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An ideal place for studying

Updated on March 14, 2016 to get GOOD grades/study tips to get GOOD grades/study tips

The very activity of studying, if you are to do it properly, demands concentration, dedication and focused attention, cognitive processes intensity, which may increase or decrease depending on one’s surroundings. By the word ‘properly’ I am referring to the kind of studying which imprints a relatively permanent mark in one’s memory, one that shall not vanish with the passage of, say, two weeks time.

I guess my ideal place for studying would have to include comfortable, relatively quiet space equipped with stuff that makes me feel relaxed. For instance, I enjoy fine, old, hand-made materials and objects and would prefer my study room to come as close as possible to that touch of authentic and unique. Furthermore, soothing and easy on the ear music might ease the process of absorbing the information, even though heavy metal music is said to have a stimulating effect on one’s brain waves. It all depends on one’s personality!

As for the location of the ideal study-room, if my imagination may come as loose, I’d have it in Venice! How about you? Yes, I find the Italian accent utterly annoying and a tragedy to listen to, but the very view of the water-filled, historic, carved in stone streets and the pleasant local restaurants complimented with the smell of food in preparation, would tease all of your senses. Oh, and not to mention those handsome, suntanned, walking by Italian boys, on which girls’ looks stick to as butter does to bread. On the second thought, that might not be such a good idea. May I suggest putting window shutters into practical use!

In conclusion, whatever type of surroundings one may prefer as own ideal studying vacancy, it is important that the very space is adjusted to one’s personal, individual needs and preferences, for same stuff might not work for everyone!

Now that we have established the relevance of one’s studying place, it is good to learn a few strategies for successful studying:

1. As stated, it is good to have a permanent place to work.

2. During the studying you should maximize your concentration. So, no watching TV, doing nails, or thinking about what commitments you have to take care of- it is better they are done prior to studying.

3. Repeat the material as many times as you can. Such repetitions are reducing the possibility of forgetting once absorbed material. Prepare brief summaries of individual thematic units.

4. Brief summaries are extremely valuable for learning, because they are a sort of meaningful 'skeleton' using which, later on, you can easily remember the very details.

5. To remember new, important or unusual content, it is recommended to use mnemonics.

6. You should make the material more understandable to you, which means you need to connect new with the old material. Yes, understanding the material facilitates learning and makes it more interesting.

7. Self-examination is the key process for memorizing the material. Often students, as they read, state they are familiar with the subject. However, when the test comes up, they cannot remember what they have read. The reason for that is that the material is only recognized, but it is not memorized!

8. Learn so that you can retell the material in your own words: it is important for the connection of different thematic units to seek cause-and-effect relationship between them. In most cases, the professors, during the oral examination, want to hear more than just bare facts. You are doing yourself a favor if you are learning in this way.

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9. The strategy 'Why is that so? ' may seem childish at first glance, but it leads to good understanding and connecting of the facts. By giving arguments why something is the way it is, we can actually reach the cause of a phenomenon, if it is logical, but in any case it will be good, once again, to remember and connect the new with the old material!

10. Similar studying material should be grouped in categories. Likewise, reward yourself for successfully accomplished learning!


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