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Universal law of attraction

Updated on March 25, 2012

Universal law of attraction

The theory of the possibility of materializing human thoughts and desires are no longer considered to be absurd and groundless. To date, this supernatural phenomenon written many books and scientific papers, made whole doctrine. It turns out that millions of people have valuable knowledge to enable them to achieve the desired heights in absolutely any area of activity.

This raises the question: why is this not happening?

The basis of this law is the statement that any thought, born in the head, can become a reality. This principle is called the attraction; it is the basis of the law of attraction. This law of attraction has been known since time immemorial, but it had used only the elite. In our time, the law of attraction is described in some detail. One of the first law of gravity described by Napoleon Hill in his book "Think and Grow Rich" . Then he got a lot more books on this subject. The most famous of them - the book Rhonda Byrne "The Mystery" . Now it is difficult to find someone who has not heard about it or about the movie "The Secret", filmed on this book. Too many people who have achieved success in life, sharing their experiences about how they used the law of attraction - the universal law of the universe to achieve their financial goals.

Certainly not any of you once got from life, of which he was afraid and kept repeating to himself: "if only it did not happen!". These are the impulses of the brain send a signal to the Universe, which will certainly respond to these requests. Worst fears are performed more often because they fear and other negative emotions tend to express themselves more strongly. If we are afraid that with all my heart. It turns out such a resonance of thoughts and emotions, which intensifies the process and the materialization of thoughts.

Positive emotions appear more restrained. In addition, we are constantly plagued by doubts, "And is it possible?", "I can be, I'm not worthy?", "No, it does not happen," etc. Doubt and uncertainty are able to nullify any thoughts about wealth and prosperity. And besides, material reality and constantly throws rise to doubts and discontent - and we again begin to think about what you do not want to, rather than to switch to what we want to achieve, and as a result we have what we think about anything else - problems and lack of money. So we walk in the same vicious circle and try to guess all the same children's riddle : what to do to get rich. But do be very specific job: to control your thoughts and switch them from negative to positive.

As proof of the law of attraction can bring very trite, but a good example. Each of us have heard the expression that "the money goes to money." Reveal the meaning of the word and promise that it gives to the universe. A person with good prosperity will not be moaning about the opposite. He does not think about what to do and where to get a living. Money comes easily to him, resulting in a feeling that he makes them out of thin air.

With people whose incomes are not the best, this is exactly the opposite. Poor people always advertise their poverty, whether it's conversation with the teacher of his children at school or casual conversation in the doorway with a neighbor. Hence the conclusion that nothing but lack of money from the world he did not get it.


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