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Built 12 timberframe saltboxes (44' x 56'). Request all information/experience using baled cardboard

The structural frame design I've used are white oak. Most posts are 8" x 8 " , some 8"x10" and 8" x12" structural components which are use to construct five large bent frames. The purlins are 6"x8". The East and West bays are 16' x 44' (2 1/2 stories) and center bay is 24'x 44' (actually two 12'x44'bays) open 2 1/2 stories with 10x10 x 36 foot center chimney at saltbox roof line. I used 20,000 board feet of green white Oak , sawn for about $.20 per board foot $4,000. I originally was going to use straw bales, discovered the excellent thermal performance of the large baled cardboard from


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