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How to Address an Envelope

Updated on October 6, 2011

Technology is quickly advancing in the world today. Email, texting, and social networking sites help us keep up with our friends and family. More and more, kids are going into adulthood never learning how to do something as simple as placing a stamp and an address correctly on an envelope. Don't be fooled kids, sending mail the old fashioned way is still something you need to know how to do. 

Basic Steps

  1. Get the right size of envelope. You don't want your letter/bill/report-in to be folded up like the notes you pass around in class. Make sure your envelope is the correct width. It needs to be wide enough that you only need to fold the top and bottom half of your letter towards the middle.
  2. Get a stamp, your own address, and the address you'll be sending your letter to.
  3. Neatly write your first and last name in the top left-hand corner. On the next line write your street address. Under your street address place your city, state and zip code. 
  4. You will do the same thing in the middle of the envelope, but this time you write the information of the person your sending your letter to.
  5. Finally, in the top right-hand corner you will place your stamp. Now you're finished!
Addressing an envelope is not difficult at all, and someday you will eventually have to do it, so start practicing now.If your handwriting isn't the most legible, you can order stamps that already have your information on them. Simply stick them where your address goes. Good luck!


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