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Aerocrafts - Another Form of Airship

Updated on February 12, 2015

AEROCRAFTS - Blimps, Air Balloons, and Crafts

Airships fascinate me. I love blimps and ever since my ride on one of the Goodyear airships in 1968, I have had an interest in these magnificent pieces of machinery. I recently learned about aerostats. Aerostats have so many uses and the costs to operate them are minimal. They can be equipments with radar, cameras and other highly technical equipment. I hope you will enjoy reading about aerocrafts.


Aerocrafts consists of aerostats, airships (blimps), and air balloons. They come in many sizes and serve several functions. Aerostats are usually unmanned. Tethered aerostats (lighter-than-air platforms (LTA)) are unmanned non-rigid blimp like air vehicles usually remain anchored to the ground by one or more ropes. Used for various surveillances tasks, where a low-cost long endurance aerial platform is needed. They are also used as an inexpensive way to raise payload into the sky. Airships or blimps are usually manned and use engines to fly. Operating since the 1980s, tethered aerostat radar system or TARS can lift 2,200 lbs of radar or other sensors to a height of 12,000 feet, and can detect targets out to 230 miles. The aerostat can stay aloft for months at a time.

High altitude airships or HAA would operate at very high altitudes, up to 70,000 ft, and has been likened to a low flying, and relatively inexpensive satellite. This alltitude might enable a small number of airships to surveill the entire United States.

NASA - Pentagon

$35 Mil Zeppelin in 2013?

With all the technology we have available to us, it is a little surprising that our military would want another one of these big guys, or is it? Nice way to slip in at night......

continue Aeroscraft

Photo credit: L.A. Times

Surveillance Aerostats

Helium filled aerostats are typically utilized as a platform to carry surveillance radars to altitudes reaching 15,000 feet while tethered to the ground by a single tether. ILC has manufactured aerostats with helium volumes ranging from 56,000 to 595,000 cubic feet. The length of these aerostats ranges from 107 feet to 240 feet.


Flying High

RS 24-Crore Purchase

July 26, 2012

BANGALORE: It's been two years since Delhi hosted the Commonwealth Games, but controversy continues to dog the event as a Rs 24-crore purchase of an aerostat could well go down the drain.

The aerostat was donated to the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO). But it is gathering dust as the defence establishment feels it is of no use to it.

The aerostat, purchased from an Italian firm, had been used for creating special effects during the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games. After the Games, it was deflated and tucked away in the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

The Union government decided to donate it to DRDO as the establishment had asked for it. But the official who made that request is no longer with the DRDO. Ravi Kumar Gupta, director, directorate of public interface, said the DRDO would not be acquiring the aerostat. He said it was built for creative purposes and doesn't benefit defence research. Gupta said DRDO was developing aerostats that could go up to 100km.


DRDO rejects RS 24cr

UAV - Unmanned Aerostat Vehicle











India Buys Israeli Aerostar Radar

India Buys Israeli Aerostat Radar

January 23, 2009: India is buying two more Israeli EL/M-2083 Aerostat radars. Both India and Pakistan are using radar aerostats (blimps) to fill in the many gaps in the radar coverage of their mutual border. India already has two EL/M-2083s. The United States is providing aerostats to Pakistan.

Aerostat Radars Purchased by India

Logos Technologies

June 8, 2012

Logos Technologies of Arlington, Va., has now delivered their first 24-hour-capable wide-area surveillance system for an aerostat - one deployed at an undisclosed forward operating base.

Logos plans to deliver a total of 10 day-night camera systems, called Kestrels, plus six spares, by the end of June. The work is being done under a $55 million contract with Naval Air Systems Command, which is procuring the Kestrels for the Marine Corps and Army.

Continue to: Wide Area Night Vision


The length of these aerostats ranges from 107 feet to 240 feet.

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Aerostats are custom designed and manufactured based on the parameters for accomplishing your mission, to include your requirements of payload, altitude, wind speed, operating temperature, and tether, without compromise.

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