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What are the 10 ways that the oldest child in the family is the MOST unhappy, deprived, and

resentful of all birth orders? Oldest children are seldom children. They must grow up fast and forever be the perfect ones for their parents and younger siblings. They are not allowed to be carefree children and must be on their guard 24/7/365. They also must be ON for their parents and siblings 24/7/365. Oldest children are always ON STAGE, never to be themselves! Because they are the oldest, they receive less parental affection than younger siblings; this makes them attention deprived, jealous, and very needy people as adults.


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Venkatachari M says

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3 years ago
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    Grace Marguerite Williams (gmwilliams) 3 years ago

    Excellent answer, what YOU have stated is so SPOT ON! Oldest children catch HELL as soon as another sibling is born. They are discarded, displaced, and must be ADULTS early on in life. They have NO INDIVIDUAL LIVES, must be on 24/7/365!