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Sustainable America_Generation Plus Topic Beyond 4 year Political Cycle

Updated on February 1, 2013

America Sustainable Design Now-- Beyond A Century Ahead .

Yep dear reader you may be startled to know that vast majority of us living now will not be here beyond three generations, a century from now. Chances of any of us living beyond a century is very small indeed given the state of human life cycle as we know today.

But know this. Beyond 3 generations, say 4 generation, by life expectancy of today in America takes us back 320 years ( 4 times 80) .


Year 1492-- 4 Generation Projected Back Seems Eternity Yesterday

But No !

That was the year of 1492, the year when Christopher Columbus set off from Spain to find a new route to India, and accidentally discovered America. He did not realize what he had discovered !

Yes, 1492 seems eternity ago. And the America we have today does not related to those who shaped America from then to now, as America's population multiplied geometrically during the intervening years and America's natural resources used and exploited in a way that has lead us to an unsustainable path.

Ok Instead of 4 Generation Time Horizon, Let's Look at Two Generations - That's 160 Years (with expected Life of 80 years per generation times 2 )


This is a topic that no politician will think about today since thinking about what happens to America 4 generation + from now will not add a single vote or increase the popularity of talking about higher gas prices and creating more jobs.

Is this possibly a weakness of Democracy as defined in America today ?

Ok, let's change the time horizon.

Instead of 4 generations, let's look at if America is sustainable in 2 generations given the geometric progression of numbers of recent years projected forward to 160 years from now ( 2x 80)

Americans, remember the dramatic failure of elected leadership of 1852 ? - That was 10 years before the American Disaster of Civil War in 1862-1865 !


Wow ! 4 generation back takes us to 1852 or 10 years before the Civil War began in full force.

Yep, and 1852 was only 2 generation before America was born with the signing of the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia in 1776 !

Isn't this fun !

Do you remember the Congress Leadership & President in Charge in 1852 ?


We had a Congress then in 1852. We had a President then also, Milard Fillmore (1850-1853), the 13 President of the United States.

Oh, you don't remember President Filmore ?

Photo Album 01__Memory of 1852 USA - 10 Years before the Civil War Began 1862

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Filmore was the Candidate of the "Know Nothing Party" USA


He was the Candidate of the Know Nothing Party, and opposed President Lincoln. He supported President Andrew Johnson, the Vice President under Abraham Lincoln, who became President during the Civil War Reconstruction years.

Johnson vetoed the Civil Rights Act of 1866 . Knowledgeable historicans concludes that Johnson was a racist. This topic is discussed in a recent book published by a scholar at a leading university in America.

( My lense title : Sustainable America Friends of Earth Beyond Conservative Liberal Voter Choices 2012 With Memory of Civil Rights Act of 1866)

100 years from now, you & I, dear America will be gone - but may be our grandchildren will be here__holding our genes, yours, mine and others --as nature in


Yep, I just looked him up. Your ancestors, dear reader, if they were here in America then (chances are less than 50%. My ancestors, both sides, mother and father were in India then) .

No, disaster of the Civil War in America was not prevented by either the President or U.S. Congress between the year of 1852 and 1862.

Was this disaster inevitable or was it a failure of the America People back then, the voting public, or was it the failure of elected leaders of America ?

This exercise is not just for fun, dear reader.

Think about this a disaster like the Civil War, none of us want to leave as a legacy to our grand children, hundred years from now, when you and I and our fellow Americans are not here but our grand children are here.

Photo Album 02__1852 USA to 2052 ? - How Will Humanity Be Doing Then__Our Grandchildren's Generation

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Key Barrier to Democratic Debate & Discussion On This Topic


Here is a key issue. The harm of urban sprawl and social disconnect of rural America that very few political leaders so far have ever want to discuss.

Nor is the voting public want such a topic discussed as we as voters want to keep focus on immediate topics, gas price, jobs and abortion as the "sound byte" topic we hear most in the mass media almost every day now.

An Example Leading to a Follow Up Serious Question


Example 01: Unsustainable Populaation Trends of last 100 years and more in relation to ability of Earth to sustain geogeometric growth of human population in the way of last 200 years .

1860 31.4 Million \(just before the Civil War in America when more than 20% of the popularation perished due to war and related causes)

1960 179.3 Million (Exclude human death in World War I and World II, when 50 million+ perished worldwide, most in Former Soviet Union, China, Germany, Japan, USA, and many other nations involved in these two Wars)

2010 308.7 Million

Question: Is this unsustainable geometric growth of population of USA, as an example, that no four year cycle political leader will discuss today, and no voter wants this topic discussed, lead us to another disaster (in a different form no doubt), but similar in consequence 10 years from 1852 ?

LRT today Stands for Light Rail Transportation


Light Rail USA Reappearing Now in USA


Photo Album 03__Optimistic Future of Humanity - 2050 Plus

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Can America be made Sustainable 2 Generation From Now ? - Avoid the Disaster waiting in the wing of Urban Sprawl (no clean water anywhere ) and Rural Disconnect


Yep, Sustainable America Possible But ... - To America for our grandchildren and beyond in two generations, 100 years or so from now .


We must begin to look beyond "gas price" and "jobs' for us

Makes Sense ?

YouTube on Environmental Sustainabilty - Friends of the Earth

YouTube--What is American Dream ? - Sustainable America Mid-21st Century Plus

Next Generation and beyond

#CountyfairTownfest - Our new hastag at Twitter.Com


Welcome for a chat or sharing ideas in arts and science bridge.

at your Hometown USA and mine

Waiting for the next County Fair or Town Fest__Arts & Science Bridge Cafe Twin

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