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Is it possible to be completely free of emotional response?

If we cannot control our emotions, is it possible to control the response? Can we train ourselves to be quick enough to spot the oncoming emotional response? Buddhist monks claim that is part of gaining enlightenment, however, I am sure when the Dalai Lama stubs his toe he may smile, albeit, in his mind he is most likely dropping an F bomb. So, can we control the response? Can we essentially be free from emotional actions?

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bradmasterOCcal says

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16 months ago
  • Henry Bemis profile image

    Adam Stier (Henry Bemis) 16 months ago

    That's a good point. All the same, would we be here as a species without rage? The ability to gather the needed energy to defend one's self against predator or enemy? If we had begun as reliant on intellect and logic alone, well, Brain Food.

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