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What limits have you set for yourself, lines you said you wouldn't cross, and then broken them?

For we hubbers - "I'll spend 1 hour on hp today and *that's* it!" and then...? "I'll never smoke **every** day, and then... "wow - when did that happen". Drinkers "gonna stop at 3 - yep". Could be anything - I'll never use THAT word in public, then one day on the southeast distressway(for ye fellow Massho//s, carpooling with (or chauffeuring!) your boss, you drop a @#$!? Nope - don't believe in spanking, then your toddler makes YOU pee YOURSELF and, mid-heart attack, you grab him/her out of the street and deliver a smack on the butt that surprises you as much as Hudini. You name it.


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Saugasfinest says

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6 years ago
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