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Apologia Physical Science Module 4 Links: Water

Updated on March 20, 2018

Module 4: The Wonder of Water

Links and experiments about the amazing properties of water, to supplement Module 4 of Apologia's Exploring Creation with Physical Science. It is recommended as an 8th grade middle school course, but may also be used for 9th grade or younger advanced students.This curriculum is popular in Christian schools and homeschools to learn the science necessary for advanced education. I pray that by the end of the course, you will more deeply appreciate the wonder of God's creation!

Do you have your lab supplies?

You may need to order two test tubes!

Print the lab supply list above or at the Apologia website.

The Composition of Water

Pages 81-84

Virtual Homeschool Group: Watch Module 2 video here

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CK-12 Water and Life

FREE text online, PDF, Kindle & iPad, practice exercises

John Kyrk: Water

Interactive presentation

Hippocampus: Water & Life and Properties of Water

To view, hide column and maximize

BrainPOP: Water

Try the 2 week FREE trial. We love BrainPOP and think you will too!

Public schools and libraries in your area may give free access.

Includes online or printable Quiz

USGS Water Properties

USGS Water Properties True/False Quiz

The Periodic Table of Videos - See what hydrogen and oxygen can do!

Enjoy Web Elements! - Learn everything there is to know about your favorite element!

Web Elements
Web Elements

Start with Hydrogen & Oxygen!

Properties of water

Experiment 4.1

Chemical Composition of Water

You will need:


New 9-volt battery

Two test tubes/ florist tubes

Juice glass or beaker (Deep enough to cover battery)

Epsom salts


Safety goggles or glasses


The use of electricity to break a molecule down into smaller parts.

Free Rice Chemical Symbols
Free Rice Chemical Symbols

Chemical Formulas

Khan Academy

Water's Polarity
Water's Polarity

Water's Polarity

Pages 86-90

Polar molecule:

A molecule that has slight positive and negative charges due to an imbalance in the way electrons are shared.

Experiment 4.2

Water's Polarity

You will need:

Glass of water

Vegetable oil

A Styrofoam® or paper cup

A comb

A pen

Safety goggles or glasses

Water as a Solvent


A liquid substance capable of dissolving other substances.


A substance that is dissolved in a solvent.

Experiment 4.3

Solvents and Solutes

You will need:

Five glasses

Two stirring spoons

Paper towel

1/2 Teaspoon


Table salt

Canola oil (cooking oil other than olive oil)

Olive oil

Safety goggles or glasses

Experiment 4.4

Comparing Solid Water to Solid Butter

You will need:

Stick of butter or margarine (Solid; fresh from the refrigerator)

Two small glasses


Ice cube



Serrated knife


Safety goggles or glasses

Water Strider
Water Strider

Experiment 4.5

Water's Cohesion

You will need:



Metal paper clip (Standard-size; Not big)

Toilet paper

Dish soap


Vegetable Oil

Safety goggles or glasses

Experiment 4.6

The Forces Between Molecules

You will need:

A smooth glass surface (The underside of a drinking glass.)

Wax (A candle will work.)


Safety goggles or glasses

Hard Water and Soft Water

Hard Water

Water that has certain dissolved ions in it, predominately calcium and magnesium ions.

Vocabulary Flashcards, Games & Quizzes

Electrolysis p. 81

Polar molecule p. 88

Solute p. 90

Solvent p. 90

Cohesion p. 97

Hard water p. 101


Study Stack

Wade in the Water

Did your experiments go as planned?

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