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Day by day animals are getting intelligent

Updated on October 23, 2014
Someone may strange about to know how wonderly the behavior of the animals are changing. Not only that the physical structures are also changing. According to the theory of evolution origin of one animal is from other animal after changing the physical structure. When the horns of dear had developed. Is it was borned with horns? How was looked like the primative dears or cows. Why most of the carnivorous have horn but most of the animals that is ferocious in nature have no horn? Horn is the protection system of dears from attacking by the ferocious animals in forest. I have wonder to observe the changing behaviour of some mosquitoes depending on geographical area. I found the different intelligences in terms of bitting human. In one areas mosquitoes have a techniques of rapid fly away to save itselves from death. Others have less skills in this matter. Todays mosquitoes are more intelligent than past. Such kinds of different behaviour I have observed from different city in Bangladesh.

Theory of evolution

According to the theory of evolution the behavioral changing of animals are not a matter of wondering. Evolutionary theory says that it ispossible to change the physical structure of animals. To cope with the environment and to face the restriction against their surviving animals are tends to changes their structure and behaviour. With the time the DNA structure of the animals are tends to getting change. The DNA structure of brain cells of the animals are also getting change day by day.


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