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What if instead of Lincoln liberated the slave, its the black that revolt and then...

In our history time line, Abraham Lincoln liberated the black slave, in the Southern States in the civil war. But what if in an alternative time line, the American civil war never took place, instead, it is the blacks in the South successfully revolt (and there was a few revolt attempts, by some blacks in the Southern States in the real history), after the successful revolt, the blacks declare independence from America and formed the Confederacy of America and made the former white slave owners and their decent slaves.


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Tamara Wilhite (tamarawilhite) says

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11 days ago
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    peter565 7 days ago

    U got good points, although if white owners got kept as slaves, they could be used to keep economy running by doing the same jobs and teaching next generation of blacks (e.g. in ancient Rome, many slaves work educated jobs and teaching, then labor.)