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Apologia Physical Science Module 3 Links | The Atmosphere

Updated on September 21, 2015

Module 3: The Atmosphere

Links and cool science experiments about the earth's atmosphere, pressure and temperature, to supplement Module 3 of Apologia's Exploring Creation with Physical Science. It is recommended as an 8th grade middle school course, but may also be used for ninth grade or younger advanced students.This curriculum is popular in Christian schools and homeschools to learn the science necessary for advanced education. I pray that by the end of the course, you will more deeply appreciate the wonder of God's creation!


Includes weekly schedule and vocabulary


Topics and Lab Supply List


Module 3

Lapbook Journal - by Knowledge Box

Apologia  Exploring Creation With Physical Science 2nd Ed Lapbook Journal  - CD
Apologia Exploring Creation With Physical Science 2nd Ed Lapbook Journal - CD

Apologia's Physical Science curriculum comes to life with this great tool. All ""On Your Own"" questions are together in a journal format, so the student doesn't have to re-write all of the questions. All ""Study Guide"" questions at the end of each module are represented by colorful booklets that each student cuts out and assembles within his or her notebook. Lab reports are partially completed, with Supplies, Introduction, & Procedure portions completed and Observations, Diagrams, & Summary left blank for the student to fill out. This file includes over 600 pages of helpful and organized tools for improved retention of this challenging topic. This product is available in ebook, CD, and printed.

This book is also available for instant download at CurrClick!


Lab Supplies for Module 3

Eye protection such as goggles or safety glasses


Frying pan

Two empty, 12-ounce aluminum cans (like soda pop cans)

Two bowls


Ice cubes


Plastic bottle (The best volume would be 1 quart or 1 liter, but any size will work.)


Atmospheric Pressure

VHSG: The Atmosphere

Virtual Homeschool Group offers at-your-own-pace teaching of the entire Apologia Physical Science course with labs, review quizzes, and exams! Watch the orientation (You must own the textbook).

Geography4Kids: Pushy Pressure Earth's Atmosphere

Experiment 3.1

Visit Applie's Place here for experiment on atmospheric pressure.

The Layers of Earth's Atmosphere

Atmosphere Song - By Mr. Parr

What is Temperature?

Experiment 3.2

See the effect of changing temperature at

Homosphere and Heterosphere:

3 Layers in the Homosphere:

1. Troposphere

2. Stratosphere

3. Mesosphere

Greek & Latin Roots:

Sphere= round body

Litho= Land

Atmo= Air

Hydro= Water

Bio= Life

Fun With Vocabulary


Online Flashcards, Games, Tests

Study Stack

Online Flashcards, Games, Tests

Did your experiments go as planned?

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