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Always is Beyond Comprehension

Updated on August 30, 2017

Here's what I think

Always is Beyond Comprehension 'Always' is a powerful term but what does it mean? Is it the concept that something has no beginning and no end, as claimed for the omnipotent God, or is it something that is limited by time one way or the other?

Many claim that eternity is for always. Does that mean that creation, as we know it, will forever go on? Or does it mean that one day, billions of years in the future, it will end. Or is it that always is a ring, a circle, an orb that has no recognisable beginning or end?

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Man Thinks in Straight Lines

Creation is about circles

Everything man does, builds or invents is usually focused on straight lines. We live in houses built with straight lines. The streets we live in are generally straight lines, the utensils and tools we use are composed mainly of straight lines so when we think of creation we also think of a straight line, a beginning and an end.

But nature is about circles. Solar bodies are all circular, the earth is an orb. The weather moves in cycles or circles. The seasons are in cycles. Trees are compiled of rings. Every bone in our body is somehow circular although it may also be long. Regeneration of all growth is circular. Something dies and is recycled through nature. Animals build their nests in circles and bees build hives of hexagons which are close to circles. The cells in all living things are circles. The nucleus of a cell is a circle and atoms are all circles. These are just some very small samples of nature's circles but to add more would be to do it to excess.

In ancient times man thought in circles when addressing his gods or building his home. So sacred monuments were built in circles until the concept of the square came into being So why did he change his thinking and go against nature?

The only answer appears to be the introduction of the cross as a sacred symbol, which may have happened thousands of years ago. It suggests the square through its geometric shape even though as a sun symbol it is surrounded by circles.

Following knowledge of reproduction, first observed in the Fertile Crescent, an area stretching from modern Turkey to Gaza and from the Mediterranean to Iran, houses were first built with straight lines when men took wives. This followed the growth of religious patriarchal notions. Prior to this men mated with any woman available, as she did with men. After this monuments were built with straight lines, as in the pyramids, while those in the west, like Stonehenge, retained the circular characteristic although the dates are contemporary.

But man does not perceive in circles and, therefore, some have produced theories along the line of the Big Bang to explain how creation happens.In other words, it has a beginning and must, therefore, have an end. But what if all of creation is a circle, as suggested by nature. What if 'always' is a circle, which explains why it has no beginning and no end and is eternal

The Universe is Based on Circles

Stars die and new ones are reborn, suggesting a circular recycling pattern for them as well as for planets. But because they don't do this in our concept of time we are puzzled by the process.

Science is not stupid because it is man trying to figure out what is beyond his limits. But there are some things that maybe we cannot resolve.

Your Turn!

Always is Beyond Comprehension

The Universe

It's all circles. The swirling clouds of matter are like the winds on earth. They are circles around circles. There is not a straight line in space anywhere so why would creation not be a circle?

Always in love
Always in love

Always and Romance

Its something we dream about

We make promises around the term 'always'. We will always love someone, always do something, always respect a person, always remain married, promise to always love, honor and obey', and we sing about it. Some say that always doesn't mean forever, then what does it mean?

What does 'forever' mean. "I will forever remain faithful, true and loyal." So is it a time span in a life or is it an eternity beyond life? How do you perceive it?

According to the Chambers Dictionary it means; every time; ever; continually; in any case; and still. It goes further to say; through all time; always.

So does always go back as well as forwards? Does it encompass what was and still is to come? Is it a time and place, such as I will always be here? Or is a number? A unit we just cannot perceive? If so how big is that number?

There is a popular saying in business, "The customer is always right." Originally coined by Harry Gordon Selfridge, the original meaning suggests that "a company's keenness is to put the customer first." Ultimately this phrase indicates that businesses must be aware that their customers are the essence of their business. Without customers, the business would seize to exist. (Source:not available. Try

If Everything Is Based on Circles

Why is our thinking different?

We think 'straight'. We get straight to the point, we go straight to the markets, humans are either straight or gay, someone can be straight with you, its a straight forward deal, and so on.

Why don't we say he is 'round'? although we often use the term 'bent', meaning 'not straight:" So is always round, square, or straight?

The way we think influences the way we act. Personally straight is off putting to me because circles represent all things natural. There are no curves in man's thinking, no softness or sympathy to nature. Chop it down, destroy, get rid of, ignore, remove and burn. That's how man treats nature. It appears to follow this way because of his perception of a beginning and end, not of a continuing contributing force. To destroy, however, means to renew, which is another form of a circle in the recycling of matter which cannot be created or destroyed.

So again I say man has no concept of always because he cannot and will not think in circles. Is this the reason we are destroying our world instead of protecting it. What if the saboteurs of our planet knew that they too can be recycled and born again to live in the mess they leave behind? Is this reincarnation from life to life responsible for some thinking to preserve while others seek to destroy. Reincarnation is a cycle, a circle of spirit and that is something else that is beyond comprehension for most people.

What Is a Circle?

According to Wikipedia it is a simple shape of Euclidean geometry consisting of those points in a plane which are equidistant from a given point called the center. Does that mean that we love in a circle if we love always?

This is a philosophical view :

Quote: "Between ANY two entities is an invisible line which must ALWAYS be the diameter of an invisible circle. The invisible line and circle eventually become a visible line and circle. This is the basis for the reality, physical and non-physical, we know.

Because the line is always the diameter of a circle, hierarchy is ALWAYS a circle of circles; triangles and squares are specific linear versions of the more general circle. Hierarchy, as we traditionally learn, and think, of it, is linear, and, therefore, not totally correct.; any hierarchical framework is flawed because the triangle is a circle of lines and each of the three lines that make up a triangle are diameters of circles; both the triangle and square are a circle of circles (circling)." (cited

Is this the reason we reproduce mistakes, such as a failed marriage? Communities fail to learn from history and repeat the same mistakes over and over, for example, we still chop down all our trees which are essential for the health of the planet and for the oxygen we breath. Check out this lens on Why Are There Trees

Do You Prefer Circles or Straight lines - If you draw something, what do you draw?

Do you draw in circles or straight lines?

Do You Think in Circles or Straight Lines?

If you were laying out a suburb would you put curved roads or square, would you outline a square or make it a circle?

If you are lost or confused do you not run around in circles?

What appeals most to you, straight line or curves?

CITY PLANNING - The only circles are the trees

Still images from Dreamstime - click here

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I like this. I suspect some of our best inventions come from nonlinear thinking. Thank you for creating this lens. You really got me thinking. Wish you the best.

    • Zut Moon profile image

      Zut Moon 

      6 years ago

      You write some interesting lenses. Thank you.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      You know, I always like to try and think outside the box and keep myself open to new concepts.

    • Shades-of-truth profile image

      Emily Tack 

      8 years ago from USA

      Love it - could say more, if I had the time - but this was great!

    • Kyecerulian profile image


      8 years ago

      Wow, credit to you, you didn't pick a small topic for your duel! Nicely done!

    • justholidays profile image


      8 years ago

      Don't know... You know, scientists might come up with an explanation to justify that planets and stars are rounded... I'm quite cartesian... but not entirely, so I would say that I love straight lines and squares but with some curves into them ;)


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