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Is Might Right, Still? Does one need to fulfill the shoes of the criminal archetype to be....

the Conqueror? Is strife and disobedience the way of the Hero in our life? Do we have it within us to try another way? That is, to put into action more often than not the desire/ability to work with the principles of commonplace mutual negotiation, and goodwill? In this 21st century can we start going without/reducing the techniques of using fear and force in our relationships? In our politics? How can we go about it? Do you see an A,B,C formula?


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Tamara Wilhite (tamarawilhite) says

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11 months ago
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    Threekeys 11 months ago

    I understand. It depends. If I can, I hope I dont encounter a situation where force comes up for thought of action or protection.