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Titles for Autumn Library and Classroom Bulletin Boards and Displays

Updated on September 24, 2011


Here's a collection of great titles to create autumn bulletin boards for your school or public library, or your classroom. Below each title are related suggestions for images, books, etc.). Scroll down to the Table of Contents to navigate to specific topics.

Why create bulletin boards and displays in libraries and classrooms? For libraries, it's important to create a stimulating and inviting space for patrons, and draw attention to available media and people resources, showing that libraries are not merely a luxury, but a true necessity. Classroom bulletin boards and displays are important for teaching, creating a stimulating environment for students and staff, encouraging great student work, and raising self esteem by displaying student-created items.

The titles listed have been gleaned from many sources, including my own bulletin boards and displays, colleagues, and Internet sources. Over time, more titles will be added, so keep checking back!


  • A-peeling Words of Wisdom

    [apples / autumn trees]

    Autumn Quote

    [autumn leaves / trees / poem as below ... ]

    With summer's best of weather

    September days are here,

    By all these lovely tokens

    And autumn's best of cheer.

    - Helen Hunt Jackson

    Autumn Reads

    [books with orange, red, yellow, and brown covers]

    Autumn Song

    [song as below ... ]

    "Come," said the Wind to the Leaves one day.

    "Come over the meadow and we will play.

    Put on your dresses of red and gold.

    For summer is gone and the days grow cold."

    -Children's song from the 1880`s

    Awesome Autumn Attractions

    [autumn leaves / trees]

    Book Review Tree

    [tree / apples with book reviews on them]

    Book Up Your Calendar - Read!


    Books We Love

    [trees / book titles on leaves]

    Books You'll Crow Over

    [crows / scarecrows]

    Branch Out and Learn Something New

    [trees / leaves]

    Fall For These Favourites

    [autumn leaves / trees]


Fall in Love with Reading

[leaves / trees]

Click on the photo to see a larger version, and to see related photos on Flickr.

  • Fall Into a Good Book

    [trees / leaves]

    Fall Into a Great Read

    [trees / leaves]

    Fall Into Good Habits This Year

    [autumn leaves / trees / habits as listed below ... ]

    Some good habits are:

    Get plenty of sleep

    Avoid junk food and sugary drinks

    Eat breakfast every day

    Finish all homework

    Study for tests

    Review what you learned in class every day

    Read lots of interesting books

    Avoid watching too much television

    Exercise daily

    Be prepared for class

    Get to school on time

    Treat others as you wish to be treated

    Respect your teachers and other students

    Be polite

    Help others

    Return borrowed items


    Ask for help when you need it

    Keep your backpack light

    Keep your locker clean and organized

    Fall Into Reading

    [trees / leaves]

    Happy Fall Y'All

    [trees / leaves / scarecrows]

    Leaf Through a Good Book

    [leaves / trees]

    Looking for a Book to Fall For?

    [trees / leaves]

    Pick of the Patch


    Welcome To Our Reading Patch! We've Got Lots of Great Books to Crow About!

    [pumpkins / crows / scarecrows]

Back to School

  • Ahoy Class-Mateys! Check out the _______ Grade Crew! Arrrg!

    [pirate items]

    All Fired Up About School...

    [rocket ships / stars]

    Ant-icipate a Great Year!

    [ants / picnic items]

    Back to School

    [school supplies / lunch bags / backpacks / school bus / alphabet blocks spelling out words]

    Back to School and Read to Grow!

    [trees / plants / flowers]

    Big Things Happen In _____ Grade

    [elephants / whales / large buildings]

    Blast Off to a Great Year

    [rocket ships / stars / planets]

    Catch the Wave to _______ Grade

    [surfboards / waves / water / sailboats]

    Cook Up a Great Year with Books

    [cooking utensils / food / chefs]

    Falling Back to School

    [trees / leaves]

    Have a Poppin' Good Year

    [popcorn / movie items]

    Nutty for School

    [squirrels / nuts]

    School is In

    [school items / apples / leaves / trees]

    School Is Music To Our Ears

    [sheet music / instruments]

    School is Out of This World

    [rocket ships / planets / stars / aliens]

    School! How Sweet It Is!

    [candy / chocolate]

    The Seeds of Learning Begin Here

    [watermelon / apples]

    Smart Cookies

    [cooking utensils / "recipe" as below ... ]

    ¾ cup of thoughtfulness

    1 cup of cooperation

    1 cup of listening

    2 cups of hard work

    Combine all ingredients.

    Cookies will be done in June.

    Start The Year Off With A Bang!


    Stepping Into ____ Grade

    [shoes / boots]

    Ten Keys to Learning

    [keys with phrases as below ... ]

    Understand your assignments.

    Organize your thoughts.

    Allow enough time to get things done.

    Ask for help when you need it.

    Set goals.

    Do your own work.

    Take time to do things right.

    Use reference materials such as the encyclopedia, dictionaries, and the Internet.

    Be an active listener.

    Reward yourself when your goals are achieved.

    This School Has Class!

    [yearbooks / class photos]

    Tune Into Station L-E-A-R-N


    We're Riding the Learning Express


    We're Tickled Pink to See You


    Welcome to Our Pad

    [frogs / lilly pads]

    Wanted: Good Learners

    [sherrif bages / wanted posters]

    Wild About School

    [animals / jungle / safari]

Banned Books Week (USA)

  • Banned Books

    [Banned Book Week USA - early autumn]

    [chains / bookswrapped in paper / cages / caution tape / flames]

    Beware of the Book

    [Banned Book Week USA - early autumn]

    [chains / bookswrapped in paper / cages / caution tape / flames]

    Dumpster Dive Into a Banned Book

    [Banned Book Week USA - early autumn]

    [garbage cans / crumpled papers]

    Freedom Isn't Free

    [Remembrance Day items / poppies / war heroes / military items / flags]

    Intellectual Freedom - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    [Banned Book Week USA - early autumn]


  • The Bare Bone Facts


    Batty About Books


    Bewitching Books

    [witches / black cats / brooms]

    Be-Witching Books

    [witches / black cats / brooms]


    [Halloween items / ghosts]

    Books That Go Bump in the Night

    [spider webs / monsters / vampires / ghosts]

    Books to Read with the Lights On

    [monsters / vampires / ghosts]

    Books with Bite

    [vampires / teeth / fangs]

    Best Witches for a Happy Halloween!

    [witches / black cats / brooms]


Check Out These Fangtastic Books!

[vampires / bats]

Click on the photo to see a larger version, and to see related photos on Flickr.

  • Dare To Be Scared with Spooky Stories

    [ghosts / monsters]

    Fang-tastic Books


    Fascination with Fangs


    Fly Away with a Spooky Book

    [witches / brooms]

    Frightfully Good Books

    [ghosts / monsters]

    Get Caught in the Reading Web

    [spiders / spider webs]

    Get Wrapped Up in a Good Book

    [ancient Egypt / mummies / candy wrappers]

    Halloween is Almost Here - Creepy Books are Always Near

    [Halloween items / monsters / spiders / vampires]

    Haunting for a Good Book?

    [Halloween items / ghosts]

    Hocus Pocus

    [Halloween items]

    I Read Dead People

    [skeletons / biographies / autobiographies]

    Keep Calm and Scary On

    [Halloween items / monsters / spiders / vampires]

    Let the Haunting Begin

    [Halloween items / ghosts]

    Let's Be Frank - READ!


    Look What's Brewing in the Library (Classroom, etc.)

    [witches / cauldrons]

    Monster Magic


    No Bones About It


    Oh, The Horror

    [vampires / monsters]

    Read Good Boooooooooks!

    [Halloween items / ghosts]

    Remains To Be Seen

    [skeletons / mummies]

    >Scare Up a Good Book

    [ghosts / monsters]


Scary Books to Sink Your Teeth Into

[vampires / spiders]

Click on the photo to see a larger version, and to see related photos on Flickr.

  • Spooky Stories

    [Halloween items / ghosts / monsters / vampires]

    These are Scary Books - No Bones About It!


    Thriller Chiller

    [monsters / ghosts / vampires]


Vampire Books: Love at First Bite


Click on the photo to see a larger version, and to see related photos on Flickr.


Vampires Can Be a Pain in the Neck!


Click on the photo to see a larger version, and to see related photos on Flickr.

  • We're Batty for These Books


    You're Bound to Love These Books



Remembrance Day

Lest We Forget

[Remembrance Day items / military / war biography / war autobiography]

Click on the photo to see a larger version, and to see related photos on Flickr.

  • They Live as Long as They are Remembered

    [Remembrance Day items / biography / autobiography]


  • Feast on Books

    [Thanksgiving items]

    Gobble Up a Good Book

    [turkeys / Thanksgiving things]

    Gobble Up Some Gourmet Reading

    [turkeys / Thanksgiving things]

    Happy Harvest

    [Thanksgiving items]

    We're Grateful for Books

    [Thanksgiving items]

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