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Aztec warfare

Updated on April 21, 2012

How did the Aztecs fight?

The Aztecs The plan was to attack the enemy by wounding his legs so he could be taken prisoner. Because of this not many people were killed in the battles. Every able man was in the army; they were all taught how to fight when they were young. After the battle the Aztecs had the enemys’ town was looted. Prisoners were used as sacrifices in religious festivals. A good warrior would catch lots of prisoners. A captured soldier became part of a family and was treated like a son until he was sacrificed.

Who are eagle knights and what did they wear?

Eagle knights were one of the highest ranks in the Aztec army. These warriors would have been important because they were believed to be knights of the sun god. They would have to be brave and train a lot. They wore a helmet with a beak and would be decorated with feathers.

Who are jaguar knights and what did they wear?

Jaguar knights were the same rank to an eagle knight they were believed to be warriors of the night sky. They would wear a jaguar skin because it looked the spots were stars in the night sky.

Aztec weapons and armour

The Aztecs used spears, slings, bows, and arrows to fight. Sharp rocks were chipped from obsidian and used on nearly all weapons. Obsidian is a thick glass like rock.

Another weapon The Atlat was a weapon used to fire spears over 100 metres. The Atlatl was a long wooden stick with a cup on one end that the spear went in. It was swung throwing the spear further than a man could with out it.

who is your favourite Aztec warrior

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    • profile image

      Aleister888 7 years ago

      This hub was really interesting, i love military strategies and the culture of warfare (although i am against violence) but i voted for the jaguar warrior ;)