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Algebra Review Before College (by the author)

Updated on February 20, 2015

My Review

This book is short and concise, but addresses many topics of algebra. Despite the name, it has several groups of students that it can help.

The first group of students are those finishing high school who have forgotten algebra. Students currently take advanced mathematics to get ahead while they are in high school, which means algebra must be taken very early. The problem is that they face the danger of doing poorly on the algebra laden placement test that they take when entering college. This could result in being placed in a developmental course. Once there, the student rightfully concludes that the test placement was wrong, so the student fails to study, or tale the course seriously. After a failing grade the doubts of one's own ability can be devastating. So, a brief refresher before taking the placement test, especially for advanced mathematics students, can reap rewards.

Of course, the material can assist a student preparing for a final exam in Intermediate Algebra, or in Beginning or Elementary Algebra.

The material can also be used to assist with test preparation for Algebra II in high school.

The material is presented with the understanding that the student has already seen the material. This is not drill and practice. It is a walk through variations, including special cases, of basic algebra problems. Special cases such as linear equations with no solution are handled. And as the examples are presented, there are words of explanation, but the idea here is to be brief so students do not abandon the review.

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Are the Two Books with the Same Title the Same?

This book was first published by Amazon as a Kindle book. Later, it was published by Amazon in Create Space. Create Space has a program that assists in cover design, so a better design was created. Except for the fact that one version is electronic and the other is a physical book, the only difference is the cover. The Create Space version has an ISBN number, but the Kindle version does not.

This book is available through Amazon.

Oh, one more thing, the Kindle version cost less. And you can get a computer app for Kindle.

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About the Author

The author has been teaching college level mathematics and physics since 1986, and has worked for many major publishing houses writing support manuals and test banks in support of mathematics textbooks. The author is still active in both teaching are writing.

The author wrote this lens.

Finding Confidence and Help With Math
Finding Confidence and Help With Math

This book addresses many topics that are important to students who want to succeed in mathematics. A major part of this book has been devoted to taking a proactive approach and eliminating the anxiety. Many publishers support their textbooks with numerous tutorials, and many tutorial services are available. However, not every tutorial is appropriate for every student, so a detailed analysis of the resources available has been added. Getting the right help is important. The wrong help may waste valuable time. Learning mathematics requires different study skills than most other subjects, in particular: breaking difficult problems into parts, understanding application problems, and using the technology available. Transitioning to college and what changes are needed to succeed in college mathematics classes is also a feature of this book. Whatever difficulties a student is having in mathematics, valuable help is here, within the pages of this book!


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