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Alone Versus Lonely

Updated on July 20, 2017


being honest with yourself, are you alone- or lonely

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alone versus lonely

a·loneəˈlōn/adjective & adverb

  1. 1.having no one else present; on one's own."she was alone that evening"synonyms:by oneself, on one's own, all alone, solitary, single, singly, solo, solus;


  1. sad because one has no friends or company."lonely old people whose families do not care for them"synonyms:isolated, alone, lonesome, friendless, with no one to turn to, forsaken, abandoned, rejected, unloved, unwanted, outcast; More
    • without companions; solitary."passing long lonely hours looking onto the street"synonyms:solitary, unaccompanied, lone, by oneself/itself, companionless"the lonely life of a writer"

The difference between alone and lonely is that one can choose to be alone. One cannot choose to be lonely. One chooses to isolate oneself from society, to recharge their soul, and to be alone. One does not choose to be isolated from society, by society, to be lonely. A single person, who is alone, could be happy. But a single person, who is lonely would tend to be sad. Alone is temporary. Lonely is not.

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