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Ambient Weather Handheld Anemometer Review

Updated on January 16, 2014

I needed a handheld anemometer to use when I went boating so I started doing some research to determine what would be the best option. There were a lot of cheap models available that didn't get a lot of great reviews but did seem like they would be alright for determining wind speed. In the end however I chose to go with a more expensive model from Ambient Weather that had additional features and with hindsight I am glad that I did.

The main reason that I choose the Ambient Weather WM-4 is that it is not just a handheld anemometer but rather a portable weather station. In addition to being able to determine the wind it can also determine the temperature and humidity. It cannot however tell you the pressure which does limit its usefulness as a weather station.

Using the anemometer is very easy, it really is just a matter of turning it on and holding it up. You can get readings in a variety of different units to suit your needs, it also gives you the wind using the Beaufort Scale. One of the really nice features for me as a boater is that it can calculate cross winds or tail winds saving me having to work those out for myself.

The jack knife case is another feature that I really like about this particular anemometer as it both protects the unit and ensures that you get accurate temperature readings. One of the problems with a lot of the cheaper ones is that you have to hold the main body of the unit, this causes the heat from your hands to affect the temperature. Being able to hold onto the case instead solves the problem, that being said the accuracy is still not at the level that you would get with a proper thermometer.

Overall I am glad that I choose to spend the money to go with what is basically a portable weather station rather than a cheaper handheld anemometer like the one offered by La Crosse. Not only am I getting a lot more use out of it than I otherwise would but I am sure the readings are also a lot more accurate.

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