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American Revolution Presentations and Field Trip Ideas

Updated on January 10, 2015
Presentation on George Washington
Presentation on George Washington

This is the culminating activity we did after a 6 part hands-on unit on the American Revolution. We had a colonial-themed dinner and the children each dressed up as a famous person from the American Revolution time period and presented on him/her. My lessons are geared toward 2nd-3rd grade level children and their siblings. These are lessons I created to do with a weekly homeschool co-op. We meet each week for 2 1/2 hours and have 14 children between the ages of 0-12. Use these fun lessons with your class, family, homeschool co-op group, after school program, or camp!


American Revolutionary War Themed Dinner

First we had an American Revolutionary War themed dinner. Each family brought 1 main dish and 1 side dish or dessert to share. If desired, they could bring colonial-style food (as that's what people were still cooking during the American War for Independence). Here are a few recipe links to inspire you:

Various Colonial Recipes

Colonial Tavern Recipes

Colonial Food Descriptions & Recipes

Patriotic Recipes

Molly Pitcher, Martha Washington, Thomas Jefferson, & Francis Marion (The Swamp Fox)
Molly Pitcher, Martha Washington, Thomas Jefferson, & Francis Marion (The Swamp Fox)


First the children sang the 13 Colonies Song they have been learning. (Tune: Yankee Doodle):

Virginia, Georgia, Delaware, and North Carolina;

Massachusetts, Maryland, and South Carolina.

Pennsylvania, New York,

New Hampshire and New Jersey,

Rhode Island and Connecticut:

These were the thirteen colonies!

Then each child presented on their assigned person. They dressed up like him/her. Some children also displayed a portrait they had drawn or painted and some children showed their reports if they wrote one.

I had my oldest son write a report. As we read an 80 page biography on his assigned person, I had him write three main ideas/events after each chapter and then draw a picture to illustrate what had occurred in that chapter. This really helped him make a cohesive presentation as the events were already in order and his drawings quickly reminded him of what to speak about next.

Here are the people we assigned:

Abigail Adams

Benedict Arnold

Lord Charles Cornwallis

Benjamin Franklin

King George III

Patrick Henry

General William Howe

Thomas Jefferson

Francis Marion

Molly Pitcher

Paul Revere

George Washington

Wilton Cookie Stick Star Pan
Wilton Cookie Stick Star Pan

Sometimes I like to use star cookie cutters and other times it is just easier to bake cookies, cupcakes, muffins, brownies, etc. directly in star shaped pans.


Field Trip Ideas

We went to a Civil War battle reenactment because that's all we have around where I live. As a family we also went to an art museum to see some portraits made during this time period. If you live close to a battlefield, then go by there. If your area has battle reenactments, then that would be a great place to go!

Looking for the lessons?

Singing the Declaration of Independence using a quill pen and homemade ink from Lesson 3: Lexington and Concord, Thomas Jefferson, and Declaration of Independence Lesson
Singing the Declaration of Independence using a quill pen and homemade ink from Lesson 3: Lexington and Concord, Thomas Jefferson, and Declaration of Independence Lesson

Make tricorn hats and mob caps, "brew" root beer with Samuel Adams, hold a tea party as you study the Boston Tea Party, reenact the Battles of Lexington and Concord, make ink and quill pens in order to sign the Declaration of Independence, cook hasty pudding, drill with Baron von Steuben as you study Valley Forge, write a secret code and seal it with wax as you study Benedict Arnold, present on the people of the American War for Independence, and more during this exciting unit study!

  • The Constitution and President George Washington Lesson - This a hands-on lesson plan on the Constitution and President George Washington. Dance a minuet, cook and eat Nelly's Hoecakes, go on a “fox hunt,” make a Constitution tree, and more! This lesson follows my 6 part unit on the American War for Independence.

The Frugal Gourmet: The Colonies (Colonial Cooking)

Colonial Williamsburg History of American Cooking

The Frugal Gourmet Colonial Christmas

Konos Volume II
Konos Volume II

Konos Curriculum

Would you like to teach this way every day?

Konos Curriculum

I use Konos Curriculum as a springboard from which to plan my lessons. It's a wonderful curriculum and was created by moms with active boys! The lessons from this unit are based on the lessons from the Courage Unit Study found in Konos Volume II.

Konos Home School Mentor

If you're new to homeschooling or in need of some fresh guidance, I highly recommend Konos' program! Watch videos on-line of what to do each day and how to teach it in this great hands-on format!

© 2011 iijuan12

Where Would You Recommend We Go To On a Field Trip for This Unit? - Or just let me know you dropped by! I love getting feedback from you!

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