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All about Nostradamus

Updated on September 20, 2014


There are lot of famous Prophecies in Western countries and one of the favorite is Nostradamus. He has predicted the future and whatever he has written is happened till date. He has predicted some diseases and also cured some due to his prediction.

He is the best known and accurate mystic and seer of all the times. His prediction contains the fall of Napoleon, attack on the World Trade Center etc, which has puzzled many.

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His Early Life

Nostradamus was born in France Country. His parents were famous for predicting the future. The same way, he also got specialized in the area and he developed his talent. After specializing, he learn a secret prediction system called cappaala. In addition to this, he learn medicine as a professional course and became doctor. Whoever came to him for treatment, he diagnosed properly and cured them and made them confident. He also predicted their future and how they may suffer and intimated them and also advised them, how to be careful. So, people had so much respect towards him.

When days gone, he also learn alchemist, magic, talking with dead bodies, black magic, relocate from one to another body etc. But, due to heavy oppose from the religious front, he lived by hiding somewhere. Then he shifted to the south part of France. He married and started his life and later again, due to his predictions, he became popular and he was famous among the public.

Later, he became popular in the entire European countries. Still some were propaganding him as a follower of devil. He earned lot of fame and money as astrologer than doctor.

If we read his books, still we can find lot of puzzle in his predictions.

Black or White ?

Once a King has invited him for dinner. While entering his palace, he saw two pigs in that backyard. One white and another black. That king asked him, which of these pigs will we eat tonight.

Nostradamus told him clearly that, they are going to have black pig and white pig will be eaten by Fox.

The king surprised and told him that in this premises, there is no chance of fox entering and laughed.

Then without the knowledge of Nostradamus, he called the chief cook and asked to prepare food with white pig.

After completing the dinner, again the king asked what pig we have taken now. Nostradamus told him that we had Black Pig.

Immediately King called the cook and asked him to tell which pig he had cooked. Cook told it is only Black.

Cook explained to the king that, as per the order of the king, he was cooking white pig, but the hunter dog has entered the kitchen and taken away the white pig. To continue the cooking, he used the black pig.

Actually, the hunter dog was a breed of Fox.

His Prophecy after his Death

After the death of Nostradamus, it is believed that who ever drinks alcohol in his head skull will be killed spontaneously.

After 225 years of his death, AD 1791,midnight of May month, three persons opened the funeral box.They were the French soldiers and they have drunk much and they opened it without their knowledge.

During that time, there were firing going on outside.

Inside the box, the bones and skulls of Nostradamus was there. In his neck a chain with "May 1791" typed bronze was there. He has kept this knowingly that his funeral box will be reopened in May 1791 and hence wore that.

One of that three persons took the skull and drunk alcohol , suddenly a bullet from the outside firing has hit the neck and immediately he died there.

The other two also realized the meaning of May 1791.

He has also quoted that, if the box has not been closed properly, there will be heavy damage.

The other two also after leaving that place were shot dead in the firing.

© 2012 Ahdilarum

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    • snerfu profile image

      Vivian Sudhir 3 years ago from Madurai, India

      Very interesting article. Voted up and tweeted.

    • Ahdilarum profile image

      Ahdilarum 3 years ago

      Yes writerjanis2 - science has to study his brain and how the prediction went right always.

    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 3 years ago

      His work is so fascinating. If only science could study him alive now.

    • Ahdilarum profile image

      Ahdilarum 3 years ago

      Thanks everyone for your visit and comments.

    • HandyHelper profile image

      HandyHelper 3 years ago

      Propeht or not, he was fascinating man, that's for sure.

    • profile image

      electrolion 4 years ago

      Nice lens about the Nostradamus man.

    • audrey07 profile image

      audrey07 4 years ago

      His predictions are still being studied and discussed until today. Interesting indeed!

    • chas65 profile image

      chas65 5 years ago

      he w3as an interesting character, to say the least and some of his predictions made you think.

    • Bill Armstrong profile image

      Bill Armstrong 5 years ago from Valencia, California

      Love this history stuff, thanks for sharing