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Scholarship, Graduate School, College Application Essay Examples

Updated on January 25, 2012

Custom Application Essays Writing

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College Application Essay Prompts

application essay
application essay

Introduction to Application Essay

A powerful introduction is the main idea of an application essay and is written with a purpose of serving as a guideline throughout the research, outlining to the reader the main argument and the message to be conveyed in the whole essay.

Custom application essay are professionally written essays which are descriptive in nature and deals with a particular topic thus one should have good plan on how the essay will be before writing. Planning involves having additional information to support the topic and not relying only on one source.

It is also important to pick the right topic and style, the style depends on the purpose of the essay, for example, college application essay, graduate school application essay or scholarship application essay.

Some Application Essay Writing Rules

Writing an application essay with

a) Application writing is written with the main aim of passing given information.

b) Narrative writing is used when one is dealing with a complicated structure or personal experience that one has encountered.

c) Proactive writing is used if the intention of the writer is to catch the reader's attention.

Therefore an application essay writing is never complete without the introduction and the conclusion. Introduction gives the importance and goal for writing the essay; it should be powerful so as to attract the reader's interest to read the whole essay while remaining structurally sound and properly written, this is done by quoting and using a surprising or shocking statement that attract the attention of the reader, without a strong introduction the reader would have no reason to continue reading.So after reading this tips you can see that it is not similar to comapre and contrast essay.

college application essay help
college application essay help

College Application Essay Help

Points to note when writing a good essay introduction.

  • Attractiveness-The introduction should be attractive so as to catch the reader's attention and an urge to read more.
  • Essay should have historical background information on the need and the urgency of the given topic.
  • The essay should also have the relevant materials which can be referred to by the reader for further reference.
  • The length of the introduction of the essay should not be too long because long introduction might make the reader to loose interest in reading the whole essay. Thus good essay writers should be in a position to control their essay by using limited words to convey the message that is relevant, brief and to the point.
  • Choosing a good topic is the basic element in writing a good custom essay, one should be able to convert the thoughts easily to make good points, the key point is selecting easy topic that is interesting, timely and arguable. Also use
  • college application essay help
  • . The paper should have thesis sentence and idea which facilitates the writing of the remaining discussion for the article.
  • Proper research should be carried out to get the
  • relevant information
  • by gathering materials that helps in knowing what to include in the introduction. Analysis should be done by clearly defining the claims, writing out the reasons and the evidences. After gathering the information one can proceed to write an appealing introduction by using a strong opening impact which should be grammatically and structurally correct. Complete the introduction part with a statement that leads to the discussion of the main body of an essay which helps the reader to relate the essay in a more informed manner.

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College Application Essay Examples

Graduate School Application Essay

graduate school application essay
graduate school application essay

Scholarship Application Essay Sample - Try this scholarship application essay sample for your assignment!

scholarship application essay examples and samples
scholarship application essay examples and samples

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