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Why no modern nation's economy and welfare is as good as this 14th century nation?

Its a fair assume better technology today, can help enhance economy and social welfare, but many historical record show otherwise, according to record 14th!~17th century China, has senior allowance for all national elderly, free health care, public housing for all poor people so they won't live on the streets, free education pre jiran education for both men and wpomen (jiran=modern primary and secondary education) and free taishwa education (taishwa=modern university) for all men. No modern nations in the world, got that level of social benefit, US struggle even with national health care


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Tamara Wilhite (tamarawilhite) says

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7 weeks ago
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    peter565 7 weeks ago

    Actually life expectancy was 20~30 years was only Europe (because church think, education is a sin and disallow it and when facing problem all u can do is prey, doing otherwise is a sin, thus disallow it) rest of the world, people live well to 70s