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Aqua locker decorations

Updated on August 6, 2013

Stand out from the crowd with aqua locker decorations!

You'll be the star of the show with a decked out aqua school locker - but, don't just stop at the locker chandelier, mirror and shelf, get yourself some gorgeous blue locker wallpaper to showcase your creativity. You'll be the Queen of Bling in no time!

The below locker accessories will not damage your school locker as they're all attached with heavy duty magnets. So, go wild! And, get shopping!

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Aqua locker wallpaper

Sturdy locker wallpaper that's held up with strong magnets, think of this as your 'blank slate.' The aqua/white stripes in this locker wallpaper are very interesting and chic.

Aqua blue locker wallpaperBUY NOW

Mix and Match Locker Wallpaper

Just because you're looking for aqua locker decorations, that doesn't necessarily mean that everything you purchase has to be aqua. Locker Lookz locker wallpapers are coordinated in colors and patterns so that you can mix and match all of your locker accessories.

LIme/aqua locker wallpaperBUY NOW

Black/White locker wallpaperBUY NOW

Houndstooth locker wallpaperBUY NOW

Pink locker wallpaperBUY NOW


Purple school locker wallpaperBUY NOW

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Perhaps you're not an aqua blue lover when it comes to school locker decorations, so, just for you, I've added a list of some of my other school locker and school supply articles. Get reading - there will be a quiz...

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Aqua Fashion Bins

These fashion bins are the perfect locker accessory and are functional too. Store your keys, a spare set of earrings, or a small compact for easy retrieval. This particular locker bin comes in a variety of colors which you'll see if you check out the link below:

Make hair ties, pens or other school supplies easy to find by storing them in these adorable locker bins. I think these would look great on a refrigerator too - they just might be a nice Christmas present for Mom and Dad...hint, hint.

 Locker Lookz 2012 Collection! Fashion BinsCheck Price

Bling it (!) with an aqua locker chandelier

This chandelier is just too cool if you ask me. Hanging a chandelier in your school locker means you're in the 'IN' crowd....

This great locker chandelier comes in white and black too, but aqua is my absolute favorite.

Aqua Locker Chandelier
Aqua Locker Chandelier

Wave your hand in front of the locker chandelier and it will turn on automatically thanks to its built in motion sensor. Heavy magnets secure your locker chandelier to the top of your locker. No more rattling around in the dark looking for a pen - shed light on the situation and buy this locker bling today.


Stay on time for classes (or dates!) with this locker clock

Even though this picture is of a white clock with black polka dots, it does come in various colors and pattern, including an aqua and white clock (Amazon only supplies the picture in the black and white clock below but, if you click it, you'll see the other choices.

Black & White Polka Dots Locker Clock
Black & White Polka Dots Locker Clock

Runs on batteries and hangs with magnets!


Add a cute locker rug

Locker rugs are a great addition to locker accessories. And, as a bonus, if you drop a bottle of makeup, it won't break when landing on a softer surface (I know; that happened....).

Sadly, I couldn't find an aqua locker rug, but I think this pink lockerlookz rug would be a great contrasting color to an aqua decorated school locker.

 Locker Rockers Rug - Glam RockCheck Price

Some other ideas about locker decorations

YouTube is the go-to spot to find videos about locker decorations. Here's 5 for you to choose from.

Flower Power anyone?

Mix and match these cute magnetic locker flowers and really show your personality!

Locker Lookz Collection Flower

Locker Lookz White Jeweled Flower Magnet

Locker Lookz Pink Jeweled Flower Magnet

Locker Lookz Purple Jeweled Flower Magnet

Locker Lookz Lime Green Jeweled Flower Magnet

I sure wish I were back in school instead of in the working world. But, I am very glad I'm in the writing world here at Squidoo! Please give me your comments so I can make this article even better!

School anyone?

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    • mariacarbonara profile image

      mariacarbonara 4 years ago

      Absolutely love these and wish I could go back to school so I could do this!

    • RedHairedRockHead profile image

      RedHairedRockHead 5 years ago

      Hi! I actually put most of these items on my Amazon wishlist a while ago, planning to make a lens! You did it much better than I ever could though :) Way to go!