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Updated on February 25, 2016

Archi Tech Life

Architecture best complicated thing ever. We can see all imaginations but we can't imagine about struggle in architecture.


Architecture Student in Information Technology

What is architecture???

Mostly you think Art, building, construction, civil, and design, no i say that is only upper part of architecture. But in reality every architecture student mostly girls stuck on autocad crack, sketchup crack, crack word is like devil for them, photshop crack, and seriously one girl asked me for administrator permission that what should she select yes or no!!!!! ok i know that they didn't have any related thing using laptops or computers but what's the problem in learning? always same problem same solution, 50% of 365 days mostly architecture student go to sleep reason that his/her cad 30 days are finished. In my class mostly girls or boys are from english medium and mostly laptops have english languages and english errors i am talking about silly errors like click on yes or no. Its fine this is part of five years that always irritates.


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