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Back To School Backpacks: Star Wars

Updated on October 4, 2015

These Are The Backpacks Your Looking For

When I was a kid I remember all the different types of Backpacks we had to choose from. I usually chose the plain ordinary ones. For one they were the cheapest and two I didn't like any of the cheaply made franchise coated backpacks.

The Star Wars ones in particular were not as good as they are today. Especially if you take a look at the one in the picture to the right. They look so much better and they actually look like they'll last for the whole year, which is important to me.

Backpacks are one of the most essential tools for going to school. It holds all your pencils and papers. Unless you carry around books in your arms or just one folder you needed a backpack. I remember when I went to school without my backpack it felt weird. And, these were usually the last days of school when we weren't suppose to bring them. Nonetheless I felt naked without it, makes you think about what you could of forgotten. But, in reality all is how it's suppose to be.

So if your looking for a new backpack for the upcoming school year for yourself or for your kids. These have to be some of the best. Especially since they are Star Wars themed.

Angry Birds Star Wars "The Feathered Force" Backpack
Angry Birds Star Wars "The Feathered Force" Backpack

A lot of kids love angry birds. A perfect combination if you ask me. Heard that Star Wars version of Angry Birds was pretty good too. Do people still play that game?

Star Wars "Vader Up Front" 16" Children's School Backpack
Star Wars "Vader Up Front" 16" Children's School Backpack

This one is probably my favorite of this section. It's Darth Vader it has my favorite colors as well. Just a Nice looking Backpack overall.


The Rolling Never Ends

I put a Star Wars rolling backpack in the above section only because someone might like those. But, I personally hated those things. I don't know why. But, this would happend constantly when walking home from school you'd hear multiple of them rolling across the cement bumping over each one of the lines that serperate each slab.

The worst ones were when they were behind you or in front of you walking so slow. Occasionally there would be a kid that ran with it and that was a relief some how. I think they became very popular with a lot of the younger kids when I was in 4th or 5th grade thats why there where so many of them. But, it was just something I found irritating.

Backpack - Star Wars - Mandalorians Icon
Backpack - Star Wars - Mandalorians Icon

One of my favorite characters is Boba Fett but this backpack just doesn't give me that Mandalorian feeling you'd want from a backpack. Although I can't see a way to do it any better, so who am I to judge.


High School Students, Kids At Heart.

I remember seeing students that I went to High School with wear backpacks that were definitly for younger kids. I kinda found this funny but it just seemed impractical. I sometimes wondered what their motivations were. Cause sometimes they were ridiculously small you could only fit like pencils in those things. But there's nothing like those here with these Star Wars backpacks, plenty of space (Ha space get it?). Did anybody do this and can explain to me why they did? I'm still kinda curious. It probably had something to do with the attention from doing so.

One Strap, or Two Strap?

A lot of people were kinda concerned with how they wore their backpack. I never really had only one way of wearing it. The weight of the backpack mostly dictated how it was worn from day to day. Plus, It never really concerned me if people judged that sort of thing or not. Did you ever one strap it because you thought it was the cool thing to do? I wonder how many people had this ever cross their mind. I know for sure some people did and it was kinda obvious who those people were. So let me know I'm curious to know what you thought about this when in school.

Backpack Wearing Poll

Did you care if you how you wore your backpack?

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Comments - What kind of backpacks did you have as a kid? Which was your favorite?

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