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Satanic Army of the Antichrist: Soldiers Trained Through Nazi/ MK-Ultra Mind Control Techniques; Drugs and Torture

Updated on May 8, 2015

World Chaos Coming from Satanically Mind-Controlled Soldiers

“The Black Awakening: Rise of the Satanic Super Soldiers and the Coming Chaos”

by Russ Dizdar

Dizdar worked for years as a police investigator, examining horrific crime scenes involving satanic rituals and sacrifice.

Through years of closely examining these crime scenes, Dizdar gains insight and some understanding of the Satanists and their real agenda.

Dizdar realizes most Satanists are also victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Multiple Personality Disorder, after being raised by Satanic covens or being programed as small children by black military operations.

Individuals are programmed with split personalities, who are highly trained as covert operatives to blackmail politicians with sexual favors, obtain intel, to torture or train other “chosen ones” and even to commit assassinations.

Though horrified by the satanic crimes of these individuals, Dizdar still has compassion for those trapped in this inescapable-web of evil as victims after having to endure horrendous abuse by evil authority figures or even their own parents.

Dizdar eventually leaves the police department to become an ordained minister that focuses on deliverance from these demonic entities and healing for the victims of the SRA/ MPD crimes that ultimately want their freedom.

For those who truly want to continue to commit these satanic crimes, Dizdar uses his many police contacts to uncover satanic covens and bring them to justice for the heinous acts they've committed.

Many in the psychiatric community and the media deny the very existence of satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice, its roots can be traced back to the Nazi occult practices and programs.

These occult mind control techniques and the Nazi scientists who helped design them originally came to America through Operation Paperclip program.

Coincidentally, Fiona Barnett recently recounts her own experiences as an abused child having to endure things considered only appropriate for consenting adults, torture and having to witness the murders of other child victims.

All this happened at the hands of her Nazi relatives, who had immigrated to Australia after WWII to escape prosecution for war crimes, and was also covered up, as it involved many prominent politicians and officials.

After 25 years of dealing with these crimes and working with the victims to help integrate the multiple personalities back into the core person, Dizdar is the foremost expert.

Dizdar and many psychiatrists estimate that the number of SRA/ MPD in America at anywhere from 4-10 million persons.

Dizdar conclusions from years of research and in-depth interviews of both the victims and perpetrators is that there is an agenda to use these “chosen ones” to initiate chaos to help bring about a new world order with the Biblically prophesied anti-Christ as its leader.

Dizdar contends that the majority of Satanic ritual abuse/ multiple personality disorder victims are created specifically to be super soldiers by satanic covens and black operation military programs intent on creating chaos to usher in this new one world order.

Dizdar’s stories and conclusions are indeed fantastic and hard to believe, yet SRA/MPD cases clearly exist, as well as satanic coven members, that participate in evil rituals, tortures and murder/sacrifice.

Evil does truly exist in the world and there are people that are totally given over to evil forces.

Just the number of incidents of people cannibalizing other humans or killing family members as part of satanic rituals should tell people that there is a real movement of evil going on in the world today.

Dizdar has real compassion to help people trapped in a lifestyle of evil, despite their own involvement in evil crimes.

Dizdar's assessment that police departments and mental health officials are ineffective at dealing with these crimes or victims are valid.

Since they usually consider such things delusionary, rather than understanding the spiritual realities and ramifications behind such things.

Dizdar realizes that victims of these evil programs can only escape and be healed by the power of God and the authority in the name of Jesus Christ.

Franklin Scandal Pointed to Government Involvement in Similar Satanic Use of Children

A fairly recent example of this would be the revelations of satanic rituals and children forced into being slaves during the Franklin Scandal, along with the subsequent cover-up by both law-enforcement and the media.

The Franklin Scandal involved using orphaned children programed as slaves and couriers, satanic rituals, heavy drug use, laundering CIA drug money from the Nicaraguan-Contra affair, and a ring of sexual perversion that reached to high levels in business, media and government.

Both the Monarch project and Montauk project are documented examples of the U.S. government's early experiments in mind-control.

"Monarch refers to young people in America who were victims of mind control experiments run either by U.S. government agencies such 'as the Central Intelligence Agency, or military intelligence agencies," according to Educate Yourself Org.

Intelligence agencies' mind-control programs exist in America for the purpose of protecting this country and to learn what our Cold War enemies are doing.

These mind-controlled individuals are also reportedly used to blackmail our own politicians into following the dictates of those in real control of the U.S. shadow government.

Methods Used to Program SRA/ MPD Soldiers

The CIA, black operations military branches, and private institutions were all involved in the MK-Ultra, Artichoke and Bluebird projects that utilized mind-altering drugs, sensory deprivation and other brain-washing techniques in the 1950s.

Of course, this was all done in the name of "national security," to keep up with other nations that were trying to develop a real Manchurian candidate.

This is said to have grown to include the orphan children of the Franklin scandal, children whose soul is crushed, whose personalities are then divided to produce hardened personalities capable of espionage, whoredom, torture and murder.

Dizdar and other professionals investigating the complex story of child victims of these mind-control experiments agree there are two prominent elements working closely, the military/ government agencies and Satanic cults.

The Satanic cults are reported to donate their own children to this evil cause to be programmed and used for whatever evil purposes are desired, with many programmed to commit suicide after completing certain missions.

As preposterous as this whole story is, could it possibly explain some of the mass shootings done by children or others, many of whom then commit suicide?

To get a greater understanding of the reality and horrors of the U.S. government's involvement in using children for mind control subjects, read Brice Taylor's book, "Thanks for the Memories."

Government agencies and media outlets continue to cover-up and censor material exposing the prominent parties involved in these horrendous acts of evil, even alternative media outlets don't want the truth being told.

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Realities of MK-Ultra Mind Control


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