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Could The American Civil War 1862-1865__ Avoided with a Bettter Option to Memory of Suffering

Updated on January 27, 2013

Wisdom From Our American Heritage Memory Book to conect past, present and future magic

I know an old lady in Northern Virginia who told me an amazing story of one of her Civil War ancestor,. Her Great Grandfather who was a Confederate General fought in the American Civil War.

When the general died he was buried on back of his dead horse at his hometown Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, After the war, his kinsmen and the people of his community decided to erect a statue to remember him. This statue is the portrait of the General on horseback facing South with his back to the North.

I haven't yet gone to Old Town Alexandria to see this statue, but I understand it's still here as of this day. It's an eerie feeling for me that this lady, still alive as of the day I spoke to her recently, has a living memory of her childhood about the Civil War, At the age of nine, growing up in Washington DC somewhere in the late 20's. Her memory is this, on the Veteran's Day parade, she saw a truck full of the last surviving American Civil War Veterans participated in that Veterans Day Memorial Day Parade . They waved at the crowd who came to see this parade, wearing their respective uniforms, Blue and Grey. The last living chapter of "Brother Against Brother" in America !

In my community tv show, "Our Family Origins", in the last episode of "Abraham Lincoln, Guardian of our Trial By Fire", a fellow community tv producer and my friend, John Monsul, and I debated briefly the topic "Could The American Civil War Avoided ?".

The topic of Civil War is new for me. As a first generation immigrant to America who came here at a young age with parents, I did not grow up with a family story. In fact, in my education that encompasses engineering and business, knowledge of the civil war or even American history was very important as such other than as a modest side interest.

But, as a part of doing my community tv show here in Northern Virginia, "Our Family Origins", and having visited some of the war memorials as a prelude to an episode, "My Memory Book Virginia 1864", I began to realize the enormity of the sacrifice, pain and suffering for ordinary people who lived through that war, ie, the generation of great grandparents of many who are alive today.

Over 100,000 soldiers, yanks and rebs, from every state who participated in that war, North and the South, mostly buried in Virginia still, in that final military campaign, crossing the Potomac River to Northern Virginia to Petersburg, Virginia as the last stronghold of Confederate resistance before Richmond fell.

It's story of enormous suffering, anguish and pain to America families of that era. This realization led me to investigate this question I pose today for your referendum, "Could The American Civil War Avoided ?"


Angel of Battlefield Remembered


Introducing Hallowed Ground Virginia 1864


Federal Leadership Key Elements


Confederate Political Leadership Key Elements


Heritage America Civil War Before & After - Your Family & Community Memories for appreciation and wisdom most welcome

American Civil War Memory Book

Civil War Reinactments at Northern Virginia


Duel Debate Module

Hypothetical Question: Could The America Civil War Be Avoided after the 1860 Presidential Election that Brough Abraham Lincoln as President of United States ?

Why Did Abraham LIncoln fail to reach out to his political rival who carried State of Virginia ? - And with whom he worked in the past as a fellow member of an


YouTube--Prelude to Waldenthree Travelogue Diary - A Blueprint For a modern 21st Century prosperous knowledge society community near Historic Scottstown"

Join Dunnie and David on their RV on a half a day jounrey from Washington DC across the Potomac, through the Virginia Heartland, beyond My Memorybook Virginia 1864, to Coastal Virginia/NC Border for a visit of Waldenthree at Riverbend, near Scottstown.

Text with BIG Picture


My Group at LinkedIn.Com - The Largest Professional Network In The World



I just discovered a "American Civil War" Group at LinkedIn.Com with 750+ members. Just applied to join.

Encourage anyone with interest in Civil War and related "Reinactment Festivals" and Local Public Library group support

from time to time encouraged to join.

We just had a wonderful Public Library event with an expert scholar on the topic of "John Mosby__The Rebel Warrior"". I live in a townhouse community. This land was once owned by Mosby decendent

who up until recently lived in a small white house at the edge of this community in Fairfax, VA. Amazing forgotten history.

Thanks for the thougtful comments. Memory of the Civil War is important to link past, present and future in America. 100,000 fighting men, both North and South, some of them children, still lay buried here in Virginia, mostly due to Virginia 1864. Hallowed Ground USA.

Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things.

Marcus Tullius Cicero


commments and sharing of knowledge and wisdom - Family & Community Memories of the Civil War for appreciatoin and sharing

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    • Michey LM profile image

      Michey LM 

      7 years ago

      My answer is "I don't know" because the tension between North and South was increased to the point to which the calm and logic, and rational were hard to obtain. I'll feature your lens in my 2 Civil War lenses.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      You know, I actually walked around the bloodiest battlefield of the Civil War ... it's at Olustee, Florida. There is a lot we can learn from studying that war.


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