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Awesome Teachers

Updated on June 16, 2014

Great teachers

This page is a tribute to all the teachers for this contributions in making this world a better place. In Tamil there is a saying which goes like this:'Ezhuthu arivithavan iraivan aavan' (The one who has introduced you to reading and writing in God). Teachers are in some ways even superior than parents as most children spend more quality time with their teachers than parents. When they are true to their profession, learning is a joy. The threshold when the ignorance becomes knowledge is a very exciting one and the one who helps cross the threshold indeed is the greatest. All of us must have been inspired by some teachers throughout their period of study. Some are kind, some are knowledgeable, some are famous but only a few are role-models. The inspiration is so great that you end up carrying their memories for a lifetime and even try to behave like them at times.

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Are passionate about their subject.

Care about the students beyond their subjects.

Are confident and smart.

Inspire us for life.

Give practical applications for conceptual theories.

Make the subject more interesting.

Teach things beyond their subjects.

Lead by example.

Smartness Personified

My greatest inspiration was my chemistry professor. She was medium height with slight build and grey hair and looked cheerful and incredibly smart. Her hair was always in a tight bun and she was always smartly dressed.Undeniably an expert in her subject, given the opportunity I'm sure she would have never retired. Her classes lively and full of activity. There was never a dull moment. She literally ran all over the class with animated gestures to make the subject interesting and even the laziest student could not ignore her charm.

In the final year of college, as the president of the chemical society I got a chance to work with her closely. She edited all my speeches and supervised all my union duties. In the college she was awed and feared in equal measure. Students wanted to get close to her but they were scared by her vast knowledge. In reality, she was a kind lady. When I saw her passion for the subject, I was tempted to stick with it forever. Her strides were confident and she could amazingly walk fast for a woman of medium height. I used to run beside her when she was issuing instructions while walking. Even at eighteen, I was nowhere near her energy radar when she was sixty. Her motto was simple: Give your best. The best is bound to happen.

The day of her retirement she was sitting in her usual chair at the staff room and staring at the empty doorway. I felt so sad when finally the reality hit me. There will be no one in that chair tomorrow, I thought to myself. Her speech that day stirred up a lot of memories for all of us gathered there. That was when I thought there should be no retirement for such teachers. They are people who can turn an entire generation better. Another teacher will come to replace her chair but never her position. It was too big to fill.

My days of teaching might be over but my chemistry with chemistry will never end - That was her final speech. I lost touch with her after that. She will always be remembered for her great service as a splendid teacher and her boundless enthusiasm.

School Teachers

During my high school period, I loved no other subject like English. English classes were the most interesting. Professor Hema latha, my then English teacher recognized my love for the language and encouraged me to develop it further. She created opportunities for me to take part in a variety of language based activities like the debate club, skit practice and song sequence. She always gave me essays to write other than the syllabus. She prescribed beautiful poetry books and spent time with me and some other exceptionally interested students discussing it. She could clarify even the silliest of doubts with a straight face and an open heart. She laid my foundation for easy usage of the language.

Another professor, who really encouraged my language especially to write was my college professor, Laxmi. We used to write weekly compositions of prose back then. One week our assignment was to write a movie review about a new movie. I wrote about a comedy film by a very talented actor. It was chosen to be published in the college magazine. From then, there was no looking back. I wrote a lot of materials and essays for my college library. On the final day, the professor wrote a personal letter to me on the last page of the composition note. In it, she had written that I had a great talent in the language and that I should continue to hone my writing skills. If truth be told, till that time, I never took writing seriously. I wrote whenever it was necessary. After that letter, I started writing as a hobby. Slowly I discovered the joy of writing and from there I began exploring different platforms of writing. Today I write in different online forums. It was because of her that I was able to realize my own potential.

The mediocre teacher tells.

The good teacher explains.

The superior teacher demonstrates.

The great teacher inspires.

— William Arthur Ward

What do you think is the best quality of a great teacher?

What do you think is the best quality of a great teacher?

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Thank You Teachers!

Did a teacher make a difference in your life?

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    • favored profile image

      Fay Favored 

      4 years ago from USA

      It's nice to see an article that gives acknowledgement to teachers. I also like your choice of wording for the poll.


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