my child, and now they have file charges against me stating that if i can't admit she has an eating disorder then i am neglectful of her health which is crap i have been taking my daughter to the doctor since she was born. any help would be nice. thanks again thanks any advice please

    • profile image

      Darren 6 years ago

      I was accused of abusing my son when he started secondary school at age 11.

      I knew what he was like if led in the right direction, His mother knew but would not defend me so I turned to his scout leader and the church but the school and the social worker would not even phone them.

      Child and mental healthcare without even meeting him were talking about taking him into care.

      I started recording meetings here and there it was obvious the staff had made up their minds so I took my son to a children’s ambassador (Kiddy shrink) who told me my son was playing up because he was lonely. He was lonely because he was in a new school and had not even been introduced to other students, just thrown in the deep end.

      I put my recordings together and took them to the head of his prior school. I told them I have the church, my own kiddy shrinks, his scout leader and others ready to come into school. I told them they were incompetent refusing to make a simple phone call and I would take the matter higher make up a website etc. with my recordings on it and tell the whole world.

      I used the freedom of information act to get a copy of teacher’s notes and school file as well as access to his social care file. I wrote to the head of the school telling him he owes me and my son an apology he wrote back stating “At no time did the school make an abuse allegation” But I had recordings that show this is not true. But what’s the point that will cause more harm than good now. I just record meetings in school now and they leave me alone.

      The mental healthcare people tell me he is autistic but that is not what my own kiddy shrink and the church think.

      Unfortunately I proved my wife to be a poor mother and she did a runner.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I was arrested the day after babysiting for my wife's ex bestfriend's son (7yrs old) he stayed upstairs and we stayed downstairs with our 3month old son . we would often babysit for him as his mum wanted to go out and get drunk and use drugs and we thaught it was unfair for him to be pushed around to total strangers. we had no problems all night and none in the morning. he asked me to take him to school so i did. i then walked home and enjoied the day with my family as i don't work as i am very deppresed. at about 8pm there was a knock at the door i got up and opened it it was 1 Detective and 2 police in uniform the detective said do you know why we are here? i said yes as i thaught they were at my door to take a statment as there were 4 cars broken into the week before and i had seen the person do it.i let them in as anyone would the detective then said do you know (the childs name) i said yes we babysat for him last night they said we know you did. they then said i am arresting you for rape of a child under the age of 14. i was in pure shock i didn't know what to do they put me in the back of a police van and took me to a local station. were they took my picture and DNA and swobs from inside and outside my penius iand also they took my clothes as i had not changed since the day before . i was questioned for hours and i didn't want a solicitor. after a few hours in a cell i had a call from my wife saying she had got me a solicitor and not to say another word until i had spoken to them. so i did the next day my solicitor arrived and i was told to say no comment to all questions because i gave all my statment in the first interview.i was told that the child was collected from school by his mother and he said to her that i had gone into the bed with him and pulled down his pj's then put my willy into his bum. his mum told him to stop lieing as he often lied about things a 7yrs old shouldn't even know about. but he didn't stop he said he was saying the trooth. so she phoned the police and they took 4hrs to arrest me. i never touched him in any way. i was releced on bail and returned as my bail stated on a certan date and i was charged with sexual touching of a boy under 14. i was releced on bail to attened court and was told that the CPS had found semen on the inside front of the boys boxers (underwere) and a very small cut on his backside (0.0001 of a milermeter) the semen on the front inside of his boxers was not a strong mach to my DNA. i have now been to court 3 times and they have always put it back to a later date i have been away from my wife and son for well over a year. and i have started to have pannic attacks. i am in court very soon and it is going to be a 4day trial i do not know what is going to happen. i am innosent and would not ever touch a child i am happily married and i am the proudest dad in the world my son can now walk and talk and i have missed it all. the boy who made these false allagations of abuse is probobly at home now having fun with his family and has probobly forgotten about making it all up and ruining me life and my familys life no one seems to think of the affect on my family they all seem to be worried about evryone else . my wife and son have had social services all over there lives saying things like it is my wifes fult that the boy got raped because she was there. the boy was never raped or even touched. they are also saying that i can not come home and that they will be in there lives forever. HELP PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!

      me and my wife are still talking evry day and have never fallen out of love . i love my wife and son more than anything in the world we need HELP and please could someone let us know that to do ??????????????? PLEASE COMMENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Shelly 6 years ago

      My son is 10 years old and handicapped. I have put my entire life on hold taking care of him. Gavyn is a wonderful little boy and I take him to extra therapies, pay for anything and everything that I am told can help him overcome some of his problems... here is the issue Gavyn goes to a school here in Florida that teaches handicapped children, Gavyn loves his school. Someone keeps reporting me to DCF from the school! Gavyn goes to the hospital 2x a week for blood draws and testing, he bruises easy at the site of the needle marks plus the hospital restrains him sometimes because he is such a hard stick... He had a bruse at the elbow, next day Gavyn keeps pointing to go "out" which means school so I take him... DCF shows up the same day at my house scaring the crap out of all 4 of our children.. They make Gavyn undergo all this testing then decide. Yep you guys did nothing wrong it was the hospital blood draw that caused the bruse... DUH people so I took Gavyn back to school.. Everything fine until DCF shows up again because Gavyn had a slight odor of "diaper" on his hands... He has the mentality of a 2 year old and he is autistic so yes he does reach in his diaper alot to check himself... DCF comes and Gavyn is just getting out of the car and the worker says that he sees nothing wrong, etc etc again so he says the case will be closed nothing to worry about... (Just to inject here Gavyn loves the water so dang much I put him in the big tub 3x a day to let him play and laugh.. Water bill is freakin $165 a month, I pay it with a smile because it makes his day brighter).. Okay another of Gavyns loves is animals so I take him outside to let him play with the dog, kittens and the 2 older cats that are outside. We keep the animals all outside this way the house stays clean of any debris, etc. So Gavyn pets the animals and gives them all hugs then gets into the car and we go to the school... DCF shows up again because someone called and said they saw a ONE FLEA in gavyns hair!!!! ARE you freakin kidding me I am sooooooooo angry right now I am still shaking! Wtf am I suppose to do? Do I give my son a happy fun laugh filled day or put him in a isolation room with nothing????? Gavyns disorders could end his life anytime with really no warning so I am trying to give him all of the best memories and love I can but right now I jsut feel really violated because it is getting to the point that I am a nervous wreck. So of course DCF said they would close the case again but it is so STUPID and a TOTAL WASTE Of time and money to send out a DCF worker at 6pm at night to check on a child becuase they were outside and got ONE flea in their hair! Really seriously people I want to go into that dang school and just scream at them to let Gavyn be a happy little boy and stop all this crap but I know that would not end anything.. What should I do? Lost and feeling angry here in Florida

    • profile image

      Ashley, ME 6 years ago

      I brought my son to the ER because of a bruise on his ear and a scratch on the back of his ear. my father, who is the kindest man ive ever met had babysat for me that afternoon and when i returned my son was taking a nap, my father went home and when my 2 1/2 y/o woke up from his nap, i seen the bruise! i asked my father and he couldnt explain what would of caused it. My son has vision problems and has no depth perception (cant see distance) and does fall and bruise himself constantly. i just wanted to make sure the injury didnt cause a cuncusion or something, i panic alot. I walked into the ER and was told that his injury was consistent with child abuse! My son was taken away from me while in the ER, they said he wasnt safe with me and untill i got home i didnt even realize that her accusation was that i physically abused him, he means the world to me and his grandfather and this is outrageous! now i have to defend myself against something that i know was an accident and in no way am being treated as innocent till proven guilty! something really does need to be done about this system!

    • profile image

      forcechange 6 years ago

      False allegations are a epidemic that destroys a person entire life and dreams. Once accused of sexual allegations against a child, ones life is forever changed. Ruthless individuals do this and usually the accused will become wrongly convicted for the rest of their lives. THE ONLY WAY TO STOP THIS is to get the word out to the people of our country. Telling lawmakers will NEVER accomplish anything. The chld abuse industry is too big of a money maker for lawmakers to ever want to go backwards, so we as the people must do it. Every single person who knows what its like to be falsely accused of any crime against a child should be telling everyone they can about the abuses our government is handing down. Our government has found a way to be a tyrant and get the majority of the population to agree with it. Slowly but surely the abuses by our government is being found out. Peace out.

    • profile image

      GiGi67 6 years ago

      My partner has just been accused of molesting his step daughter when she was younger, (she is 19), even her mother (my partner's ex-wife) did not totally agree with it all and now he has to be interviewed by the detectives, it is completely untrue and all these resources are being wasted on us instead of saving and protecting real victims. She does not want to work, does not want to take responsibility for her life and wants to completely destroy his life, like she is so jealous of the other kids (3 more, 1 with special needs) and yet, he has treated her like daughter with no preference between her and the others. Even when we first met he told me he had 4 kids and was so enthusiastic about them all, I had no idea until about 6 months or so after we met that she is actually his stepdaughter. And that is ok,I loved the fact he considered her his daughter. He never "groomed" her, never gave her anything special, worked really long hours and actually was not at home alone very often or at all with the kids when they were married because his ex-wife never worked a day in her life, we are scared of the consequences of this, the ramifications on our life and also his relationship with his other children, (his youngest daughter is 7 and we have never had a problem taking her for the day etc - even he has had her on his own since the divorce) so why now after all these years? and why did his ex-wide (mother of girl) not know about it? She has trusted him and us to take all kids whenever. What is she after and what is it we need to do to protect ourselves?

    • profile image

      Christina 6 years ago

      The school made false accusations against me. I have a seven year old who needs help. He has the mentality of a 3 year old. Problem is I'm poor and can't get help for him. Well, he is constantly ruining and staining his clothes. The school is saying I send him to school in dirty clothes, that I don't feed him Abd said that I didn't come pick him uo from school when he was sick when my husband picked him up from school because I was sick. Can I file charges against the school? I live in Alabama. The whole thing is absolutely ridiculous and has made me lose all faith in the school systems. No one cares about the children who are actually abused and neglected. What do I need to do. My kids ages are 9,7,4. Two boys one girl. They all have to share a room because my sister lives with me and my husband. Will I get in trouble for that??

    • profile image

      sue 6 years ago

      My son was accused of looking at Porn almost four years ago. He was never arrested or charged with a crime until he received court papers now. He has to go to court in May. My husband and I are 100% convinced that his ex-wife put child porn on his computer and on discs. Their entire family moved into our home until his ex-wife was kicked out two months later for being abusive to me. My husband, son and myself were at work all day while his ex-wife was staying all day in our home. Every time we ever saw her she was on the computers. We were wondering what she was doing while we were at work. She did absolutely nothing to help with the family chores while she was here. There were several times while in our home we heard quite a few lies. One was when she told her daughter that I told her to take her dog, which we couldn't have in our home with the addition of the four of them. Her mother told our granddaughter that I told her to take in out and let it run loose. I acturally told her she needed to take her dog to the pound. She said she couldn't afford it, I don't like lying however, I told her to go and call the pound and tell them she found it. That if she let it loose it would die. I found outlater from her son that she had let their other dogs out to run away. Very little that comes out of her mouth is the truth. We are actually more than 100% sure she framed him. SHe told the police that she found a disc in her son's drawer looked at it saw porn (this was in 2001) put it away and then she lost it. My son and grandchildren live with us and we have never seen anything what she says at all. If we did he would have been kicked our of our home and the police called. Our children are doing extremely well. My son is in school again learning to become a welder. She has continued to lie and abandoned her children. She has made numerous lies about my son. She said that we were harrassing her, which is odd, since we have never known her phone number or address. The children don't even know them. She said her common law husband wasn't in trouble wih the law, when in fact he has been wanted in four states. He has four alias and the bounty hunter came to our home looking for him because he skipped bail. She took her current husband across several states to hide him and he was finally apprehended and was fighting extradiction, He was finally retuned with no bond. While in the other state he was on a quarter of a million dollar bond. This is a person who is an outstanding citizen without a felon. Her daughter who lives with us. Showed me a facebook that her mother founder on and told me that her mother continues to lie and that she is a poor example of a mother.

    • profile image

      cinderella40 6 years ago


      I am so glad this site is here to air my frustration over false allegations and could do with some advise. My son was one of 4 lads in the frame for the father of the little girl, so he had a DNA test for speed and he was the dad, he left the army to be a good father. In the mean time the mother was binge drinking and smoking pot and eventually was evicted from her home. He had no home he lived with us, he applied for housing so he could take the little girl, whom the mother had begged him to, as the grandmother would not allow her to see the little girl and would not even speak the mother. In the mean time he got a house we all chipped in and got it nice, the little girl was handed over but reluctantly so that she made a false residency for the little girl claiming abandonment until services realised she was not the mother but the grandmother, the mother had designs of setting up home with my son and he put her right explaining they still could be good parents splitting 50/50 responsibility and went to court and done so. She was fine but still had an obsession about the 2 of them, so she moved back in with her mam, then it all started, non return, back to court, warned by the judge, even admitted she took drugs, the judge was not impressed and nearly awarded full residency to my son, until she turned round and said I get my drugs of him, so judge back his own arse by telling my son he had to leave it at 50/50 but gave her a stern warning, she snatched her in broad daylight with her mother in a car, back to court and days stipulated and last warning, he had his days and she had hers, he informed her he was getting services to do a drugs test on him so she had better beware he will prove her allegations, and hey ho she did not return the little girl, she refused his phone call he called police who went round and then phoned us to say they would be leaving her there due to the allegations of sexual touching, for crying out loud how sick is that, stooping so low so as not to return the little girl that has been a parcel passed around over the last year. so she made this allegation, even social services had done a check on son and closed case that they were happy with their findings of how settled and happy the little girl was the home is immaculate and she had no concerns. I feel her and the nana have threw violence, then drugs and now the last step to keep the little girl and the dad away which was the nana's intention from get go, oh god even the solicitor and social services were shocked, my son is upset but says he has done nothing and has nothing to hide from these sick allegations, but what happens now do they just beleive the mother even with the history they have, this is so unfair, mothers dont get this over little boys so why is is always aimed at fathers, i hated my ex but would not even had a thought in my head to say such filth. Can anyone help? Advise or tell me what happens now my son is saying he wants to go to the papers cos its disgusting when mothers can falsely accuse just to stop a fathers rights, the solicitor who should have taken it back to an emergency hearing said she is shocked and she is digging herself a hole, the police the social worker said the same but solicitor does not know what to do, how bad and where does that leave my son when a mother who was unfit, abandoned her, the nana falsely tried to claim residency and stop a DNA saying you dont need a man we can raise her alone. my son could have just walked away and left like many other fathers but he stepped up and said I cannot sit back and wait for her to come to me and people know I never had anything to do with her, I have a conscience, and now he is being branded to stop his rights, oh god this is so unfair where do we go from here, fathers are so unfairly treated when a woman is scorned and then used the child for a pawn in the game of war against a fathe

    • profile image

      worriedmom 6 years ago

      I was acused by my step daughters mom of hitting her... she said the time she was with me I hit her and didn't feed her. She also had some scratches I wasn't aware of. My step daughter says she scratched herself which I don't believe but mom is acussing me. She's stating my step daughter is saying this...I'm not sure if its jelousy because she has been calling me mommy. I have two younger daughters as well. I love all 3 girls. When my step daughter is with me she is ok and then she goes to her moms and is brained washed. I don't know what to do. Nobody has contacted me yet. My husband asked my step daughter if I hit her and she said no, but supposebly she said she's scared of me because hit her. The mom stated first doctor was one that called dcfs then that it was the school.

    • profile image

      taraavery 6 years ago

      I have been falsely accused of child abuse!!!

      my 13 year old bully of a daughter saeid I hit Hey in the head with a closed fist. They came to my house AND arrested me, took my 8 year old son and gave him to his father who has actually been charged with battery. .. I don't get it how can they Do THIS they haven't even interviewed my son...He is now doth my mom who IV lived with for 5 Yeats AND She knows I don't hit my kids!! I have a lot of people on my side AND I'm not getting anywhere..on being visited 1 a week by social service, EVEN the guardian at litem said this is all wrong..I'm in criminal Cort that has a no contact order AND I'm in juvenile court that says I should have supervised visits.. I can't afford a lawyer I'm disabled help my son wants to come home so bad I'm not an abuser... NY daughters father is a bad man if u knew how insane he really was u would be scared. I know some things about him AND he doing g THIS to discri

    • profile image

      youth minister 6 years ago

      Someone advise me!

      I am a youth minister and since January, rumors have been whispered by someone that on our January ski trip, I slept in the same bed between 2 of my 8th grade guys. (I am male)

      The students and their parents both VERY openly state that it is complete nonsense! My senior pastor knows me and believes me, but then 2 weeks ago someone sent an email to my pastors governing authority in the church with the same anonymous claims. The email account was anonymous as well. My pastor explained to him that it had been investigated and nothing was found which satisfied him. but NOW someone sent the same accusations to DHR and I have been put on paid leave until it is resolved. DHR is investigating and interviewing the students allegedly involved, their parents, my pastors, and although it has been almost a week and I have yet to receive ANY contact or official statement that I am being investigated, I can only imagine they will interview me as well. With both alleged "victims" and their parents completely denying anything adamantly it seems like it should be a case closed....

    • profile image

      jay r 6 years ago

      This lady that i have pressed charges aagianst for assault is very upset with me because she could go to jail. she knows that me and my daughters father is not on good terms so she emailed him and told him that i abuse my daughter he took the email and got a protective order for me to stay away from my daughter the police came to my house at 2am and took my daughter and gave her to him giving him temporary full custody til our court date. the social worker called and she said she saw my daughter and she didnt see no signs of abuse and she seems happy and like a regular 3 yr old. our court date is wed i also have a son by some1 else but they didnt take him. if im being accused of abuse y they take 1 and nit the other. the social worker said that they dont need to rush to see my son they will see him after the court date but y? will i get my daughter back wed? i never been through this

    • profile image

      druhepkins 6 years ago

      Thanks for your hub. Luckily I'm not involved with anything like this but I'm in Law School because I'd like to fight many injustices such as these cases.

      Their are so many very sick, conscienceless people out there who have no problem destroying someone's life and doing things out of spite. We need to increase laws and punitive action against people with the audacity to lie about something like this as soon as the lie is exposed. The courts also need to start listening to the children a little more and stop ignoring them when they refute the charges on their own accord.

    • profile image

      kk68718 6 years ago

      This might give some people hope that their situation is not totally lost.

      A couple of years ago, my ex began to make accusations of abuse against me on our two young daughters. It was her attempt to limit my time with them. She began coercing the girls to tell mandated reporters that I was hitting them and locking them in a dark room. DCFS became involved in 8 different occasions and every time the determination was that the allegations were "unfounded", but that did not deter her from taking advantage of a bruise on my youngest's rear end that occurred at her mother's house. This time I was interviewed by the police SVU and by DCFS and a charge was initiated against me because the girls said that I had hit them.

      In Dependency Court, the judge ordered an evaluation, since the bruise was not consistent with me striking my daughter, but I already knew that, since I had never laid a hand on either of them. After a month of investigations and interviews with numerous people, the evaluator contacted the judge and recommended that the girls be removed from their MOTHER immediately, since she posed an imminent threat to the safety of the two girls, since she was actively abusing them emotionally and psychologically and they could not risk the safety of the girls once the real truth came out. Needless to say, it was great to hear the judge say that all charges against me are being dropped and their mother was being charged with Emotional and Psychological abuse for forcing the girls to falsely accuse me. The charges were substantiated against her and I was awarded SOLE Legal and SOLE Physical custody. They still get to see their mom, but they now understand the consequences of not telling the truth.

    • profile image  7 years ago

      yesterday something horrible happened to me , i and my 4 yr old daughter laid down at 230 -245 , we were going to take a nap like we do almost everyday , i woke up at 315 i called out to her , she said iam laying on the floor mommy , i said get up here and lay down . at 330 she started screaming bloody murrder i flew up out of the bed , i said what is wrong with u mya , she i want the baloons the lady outside has , starting this week she has started calling out the windows to people who walk by and throwing fits to play with stangers dosent matter if the windows are opened or not , well anyways at about 345 she was asleep , so i fell asleep alo at 10 till 5 fireman broke into my home , and had taken my daughter out of my home , they had me go outside and please keep in mind i just woke up so i def in shock i had know idea as what was going on , the asked me if i was on drugs i said no , they said are u alright i said yes but of course i wasnt , they said my daughter was telling people thru the window all day she was alone and cant breathe , and she wanted to play with a little boy that was outside ,she was standing with a woman i had no clue who she was , so i found the manger of the apt called this in i also noticed that manger left work early before the fireman and the police showed up . and what made things even worse , is when i told mya to come to me , she said she was scared of me , i couldnt belive what was going on , so i walked over and picked her up and told her you are not allowed to play with your toys for 1 day , i also told her this is why you dont lie mya .. after the fireman walked away , 10 min later 4 cops showed up , they asked me to come out side , i thought oh my god there going to arrest . my daughter started screaming dont take mommy to jail , i told her mya please go inside and wait for me , so a officer went into my apt . he said oh this is such a nice place , i was thinking what in the world did they expect to find crack hanging from the ceilings ? so they also asked me if i was on drugs , i said no , they asked me if i was ever in trouble with the law , which no i havent been , i told them its as simple as this we laid down to take a nap she woke up before me , and that she has started to scream out the windows to people she dosent even know , and lying alot which she has been , than they asked me if i was here all day with her alone i said yes iam monday thru friday .. than my husbamd ishome on the weekends . so they took my name , and hers , but they told my husband that they dont see a problem here , but iam thinking CPS will be called now , i have done wrong so now i terrifed of what will happen . this was a horrifying i have never had anything that happened like this ....

    • profile image

      star 7 years ago

      my boyfriend was falsley accussed of touching his ex girlfriends daughter when he was in jail. he got put in prison on no evidence. but the one who should of went to prison for it was the mother of the child. she was on meth and was making it in the home with the children there. she had different men in and out of the home. but when she was arrested for this drugs in the home they never arrested her for child abuse or neglect. in fact it was her who had done this. but they lied on my boyfriend and said it happened twice the week he was in jail for driving on suspended the week i moved back in with him. the mother forced the girl to lie about it. when in fact the mothers boyfreind is the one who done it. but he seems to be able to get out of trouble because his father is in with the judges as their best freind. whata person to do when you are sentence to prison for what someone else did

    • profile image

      Tash 7 years ago

      All these stories are so sad! I was doing some research on whether or not there was a case against an ex who was trying to gain full custody of our son, but lost, then turn around and say I was hurting my son.

      I would like to share my story for others as well, and although it is a long one, I will make it as short as possible.

      I was 3 months pregnant when I left my ex because he would tell me and his 'buddys' that he didn't want us. I would wake up every morning (during the winter) frozen to my blankets. We also didn't have food in the house and he would take off to the bars every night...sometimes I would be his DD (for him and his buddies)... anyway... long story short, I turned to my best friend.

      We lived together, both went to school, I had the baby. When my son was 3 months old, I got an email from an attourney at law looking for a DNA test from my son, myself and my ex.

      I have been in and out of the court since... first DNA test, then full-custody, then for the fact that he didn't want to pay child support.... so, you want full custody of your son, but you do not want to pay child support?!

      I forgot to mention my ex owns his own business. He has been able to take us to court as much as he pleases, however, I am just a stay-at-home mom and a full-time student, while my best friend (now my fiance) just finished school and started working at a local plant.

      So.... my ex got the DNA test, did not gain full-custody (we have shared custody- he gets 3 weekends a month)and did not get out of paying child support... he turns around and has DHS take my son out of my home because there was a bruise on his arm. I noticed the bruise on his arm earlier that week.. however, he is 17 months old and climbs, falls, plays in my kitchen cupboards... so on and so on. Hence his nickname monkey. hehe ;)

      CPS took him out until the investigation was over... which lasted 2 days... sickest, saddest 2 days of my life!!! When the investigation was over, there was no sign of neglect. However, a few weeks later, I got a knock on my door.. it was CPS again. I figured they were just going a "check up", but they were there because my ex had called again about a "cigarette burn". The CPS took a look and said it looked nothing like a burn, but eczema (which my son has had since he was born). oiye... I really don't need to put up with this every time there's a spot or a scratch on him.

      The worse of it all is that I am constantly on edge.. if my son is running/playing outside and falls, my heart just drops! I think: omg! if he gets an "owie" I'll lose him forever!!!

      We should not have to live like this. I have an adventurous one year old who is going to fall, and although his bumps and bruises will more-than-likely be ruled out as neglect, CPS still has to take the child out of the house until the full investigation is over! Shouldn't they see that my ex is calling wolf each time?

      oh, and also, when they take my son out of my home, they ask me if it is okay that he stays at his fathers until the investigation is over... I say YES, because my son is more comfortable there than he would be in a home!

      I feel I am the only one who is fighting for my son's best interest. Good luck to all of you. and sorry for those who weren't so lucky. I understand what you are all feeling. God bless!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Rose 7 years ago

      I have been accused of sexual abuse of my six year old child. The other day he told his carer at vacation care that I'd made him touch my private parts. It is not true and never would be. He is not allowed to touch me on my breasts, private parts and he can only give me a quick kiss on the cheek or lips. They reported me to the authorities. Then he admitted he had made the whole thing up. But the report is still there, and my lawyer tells me I could be arrested. It is totally unfair. Where are the checks and balances. Whatever happened to being innocent until proven guilty. It has totally ruined my life and my relationship with my child. When asked why he said it he said "for fun". It certainly is not fun for me.

    • profile image

      Jan 7 years ago

      Well I was hoping to hear some good news but guess that's hard to come by in these situations. Amazing what adults will stoop to in order to hurt an ex.

      My daughter has three children, the youngest of which has a different father. My daughter and this man are estranged, and went to court and parenting allocation time was decided.

      However, the father continually accusses other children of abusing this little girl. It's a ploy to get complete custody, I live with my daughter and grandsons, I'm here all the time, and this little girl is well treated. But, her half brothers are contantly accussed of abusing her by the father. This is so painful because we know that it hurting this little girl, she's only 5 and this has been going on for years. Social services are called in and of course the accusations...everthing from sexual molestation to the entire family living in a barn, antoher time living in one room with all the beds shoved together, another child visiting molesting the little girl...all these things are documented as unfounded (because they are) but they never stop.

      We can only hope that ALL of the children are not messed up for the rest of their lives because of the paranoid delusions of this man. No one will help. Like many here, it appears that the only recourse is to hire a lawyer for a lot of money, and we don't have that.


    • profile image

      Ty 7 years ago

      My brother recently got custody of his two daughters, 4 and 6 years old, with the help of a couple who were his "friends." He offerred guardianship if anything were to happen to him they would take the girls. They proceeded to then invite him to live in their home with his kids while he got his situation sorted out. Only a week later their 13 year old accuses him of inappropriate touching. He was arrested the same day, fri 7 january, and his daughters remained in the couples custody. His bail hearing was that sunday, and bail set at $25000. The couple refused to let our mom see the girls, and lied about taking them back to their mother. They also claim they can't find the guardianship papers. No one in our family has any assets, or means to hire a lawyer. My brother worked so hard to get his kids, and things were finally looking up for him. He would never do the things he's been accused of. He is a good person, and not in the sense that he pretends to be good, but a genuinely good hearted person. He has never had any charges, or convictions even remotely related yet he seems to be classified as guilty without any evidence, or witnesses. I have stooped to even begging lawyers, and all I get is replies stating fees in excess of $12,500. I would sell everything I own if I thought it would even come close to that amount. Now his daughters are living with strange people who they'd only visited a few times, and having their minds poisoned by these lies about their dad. We need a miracle, and at the very least those girls should be with family, people who they know and who love them. With very little hope I'm leaving my email

    • profile image

      Tasia 7 years ago

      almost 3 yrs ago my boyfriend was accused of molesting his son. he since has had charges dropped and passed a lie dection test. we have had many people,including cops, attorneys, and judges say that this was just a way to take custody of his son, which he had full. but he still cant see his son what should we do??

    • profile image

      HELP 7 years ago

      I have a little girl and my fiance and we had just moved in together. My mother who has always been a very jealous person had my daughter for the weekend and when it came time for me to pick her up i found that they were at DHS awaiting me to make a statement about my fiance sexually and physically abusing my child!?! I was ordered to move in with my mother and to keep my daughter from any contact with him for the next 30 days while this is investigated. They have talked to my child without me there, they have taken her to the doctor without me having any idea as to what was going on. They have shamed my fiance's name. I know in my heart he didnt do this. My daughter is in love with this man and he planned on adopting her. My world is falling apart. The DHS caseworker made a comment to my mother today that if the allegations came back true, which they probably would, The protection order would be indefinite. I love my daughter and would stand up for her til the very end. They are now making me look to be this horrible mother that is only worried about losing her boyfriend. This is not true at all! I know these allegations are false! I just do! All the websites I have looked at say that he needs a good lawyer...we do not have that kind of money!?! I dont know what else to do??? PLEASE HELP!!! Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

    • profile image

      Alexandra Harris 7 years ago

      I just lost my baby boy he is 4mo. old, My partner and I we accused of abuse. I'm doing all I can to reach out for help, I read all I can I've called all supports but DHHS and the Detectives are out for blood.I'am just as upset to how these injuries happend.My child has special needs and my partner has had to perform baby CPR on him but I know I didnt do this,and I know this was completly unintentional,I know his heart.If there is ANYONE out their who can help me please do.I will do whatever I have to to make sure my child is safe and this NEVER takes place again. I'm also in recovery I'm 20mo. sober and this is the hardest thing I will ever do.If anyone is out there I need your help!

    • profile image

      bamacwgirl 7 years ago

      i am also going through hell. i lost visitation to my 6 yr old daughter, because my ex husbands new wife cant hace any more kids and wants mine, plus his mom brain washed my child. they can not charge me with anything, there are no criminal charges pending, and my child has told everyone she lie and that her grandmother she calles (mimi) made her do it. but its funny every counceling session, doctors appointment, and etc. her step mother and mimi took her they were the ones talking to all the therapist and doctors, not her dad, or my family and never did they call me and interview me for anything. But according to everyone there is nothing i can do but go with the flow and wait until she gets older.

    • profile image

      Confused and Hurt 7 years ago

      My father has been accused of child molestation by my daughters, I am in the middle of this because part of me has to believe it but the other part doesn't believe it. They show NO signs of it, they are NOT afraid to be left alone with him, they ask him to take them places alone, they spend time with him alone, and no matter what site I go on those are all signs, I feel they are lying, they act as if it is all a joke, one talks about boys all day, she's on the phone/internet being a tenager, the other is dancng, singing & playing as if nothing happend and it "happend" 4 days ago to her and the other said nothing happend to her but when asked by the detectives, she said it did, but since she lies about everything I don't believe her, but when she got out of the interview one of my daughters asked her what she said and she said she told them he did do something to her but she was laughing about it..... so as you can all see, it's hard for me to believe them. I have benn around him my whole life and he has NEVER touched my wrong in any way.... What should I do?

    • profile image

      Dwater 7 years ago

      I could give a link for this if you wish, but I commented on an anonymous forum about a girl who claims she hates her autistic brother, I commented to someone who wrote a hateful comment that they do not understand her (I also have an autistic sibling) and it is very frustrating having an autistic brother (I did not state anything about child abuse, I would never hurt my autistic brother) but another person who calls themselves "concerned citizen" claims that they've reported me to the department of homeland security and that they will subpoena my isp, I don't live in the USA. But I stress the fact that I did not say anything about harming my brother, only that he makes me frustrated sometimes. Anyway please reply to me and inform me of what could happen, I'm 18 I live at home with my mother, father and autistic brother, we are very poor. Please help me.

    • profile image

      HS 7 years ago

      All you people wrongly accused - - get a good attorney. They cost about 3,000.00 up but are worth your family not being split apart. Do not go with a court appointed attorney! They really don't care because they don't get paid much and they are forced by the judge to take the case they are assigned.

    • profile image

      Protectchildren 7 years ago

      NJ DYFS is the slowest way to protect your children , they do not look in to facts i know this I reported the mother of my children for abuse { one was her splitting the head of my 7 yr old child open with a brush } they did nothing , not until I myself filed charges on the mother , why did dyfs do not a thing , the mother had filed for and got a FRO on me and in DYFS eyes no judge would grant a FRO to a good man ,, BULL CRAP the system takes in womens lies and lets good fathers and the children suffer , now that things are getting in to the courts the truth will be told and many witness,s will prove it . in the end why did the judge grant a FRO ? he simply asked the woman { are you scared of him } poof the beinging of the childrens and my nightmares , the mother then kept the children for 6 months even though there was a court order for every weekend parent time , and the court just warned her , now her lies are catching up to her. one thing i can say is NEVER give up on your children and always keep records of everything you do . people cant hide from lies they do catch up to you .what did the mother get sofar from her lies , her son dont talk to her , her older daughter dont talk to her , and the 7 yr old is almost out of the house to her fathers where she will be safe . and the mother will only be left with her new drug addict criminal husband who owes over 100k in back child support .

    • profile image

      David Jones 7 years ago

      I was arrested for donestic abuse of 2 kids:my 12 and 15

      year old grand daughters. I had been hit,kicked,had heavy

      objects threw at me my them.Been cussed by them.I have told

      them many times to stop hurting me and to leave my home.

      They would not mind.I was taking Paxil,and have been for a very long time,I fought back against them and as I said was

      arrested.I am out of jail on bail and am having a hard time

      getting a lawyer.Please I am a 68 year old man who needs

      help.Can anyone help me?

    • profile image

      Lucy Jones 7 years ago

      I had my two children before marriage and theres no father on their birth certificates and two weeks ago my husband soon to be ex, after being away in a different country for a year shows up at my front door with cutody papers from a local judge and took my children. I haven't been able to see them in two weeks and went to court and showed the judge the petitions were written with wrong ( the last names and middle names were wrong for the children) and gave him the birth certificates as proof he made a mistake. my husband still has the kids and they want to arrest me for contempt of court for fighting for my children to stay with me.I'm heartbroken,angry and need help. I have no power. I have police reports of abuse and live at the dv office. I want my children back, help!

    • profile image

      pete ross 7 years ago

      falsely charged and convicted now i have to register as a tier 2 sex offender for something i absolutely did not do. i got divorced and became very succesful. my ex wife got very jealous,she had my daughter and stepdaughter make up a story saying i rubbed my penis up against my stepdaughter. i cant even wrap my mind around such a heinous and disgusting act,it makes me wanna puke.

      i got a visit from detectives,blew me away,agreed to talk to them(mistake) they distorted my story to a point of lieing. NEW HAMPSHIRE POLICE HAVE NO INTEGRITY! they wanted me to take a lie detector,if i passed i'd be cleared, i readily agreed knowing i'm innocent. in the meantime i contacted an attorney, he said absolutely do not take the lie detector,they are in no way accurate and are subject to the administrators interpretation. in other words if the police are allowed to give you a lie detector test it is gaurnteed to come back deceptive. POLICE LIE always have a third party administer the test. anyways i had a third party give me the test twice and passed both times. hired a lawyer,private detective. cost me 30,000 bucks for a crime i never comitted, this drug out for over 2 years all the time im wondering how my daughter whom i use to love so much could do this to me and if i was gonna go to jail for a heinous crime i never did. trial date was coming up--- at the court date right before trial the prosecuter offered me a plea bargain. drop the charge of felonious sexual assault and plead guilty to indecent exposure and lewdness,have to register as a sex offender for 10 years and 3 years probation--no jail time. i literally had 20 minutes to make the decision to take the deal. my spendy lawyer said it was a "VERY TRYABLE CASE" but he also said i was in control of my future right now---take the deal and know for a fact i wont go to prison --or put my life and future in the hands of 12 strangers in the jury trial. i had no clue of the ramifications that go along with being a falsely charged sex offender. i wanna puke. i took the deal because i know our justice system is corrupt. now 8 years later they change classifications on sex offenders and instead of registering for 10 years,like my sentence said, they say i have to register for the rest of my life. so they changed my sentence on me randomly. I WILL FIGHT THIS WHEN MY 10 YEARS TO REGISTER IS UP, my daughter has since turned 18 and has yet to come clean and tell the truth,i don't think she would get in trouble because she was a minor when she was forced to lie by her mother. i have lost my daughter,jobs,friends,family over this false charge. THE PEOPLE WHO KNOW ME KNOW IM NOT THE GUY THE SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY MAKES ME OUT TO BE

      How can someone live with telling such a lie,how can they look in the mirror and like themselves?? I HAVE NOT LET THIS BEAT ME AND I NEVER WILL CUZ I'M NOT THAT GUY. i am still very successful and my family is very well off. It's a shame my daughter doesn't get the chance to live this lifestyle people dream about. KARMA IS REAL OH IT IS the people responsible for this false charge will get theirs---oh they will someday

    • profile image

      pete ross 7 years ago

      charged with a crime i did not commit

    • profile image

      LonelyDad 7 years ago

      Dyfs has been in my families lives for the past 2 years due to an anonymous phone call saying i was on drugs and my wife was going to kill our kids. Two quick drug tests for me and a psych evaluation for her and everything should have been over because we proved the call to be false. So they began to pick anything they could to stay involved. The house is messy, the kids aren't respectful, they need us to give them counseling. whatever they wanted to say just to not close the case. Well finally i screwed up and kicked my son in the butt when he refused to get ready for school for the second day in a row. I immediately regretted it and knew i shouldn't have done it. In the two years we had been dealing with them there hadn't been any abuse accusations. But this one mistake has ruined my life and i would say ruined my families too but i have not been allowed to see or talk to them in the past 15 days. Dyfs put my kids and wife in a safe house. They called the county prosecutor and had him have his office arrest me and charge me with child abuse. when they took them they told my father-in-law that it would be less then a week until we would bee in family court. Well up to 15 days and they still haven't even filed with the court yet and at on point they tried to tell me that there was going to be no court because dyfs would decide. I fought that and supposedly now they will take this to court but when is the big question. I tried to start therapy at the place dyfs told me to go but since i told them i didn't want them to pay, they refused to tell me or my therapist what direction they want us to take the therapy. almost like they want me to fail. I finally agreed to let them pay because i wont be able to afford it as often as i need it and they wont let me see the therapist that i'm comfortable with even though he works for the office they are sending me too. i have to see the one that they want me to see. Sounds like they really want to help me get better, doesn't it? haha. And now the latest thing that i have heard from someone that did talk to my wife is that they have already tried to talk her into divorcing me, and when she flat out said no to that, they are now telling her that she has to file in court for full custody and that if she refuses to do that they are going to remove the kids from her too. Maybe im dumb, but that doesn't seem right to me. and not just from a moral standpoint but from a legal one to. i don't see how that could standup in court if it came out. maybe someone who reads this will be offer some advice or explain that to me. when they first took my family i called them to find out what they want me to do to get my family back and they listed three different types of counseling. I started the one on my own (the one who is now no good) and the other two i have made calls to try to get into. Im willing to do what it takes, but now im wondering if its all useless? Are they going to push through whatever they want without caring how hard anyone is trying, and with out caring that every individual person in my family is saying that we want to be together? Dyfs has become way to powerful and seems to do have no problem doing what they want no matter who it hurts. I understand that in theory dyfs is a very good idea. Having an organization who looks out for our young who cant defend themselves. in practice though they seem to have gotten away from helping families and at least in my situation seems to be more of a witch-hunt for me instead of helping my kids or helping our family.

    • profile image

      Elaine 7 years ago


      I can't imagine them taking your kids for a mark on the neck. Just be honest with them, don't stress. They have to deal with real issues like starving kids and abused kids. Don't even worry about the teacher or whatever she is. Make sure you tell her that photographing your child without your permission is against the law!!!!

    • profile image

      WorriedMamma 7 years ago

      I think my step son's preschool teacher might try and accuse me of abuse. I have 2 boys one is 2 and half and the other (which is my step son) is 4yrs. They play rough as all boys do. While they were playing in the morning, my oldest fell on this big toy truck that they have. He told me he had jumped off his bed and landed on it, he even gave a full on demo of what happened. It did leave a reddish bruise on his lower neck. When I picked him from school the teacher was questioning me about it and I told her what he had told me, (obviously I wasn't standing in the room when he got hurt). After we got in the car he told me that they are going to take a picture of it when he goes to school tomorrow. Now I'm worried that they are going to try and accuse me of child abuse. I don't know what will happen, will social services show up, are they going to try and take my kids??? I don't know what all happens with a first time report so to speak?? I live in colorado, does anyone have an idea at what I might be dealing with?? Please Help

    • profile image

      innocent 7 years ago

      In April I was falsely accused of 8 felony counts 6 related to sexual things with a minor and 2 related to furnishing alcohol. I was asked to come talk to a sheriff for an investigation which was a joke because he only talked to me for about 4 minutes. 2 weeks after that I was arrested. Spent a day in jail before my family got me a lawyer and bailed out. After we got the arrest warrant it states a friend of ours son who was there the night this supposedly happened as the kids witness. This person was never questioned even though I told them he was and they could have easily asked him and had it all cleared up. So far the case has not gone anywhere but it looks like this month it will be taken to trial. The D.A. tried to offer a horrible deal where I would accept the 2 lowest felonys. The lawyer and I agreed it was ridiculous and I certainly would not accept guilt for something I didn't do. What makes us all mad is that besides talking to me all of 4 minutes there was no investigation. There is no medical or physical evidence and I have witnesses saying it didn't happen. My lawyer says sadly this happens a lot in this state which is Kansas. If it weren't for my friends and family and church family I don't know how I would be getting through this. After I go to trial and this kids lies are proven we plan on suing. They can never give me back my dignity and I have anxiety attacks and depression because of this. I want them to know lying is not acceptable.

    • profile image

      Rachel 7 years ago

      Hello, i was in a custody battle in 2008 for my son, his grandparents had an emergency order of protection put against me using false accusations , they were able to take temporary custody of my son and i could not see or contact him. it took me one month to obtain a lawyer to have it dismissed and some form of visitation established, i then filed to get my custody back Feb 18, a deposition was set for the following April 24 and our actual court date for may 8th but at the desposition there whole case fell apart and they wanted to settle everything and not have the court date so i agreed that they could have visitation every weekend and a few weeks in the summer, I was awarded with sole custody care control and education of my child. i fear they will try and do this again, are they able to do such things and what can i do to stop them.

    • profile image

      Elaine 7 years ago

      My step daugher was mad because I didn't want her boyfriend over that weekend. Just because I thought she needed to spend some time with her friends. She told her mother horrible lies. Her mother told her to report it to the school. I blame the mother for she knows us very well and should have spoken to us first. CS came and found nothing and apparently step daughters story changed several times and she said it was a year ago her father hit her. How long does it take to get a letter from them letting you know it was unfounded? The caseworker said it was unfounded. It it over yet or will we keep having to deal with this?

    • profile image

      Found Not Guilty 7 years ago

      i was accused of aggravated criminal sexual abuse in the state of Illinois, my step-daughter made accusations that i had gone into her bedroom and put her hand on my penis. I was arrested at work, my wife left me and my own 2 yr old and 3 yr old sons were away with their mother for almost two months. My wife came back to me on Christmas of last year once she received certain evidence. She says she didn't beleive it at all but had to support her daughter.

      Well i was charged, arrested, i had to hire an attorney for about $8000.00, the DA has made a couple of offers to us over the last year and myself and my attorney said hell no, this is going to trial. I was ordered out of the home i pay for and to have no contact of any kind with my kids. I am a very loving father that gives everything i have for my family. And come to find out my 13 year old step-daughter was sleeping with a 20 year old man at the time of this accusation and clearly wanted me out of the picture. Long story short i went to trial with a 7 man 5 woman jury to find me not guilty it only took the jury 15 mins to deliberate. I still have a ways to go though, as DCFS has found me indicated of this no matter what the State Court can this be??? How can they without even talking to me or questioning me or being at the trial pass this kind of judgement?? I was tried and found NOT GUILTY!!! I have lost 30 lbs in the last year just due to stress....This whole DCFS system is the most terrible system i have ever dealt with. I would never touch any kid in any appropiate way...this still baffles me that i can be found not guilty in a court of law by a jury and yet indicated by DCFS. My wife and I and my two little boys do live happily together nowm, but i need to know how i can go about getting DCFS indication un-indicated. What a bunch of hose shit...

    • dpinoy13 profile image

      dpinoy13 7 years ago from Antipolo, Philippines

      This is why Children should research about Child abuse and child rights before secretly acusing their parents

    • profile image

      leia 7 years ago

      on may 26 2010 my daughters father who had just recently came back in to my life was visiting his daughter who at the time was 9 months old i have 2 older children sons 13 and now 11 the us marshalls BROKE IN TO MY HOUSE WITHOUT A WARRANT OR TELLING ME WHO THEY WERE THEY HELD GUNS AT ME AND MY DAUGHTER TRYED TO MAKE ME LIE DOWN ON THE FLOOR LIKE A DOG MY DAUGHTERS FATHER HAD WARRANTS FROM ANOTHER STATE THAT WERE NOT FILED UNTIL 2010 BUT THEY SAY IT HAPPEN IN 2003 THE US MARSHALLS WENT UPSTAIRS HELD A GUN AT MY 65 YR OLD MOTHER AND ORDERED HER DOWNSTAIRS THEY THEN WENT TO MY SONS ROOM KICKED IN THEIR DOOR AND WOKE THEM UP WITH HOLDING GUNS AT THEIR FACES AND YELLING AT THEM TO GET DOWN STAIRS my younger son is austic and has a hard time understanding people esp when you wake him from a dead sleep my daughters father was arrested and taken away 4 hours later they came back and arrested me i left my children with my mom and brother and my daughter went to stay with her other grandma they were being cared for they had food clothes and a place to sleep they were clean 2 hours before i was to be released from that hell hole dcs came to see me they told me the kids had been placed with my brother all the kids they said my mother nor i could go home why ? because i had been taken away from my mom for a short time back in 1983 i was not allowed to see my children i had been in there 8 days and the only thing i could think of was seeing my children holding my baby girl close to me the next day we went to dcs that was the first time i had seen my children in 9 days i didn't hardly get to talk to them i was watched like i was some kind of monster and i entered in to a perm plan they took my children from my brother placed them with another family member then they were placed in a family in another town about 2 hours away from me as to date i have completed the perm plan and i am not allowed to see my children my daughter is now 14 months old i have been told that my children were sexuraly abused and i knew about it my mother knew about it and my brother the problem being is that part of the perm plan was that i went to all my childrens doctors appts i asked the doctors to check and make sure nothing had happen just because of my daughters fathers charges i just wanted to be sure and i didn't trust dcs so i wanted proof the reports all say that no signs of sexural abuse happen when i said this to dcs guess what i was told oh there wouldn't be any evidence really ? there wouldn't be i am sure i am not giving up the fight but i am told that they may charge me on the failure to protect law bring it on you already put me in jail took my children what else can you liars do to me

    • profile image

      Lynda 7 years ago

      On September 24th of this year my stepson, in front of witnesses, strangled my dog and almost killed it if not for my daughter interveening. I proceeded to spank him on the butt for his actions. This is a kid that constantly gets into fights with other kids and is constanly bruised from it. On Sept,28th an officer and cps worker came to my house because a woman at his school saw a bruise on his arm and stripped searched him in class and found bruises on his back. Now I have been accused of abuse and my stepson and husband ( his legal father) are not allowed to live with me. My husband was told that if he brings his son around me then he will be taken away from him. My life is in total disarray and I have been arrested from this accusation, almost lost my job, my family had to bail me out and I am completely humiliated in front of my community. Where is the justice for the parents wrongly accused. This kid has school documentation of severe behavioral problems and prior to living with me had no structure or discipline. So now what happens if I am found not guilty, are the cops gonna say," oops,my bad" The damage has already been done and my family is split apart. Does anyone have any suggestions. I live in New York State.

    • profile image

      anon 7 years ago


      I just wanted to say that I myself have been a victim of child abuse, and reading all your stories about being falsly accused is horifying and it is sick to make a false statement the authorities are doing the best to protect all children, I myself am persuing a man through court who groomed me and assulted me but i have very little evidence, this man is a serial actacker and no body has stopped him yet so I just wanted to say that although you and your families have been hurt by these isck people making the claims please just keep in mind that the police are there to protect the kids at the end of the day


    • profile image

      Janiem 7 years ago

      My sister-in-law Laura, falsely accused her father George Martin of raping her when she was a child. She had 'recovered memories and stopped speaking to the family for seven years. Now she says she lied and wants a relationship with him again. But she is currently accusing her brother and his wife of sexually abusing their children. Why are narcissistic drama queens allowed to commit crimes like this and not be prosecuted?

    • profile image

      Wow 7 years ago

      What to do...this is very common to be guilty of this and have to be proving yourself innocent. Nuts.

    • profile image

      Janice 7 years ago

      My daughter and our family is currently going through a nightmare in the RI Family court system due to my grandchildrens' doctor and her staff to set appropriate appointments and to humanly understand that right before a holiday that people close "shop" early and felt the need to call DCYF on my daughter because my daughter didn't do as instructed (because of an enlarged abdomen with my granddaughter...which after a battery of test have no conclusion as to why this occurred). The doc sent my daughter to an x-ray lab that closed early the day before Thanksgiving. My daughter called the office to make them aware of this and the docs office said Friday would be fine...I guess the doc had 2nd thoughts, called DCYF and sent a rescue to my daughters' house where they transported her to the hospital. I took my grandson that night while all this was going on. While my daughter was being "prosecuted" by the hospital staff, they ran a battery of test on my granddaughter. They found that she had 3 previously broken ribs, and a previously fractured leg. We suspect that the ribs was caused by a television set falling on her 5 months previously that my daughter took her to the hospital and they NEVER did an x-ray (mind you she was a year and a half old and the TV set was a 19" older television (about 43 lbs-my daughter weighed it)She had it on a nightstand in their playroom and my grandson knocked it over. Also my granddaughter fell down a flight of stairs a month previously due to a faulty door latch on her apartment door. Her landlady who lived down stairs heard her fall and went to her. My daughter and her checked her out and she seemed ok laughing and playing but favored her knee the next day and was ok after bruising, running around playing and eating like all children do. My grandchildren are now in foster care. My daughter and her ex boyfriend settled the civil suit with DCYF and is undergoing the re-unification process. But the AG's office is still pushing to send them to jail and for them to NEVER see there kids again! They were NEVER arrested for any abuse! They pleaded nolo to simple neglect because she had missed 4 previous doctors appointments in the civil case. This is a travesty of mega porportions! I have clearance to get my grandkids into my custody but at the time my daughter was on welfare, lost her welfare, so she lost her apartment because of over-due rent and has been living with me and trying to work a full time job, night school, drug test (court ordered), and visitation once every other week. To me, and I know my daugter and her ex boyfriend, if the state knew me, they would know that If I EVER witnessed my daughter or her ex EVER harmed these kids, that the wrath of me would be far worse than any court could provide. This is such a waste of taxpayers money on accidental coincidences that I have ever seen! We go to trial in November she's supposed to get the kids back in December...I don't forsee that happening...

    • profile image

      Ward 7 years ago

      I am going through this battle.I split with my ex-husband back in may and he has been after me since then.Well my current boyfriend had to leave home because my ex husband told cops that my boyfriend sexually abused my daughter. but the thing is he has not been around for weeks or even spoken to the kids.Now we are in different counties and the kids are grieving and depressed.My daughter even told us he did not do anything to her. all the tests come back negative. But the state is taking their time and destroying us even more. I hope the father goes to jail for the suffering we have been through. I think its bull crap that we have to go through this we all most had everything we ever wanted but now my boyfriend lost his job and really depressed because he can't be around us.I don't think no one should have to go through this.

    • profile image

      Frecj 7 years ago

      As I scroll down the page reading story after story about how DCF has broken up homes and invents child abuse cases to justify their existence, I realise parents need to ban together and fight this destruction. An Anonymous phone call was made to DCF (coincidentally on the same day I filed contempt of court charges against my ex). This retched person was making police reports while I was at work, planting evidence in my bedroom, and poisoning my child's mind against me. The caseworker assigned seemed to take pleasure in saying things to me like "your daughter wants nothing to do with you", and you have an alcohol and drug problem, you'll never see your child again unless you take a drug test, which of course she never ordered, but I always submitted to. You are not innocent until proven guilty when you are falsely accused, it is a broken sick system where anyone can make any kind of accusations against anyone, no investigation into the truth is needed. This dispicable caseworker lied to me about almost everything and failed to cooperate with me in anyway. There was not a shread of evidence to anything I was accused of. I haven't seen my daughter in over a month and don't expect to for a long time since the court granted the "real child abuser" custody, just because he claims I hit him and my daughter, of course there being no prior accusations for the almost 16 years he was out of her life, and to this day I have to fight with everybody for telling the truth, no-one believes you. I don't know if this will help, but I filed a complaint with the Inspection Generals office for Florida, against the caseworker for unprofessionalism, lying, and for downright incompetence. I hope this gets me somewhere and I would encourage all of you to do the same in your state. This is a nightmare no good parent that loves their child should ever go thru. The real crime that is being committed here is the system that endangers children is the very one that is suppose to protect them.

    • profile image

      she is my blood 7 years ago

      hello i just had my fourth kid she has down syndrome and now my boyfriend is in jail because of my sister. she said he was molesting and bearting my kids so i got my kids takin away and lost them to the one who called! it is costing his family 30,000. and mine 15,000. She even called the police and dhs and told them she lied and they don't care! please pray for my family

    • profile image

      MESSEDLIFE 7 years ago

      This was a nighmare, to make a very long story short. I had 3 kids by the time I was 19 my ex husband was in the navy. My 1 month old was hurt bad. I had just put the kids to bed for a nap well thought it would be okay to take one of my pain pills for the c section I had that just would not close. I feel asleep, woke up to my 1 month old crying and went to see what was wrong she had bruises all over her face. I picked her up and rushed her to my neighbors to get a ride. Bottom line is my 2 year old did it. When asked he stated he was playing with her. Well they did not believe that. And stated that I did it and stop trying to blame my son. They wanted me to take a polygraph my lawyer said not to because of my cp. So I ended up jail for 3 months my kids get taken from me I was never in trouble before not even a traffic ticket and could not even get a OR from the courts. I wanted to take it to trial being 19 and scared my defense lawyer told me it was a supid move and that I could await up to a year before going to trial. So I asked him what I should do? he said take the plea bargin and you will be out today. So I see my son 16 years latter and he said he tried to tell them the truth and they still would not believe him. My daughter that was hurt turned out great she is smart and pretty and I guess I have to be happy with that, then I am. To the people out there accussed of an injustice do not cop out like I did because I did not know the system. Fight and try to get yourself a paid lawyer money will and always talks.

    • profile image

      Tina 7 years ago

      Hi my son is 7 years old and he is being accused of assult against my boyfriends 3 year old daughter she is saying that he touched her bits down below my son has two sister's aged 6 and 4 my son would never do anything like this how do i go about it? iam do worried my kids maybe taken away :(

    • profile image

      aime 7 years ago

      i am really scared me and my mom fight just like any other teen and mom sunday she threw a salt shaker at me and it hit me in the nose social services went to my skool to talk to me this is the second time in 5 yrs that my mammaw has accused my mom of child abuse im fourteen and fear that i may be taken away from my mom and put into a foster home what should i do

    • profile image

      Rod 7 years ago

      Well, it looks like Im an a big truble. After reading these story it look like hell is waiting for me. My step douther acuse me of molesting her, and the whole familie is on her side. But Im inocent, and the go a fight on their hand.

    • profile image

      Unknown girl  7 years ago

      One time I watched my little cousin for my uncle and when he came back. My three year old cousin out of know where started crying. She wouldn't stop crying so he accused me of abusing his daughter. I'm still hurt over it because I would never do anything like that to a person.

    • the pink umbrella profile image

      the pink umbrella 7 years ago from the darkened forest deep within me.

      by the way, i left dyfus a message tuesday night, and its thursday night...i havnt had a call since. I don't know weather to be relieved or worried. i keep imagining police knocking my door down in the midle of the night and yanking adon from my home.

    • the pink umbrella profile image

      the pink umbrella 7 years ago from the darkened forest deep within me.

      here's the thing. My boyfriend is a drug addict currently recovering in a rehab facility. He has been there for 3 weeks, and dyfus is now focused on me for some weird reason. The person who called (spencers mother) Dyfus, told them that i am an amazing mother, and that they just wanted spencer to get help and that i never put my child in danger. I always have food in the house, diapers, and my child is happy and healthy and progressing normally. So do i have any rights? I mean, i purposly skipped an in home appointment today because im so tired of this. Why do they want to come by once a month? Not only is it infuriating to me that they come here and scrutinize everything saying the baby runs on his toes (which he dosnt) and should be drinking from a cup right now (my decision) but i don't like the neighbors seeing a dyfus van pull up, its embarassing. Spencer was the problem, and he went to rehab on his own, no one made him, and hes is not here and wont be here for 45 days, so why am i in question now? I seriously don't want anything more to do with dyfus, and i called today and left a message that someone call me with a reason a legal reason why this needs to be kept up, because i said im not interested in participating in these visits any longer, and i stated that i was going to search for my legal rights online...does anyone know where i can find them because im looking, and i cant find anything.

    • profile image

      angela 7 years ago

      its been almost 2yrs since my children have been gone. i have an 8yr old daughter and a 3 yr old son and a 16 month old all 3 are in foster care. my daughters school notifyed dss about her being sexually abused the day that this was reported i had just taken my daughter to a doctors appointment the school was complaining she had redness between her legs come to find out she had an infection due to getting a bubble bath she was examined down there there was nothing pointing to x husbands also in the picture he pays child support and we have joint custody of her. he doesn't care about our daughter hes always yelling and screaming at her. the day it was reported is the day i lost my children i was also 5 months pregant carrying my boyfriend child.i took my daughter to cac to get interviewed and iwaited there it seemed like hours finally i got answers they said your daughter accused your boyfriend and her father and some other people of abusing her they told me since i couldn't protect her shes being placed in foster care then they said there taking my son to who was 15 months old at the time. after my children were taken they came to the house and did a forencic investagation collected everything even took the computer well almost immedantly we hired a lawyer to get our kids back he cost a fortune. a week later my boyfriend took a poly test and passed then her father took one and failed her father admitted having sexual dreams about his child but he was never arrested for it. to this day they cant find any evidence pointing that she was abused by us. and the most screwed up thing of all is the state is giving her father full custody and trying to terminate my rights as a parent so they can adopt my 2 boys. i have spent over thousands of dollars and delt with heartach especially just to see your children for 1 hr a week. these people have ruined my childrens lives just for there own greed. ill never stop fighting for my children i will prove my innocence and that this system is corrupted.