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To psychologists, educators, & rational thinkers, why is individuality & a sense of ownership

regarding one's space & property disparaged, devalued, even denigrated, in large families(6 children & more per family)? Why are children in large families routinely informed that it is wrong to be an individual & to have one's own space & property which result in having to live out in the open so to speak? Children in large families do not have their own space nor things. Everything they have, they MUST share. Also they do not even have their own rooms. Any sense of individuality is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED in the large family environment. It is institutional living at its best.


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Levi Legion says

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2 years ago
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    Grace Marguerite Williams (gmwilliams) 2 years ago

    I was reading a book on the family 37 years ago which stated that large families are for socialism, even communism. The book further stated that they are more likely to be authoritarian. Yes, large families are against ownership, see it as selfish.

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