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To only children out there, why is there still VIRULENT prejudice against only

children by those w/siblings, especially those from large families? It seems to be prejudice against the only child population by those w/siblings. They're of the belief that only children are "lacking" because they have no siblings as if that was a "minus". They also have strangely arcane & negative stereotypes of only children which is becoming quite unnerving.There are some only children who fall for this hype, even having self-hatred because they are only children. I, for one, am QUITE UNAPOLOGETIC, even FIERCELY PROUD of being an only child & invite only children to STAND UP & be PROUD!


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Zulma Burgos-Dudgeon (phoenix2327) says

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2 years ago
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    Grace Marguerite Williams (gmwilliams) 2 years ago

    Yes, ENVY is a high element there. Many people w/siblings are SO UNHAPPY in their family situations. They proclaim who so "SUPERIOR' they are but close up, they HATE their situation. When they see how HAPPY we were, it brings out THE HATER in them!