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Scientist says Ebola is a bioengineered weapon to reduce Africa’s population. What do you think?

Liberia happens to be the continents’s fastest growing population. The idea that Ebola might be a genetically engineered bioweapon was openly discussed by a top Liberian scientist named Dr. Cyril Broderick, who published a front-page story in the Liberian Observer http://www.liberianobserver.com/security/ebola-aids-manufactured-western-pharmaceuticals-us-dod Scientists allege deadly diseases such as Ebola and AIDS are bio weapons being tested on Africans. Other reports have linked the Ebola virus outbreak to an attempt to reduce Africa’s population.


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3 years ago
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    TSAD (tsadjatko) 3 years ago

    There are so many conspiracy theories,I wonder if real conspiricists have started and promote myriads of false conspiracy theories so as to muddy the waters with conspiracy theories that aren't true therefore evoking lisavollrath's sentiments.

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