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What to expect after a deep cleaning ?

Updated on February 15, 2010

Whats Next ?

If you were diagnosed with a deep cleaning, you are not alone . Many others have the same problem and it is the first step in preventing further damage to the teeth, gums and bone. We all want to look good and feel good, as well as having a healthy, attractive smile but few are diligent in oral care.

By having a deep cleaning, you have demonstrated that you believe in the importance of a clean healthy mouth. After all you did not go through all that in vain , you do propose to keep your oral maintenance good. Don't expect that after a deep cleaning it is all sunshine and rainbows. But, in fact , to maintain your smile clean and healthy you want to bring out your tools and make sure your consistent.

Afterwards symptoms

After a deep cleaning it is very common for some to experience sensitivity on some teeth and your gums might be sore. It depends on how much build up you have collected since the last cleaning.

Usually once all has been remove your root surface gets exposed and makes your teeth sensitive to temperature or even touch. In almost all cases sensitivity is a temporary problem and it will go away, but you much continue with your oral routine.

It is important to help in the healing process of your gums.

Also in some cases after a deep cleaning your dentist might prescribe antibiotics or a mouth rinse.

However it all depends on your case, some minor cases are taken care with a good deep cleaning. While others you are prescribed a medication.

Follow up

Many dentist do follow up appointment to measure your gums and see how well your gums responded to the deep cleaning. In some cases the dentist may want to see you more often then every six months, depending on your personal need,.

However their needs to be a continuous effort between you and the dentist to guarantee lifetime smile.

First and foremost you need to understand that the success of your maintenances plan is up to you. While most people know the importance of brushing, they often do not understand the importance of cleaning between the teeth either with floss or water picks.

It is highly recommended to include a water pick because most after a deep cleaning have enough space between the teeth and sometimes it is easy to collect food particles. A water pick can flush out these areas and at the same time gently massage your gum area.


An additional recommendation is to use Oxyfresh toothpaste and mouthwash. Many dental professionals and my self, use and recommend Oxyfresh.

For over twenty years Oxyfresh has developed a reputation for excellence in oral hygiene care.They offer the complete home care system that are gentle, safe and non toxic.

Unlike other retail product Oxyfresh is alcohol free, no dyes, no flavor addictives , neutral pH balance, low abrasives, so saccharin and fluoride option.

Bottom line here, is start implementing a daily home oral regimen and sticking to it.

Get motivated, try a different toothpaste, a better tasting floss or pick out a water pick.

Add some spice and truly love what you use

Experience the difference

Oxyfresh difference

The power of Oxyfresh

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