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Adult Dyslexia

Updated on August 13, 2016

What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a lifelong condition that can be difficult to diagnose. There are many conditions that can be linked to dyslexia like ADHD and dysgraphia. Dyslexia is a condition that does not discriminate. It is not a result of neglect by parents during childhood. Dyslexia is not caused by a lack of intelligence, or hearing or vision loss. Dyslexia is most likely an inherited condition. People with dyslexia have different needs, but most people with dyslexia have trouble with reading, spelling, writing and sometimes speaking.

Dyslexia is caused by a glitch in the brains translation of information coming from the eyes and ears.

Backwards writing - A Dyslexia Warning Sign
Backwards writing - A Dyslexia Warning Sign

Diagnosis and Warning Signs

How would I know if I have dyslexia?

If you have dyslexia as an adult, you were probably diagnosed during the early years in school. After careful observation, classroom teachers usually refer students for testing to a special education teacher, psychologist, or other health care professional. One of the symptoms that might appear in the classroom is letter and number reversals. Letter and number reversals are very common in kindergarten and first grade students. If the problem has not remedied itself by the age of 7 or 8 then testing for dyslexia or other learning problems may be appropriate.

Other warning signs include difficulty copying from the white board or from a book, general disorganization of written school work, difficulty sequencing the events in a story, and lack of coordination on the playground. Kindergarten and first grade children with dyslexia may also have difficulty clapping and moving their bodies to the rhythm of a song or chant.

If you were not diagnosed as a child, you may have struggled through school and passed from grade to grade. Many realize during employment, however, that there is a problem. It may be difficult to read manuals or other materials associated with the job such as e-mails. Many adults with dyslexia have difficulty with organization and completing tasks and tend to be perfectionists. It would be easy to get overwhelmed and not accomplish anything..

Goal setting is a great strategy for adults with dyslexia
Goal setting is a great strategy for adults with dyslexia

10 Strategies for Adults With Dyslexia to Use in the Workplace

1) Discover your strengths and weaknesses by trial and error. Consider keeping a daily journal.

2) Develop a supportive network of friends and colleagues.

3) Design your life to focus on your strengths

4) Be patient

5) Delegate and outsource

6) Use technology when possible (voice mail and GPS)

7) Find out about other people in the work place who have dyslexia. Listen to their stories and learn from them.

8} Take notes to help supplement your memory (as well as to write down new ideas). Mobile devices allow you to record important conversations, events, and postings in text, audio, video, or picture form.

9) Consider listening to books on MP3. Not only can this optimize your downtime, but can also help you learn in a way that is more meaningful to you.

10) Consider taking classes to help you strengthen your visual thinking skills.

Do you or someone you love have dyslexia or dyslexia symptoms?

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great lens for addressing an important subject, it is really only recently in the UK Dyslexia has started to be tested for, I am 33 now however when I was in junior school Dyslexia testing was unheard of.

    • Pat Broker profile imageAUTHOR

      Pat Broker 

      7 years ago from Templeton, CA

      @Kailua-KonaGirl: Thanks for the comment! I know the feeling of transposing letters and actually numbers too.

    • Kailua-KonaGirl profile image

      June Parker 

      7 years ago from New York

      I often joke that I do when I transpose letters when I'm typing.


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