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Teacher Unions and their Dirty Little Secrets

Updated on October 27, 2012
After watching a news story about the Chicago School system and a recent move to action around this issue, I decided to tell you my story in the following correspondences. Three of my five children attended public school. I was involved with my public school system for well over 10 years. After watching school failings not only for my family but countless other families in my area I decided to enroll my children in a private school on the recommondation of the director at the Huntington tutoring center. This story as follows is in a brief form. Correspondences to the White House, Rodney Page at the Federal Department of Education (he wrote the NO Child left behind legislation) to many Senators and Congressman, not to mention the editor and educational reporter at the Chicago Tribune.The correspondence list is too long to mention here. No more than two months after receiving a phone call from Rodney Page's office in Washington DC, he resigned. Correspondence to Laura Bush at the White House prompted a return letter to me. After confronting administrators in my district, three principals resigned and 1 superintendent. After all this, the same bad teachers were teaching in the classroom to no avail. Some of these ready to retire teachers can't teach the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic, but have time to work on their master degrees so they can finish with the degree just in time to receive a larger pension from the state. I do hold many correspondences and much evidence concerning this issue, This needs to stop and our children need to be educated. Make sure a child learns to read, and that child will find many doors swing open.Watch for following correspondences to be posted as a real families story unfolds! Taxes payers should be aware of this gross negligence too.


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    • profile image 5 years ago

      Deborah, thanks for your good efforts regarding upgrading our public school system. More work needs to be done to rid the system of unqualified teachers who can't get the job done. We all need more people like you to get things improved for America's children. Yes, there is an answer for every problem. Keep up your good work!!