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Apologia Physical Science Module 5 Links: Water Cycle

Updated on February 16, 2019
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I'm a homeschooling mom with a science degree. These awesome links will save you hours of research for your family!

The Hydrosphere and Hydrologic Cycle - Pages 105-109

Water Cycle
Water Cycle | Source

Module 5: The Hydrosphere

Links and experiments about the earth's water cycle, to supplement Module 5 of Apologia's Exploring Creation with Physical Science. It is recommended as an 8th grade middle school course, but may also be used for 9th grade or younger advanced students. I've included links for younger grades as well, for those families who enjoy learning together. I pray that by the end of the course, you will more deeply appreciate the wonder of God's creation!

Do you have your lab supplies?

Save a clear, plastic 2-liter bottle!

Print the lab supply list above or at the Apologia website.

VHSG: The Hydrosphere

and access teaching of the entire Apologia Physical Science course with labs, review quizzes, and exams! Watch the orientation (You must own the textbook).

USGS: Water Cycle

CK-12: Water Cycle

Hippocampus: Water Cycle

Geography4Kids: Hydrosphere

Lesson & Online quiz

Geography4Kids: Cycles/ Water

BrainPOP: Water Cycle

Try the 2 Week FREE trial

Label the Water Cycle

Online or printable

CK-12: Practice Exercises


The sum of all water on a planet.

Water Cycle Placemat - A simpler diagram for younger kids!

Water Cycle For Kids
Water Cycle For Kids

Hydrologic Cycle

The process by which water is continuously exchanged between earth's various water sources.

Transpiration - Evaporation of water from plants

Condensation - The process by which a gas turns into a liquid.

Precipitation - Water falling from the atmosphere as rain, snow, sleet or hail.

Water Cycle Songs

The first water cycle song was written by Hy Zaret and Lou Singer on an album of weather songs, sung by Tom Glazer. We really enjoy the whole set of Singing Science Records which are available again.

Experiment 5.1: Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation

You will need:






Small saucepan

Saucepan/ frying pan lid

Large bowl (Not plastic, it will get hot.)


Zippered plastic sandwich bag



Evaporation and condensation of a mixture to separate out the mixture's individual components.

Residence Time

The average time a given particle will stay in a given system.

The Ocean - Pages 113-116

Geography4Kids: Seawater

See Apologia text for alternative theory about saltwater and evolution.

USGS: Water Storage in Oceans


A measure of the mass of dissolved salt in a given mass of water .

Glaciers and Icebergs - Pages 116-120

Bering Glacier, Alaska
Bering Glacier, Alaska

Bering Glacier, Alaska: The largest glacier in North America.

USGS: Ice and Snow

BrainPOP: Glaciers

Experiment 5.2: Ice and Salt

You will need:


Ice cube

Table salt

Measuring cup


Plastic bowl for more than 2 cups of water



Small plate


Small glass/cup


A dense icy pack of old snow

Groundwater and Soil Moisture - Pages 120-121

Geography4Kids: Groundwater

Lesson & Quiz

USGS: Groundwater

BrainPOP: Groundwater

USGS: Groundwater True/False Quiz

Water table

The line between the water saturated soil and the soil that is not saturated with water.


The process by which water moves downward in the soil toward the water table.

Atmospheric Moisture

Pages 122-126

BrainPOP: Clouds

Cloud Condensation Nuclei

Small airborne particles on which water vapor condenses to form clouds.

Experiment 5.3: Cloud Formation

You will need:


A clear, plastic 2-liter soda pop bottle with the lid


A match

Goggles or safety glasses

Adiabatic Cooling

The cooling of a gas that happens when the gas expands with no way of getting more energy.

Water Pollution

Pages 126-127

USGS: Water Quality

BrainPOP: Water Pollution


Flashcards, Games & Quizzes

Adiabatic cooling p.124

Cloud condensation nuclei p.124

Condensation p.109

Distillation p.111

Firn p.118

Hydrosphere p.106

Hydrological Cycle p.107

Percolation p.121

Precipitation p.109

Residence time p.112

Salinity p.114

Transpiration p.108

Water table p.121


Study Stack

NeoK12: Water Cycle Vocabulary Quiz

Online or printable

NeoK12: Where does water go? Vocabulary Quiz

Online or printable

Did your experiments go as planned?

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