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Should DT pay inc tx NOT OWED per current tx law & give up presidency WON per current Election Law?

We may not agree with the way some laws are written, but does that mean we should ignore them? Current tax law provides ways for people to reduce the tax they owe. Home owners have the mortgage interest tax deduction. DT utilized these legal ways to reduce or even eliminate income tax he owed. Should he pay tax he does not legally owe? Similarly, Trump won the election according to current Election Law, i.e. the Electoral College. HRC won the popular vote. Should DT give up the presidency even though the law is on his side? Would Dems do this if HRC had won the EC and lost the popular vote?

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11 months ago
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    Chris Mills (cam8510) 11 months ago

    Becky, I fully agree. Requiring either one would be a very bad precedent to set. Change the law first. I for one am going to do more research into the EC. Maybe it should go. Two of the last five pres. elections were won without the popular vote.

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